I can believe Jason hung up on me, is he really that mad at me. What did I even do that got him so rilled up.

As I was thinking to myself, I heard the door bell ring so I rushed out of my room to open the door.

”Hey Jen ”. I heard Zach say as I was headed to the staircase.

”Hey Zach wheres Zoey? ”. Jen said as she walked into the house.

”Well shes upstairs in her room packing ”. Zach said.

”Hey Jen ”. I said as I came down the stairs.

”Hey Zoey. Are you done packing ”.

”Not quite I was actually waiting for you cause I needed your help ”. I said with a shy smile.

”Oh ok sure what do you need me to do ”. Jen said

”I need you to help me pack, come on its urgent ”. I said as I dragged her upstairs.

”Zoey, what was that for, why did you drag me to your room like that ”. She said in a confused tone.

”I need you to help me decide on what swim suit I should wear ”. I said blushing.

”Why ”. She said with an all knowing look on her face.

”No reason ”. I said as I causally looked away.

”Well if you just want to look causal then you can wear this one ”. She said as she held up my pink and black Nike swimwear. ”But if you want to appeal to the mass ”. She said while teasingly raising her eyebrows. ”Then you can wear this one ”. She said with a smirk as she took my sky blue Adidas bikini that was always too seemingly revealing for me to wear.

”Which mass ”. I said shyly.

”Oh stop acting like you are miss innocent, you and I both know that Zach is the mass that you want to impress ”. She said as she winked at me.

”Whatever ”. I said as I took the bikini and put it in my bag.

”Oh yeah speaking of, have you spoken to Jason ”. She said as she sat on my bed. ”Cause I tried calling him but he kept cutting my calls ”. She said with a sad look on her face.

”Yeah I called him, I even invited him to come swimming with us ”. I said as I joined her to sit on my bed.

”Oh really, what did he say ”. She said curious.

”Well at first he said hed love to come, but then later he said he had homework and then he hung up on me ”. I said still wondering why Jason was so mad at me as to make up a stupid lie.

”Which homework? Today was the first day of school, we literally don have any homework ”. Jen said confused.

”I know and thats why I know that he was just making an excuse ”.

”Wait but you said he was going to come before, so why did he suddenly change his mind ”. Jen said confused.

”I don know, I invited him to go swimming and he said sure, then I said that I would inform you and Zach that he was coming, then he said that he wouldn be able to attend the swimming hangout again ”.

”Oh I see what happened ”. Jen said with a low and sad tone.

”Really, what? ”. I said trying to understand why Jason was ditching us.

”Hes still angry with me ”. She said with a frown on her face.

”No I doubt that that is the reason ”. I said with a smile trying to cheer Jen up.

”Are you sure ”. She said looking at me with sad eyes.

”Positive ”. I said giving her a thumbs up. ”Now come on let me change then so can go swimming ”. I said in an excited tone.

”Ok, lets go before it gets too late ”. Jen said with a smile.

We carried our bags downstairs and saw Zach drinking a can of coca cola.

”Are you guys ready ”. He said as he tossed the can of coke in the trash.

”Yeah ”. Jen and I said in unison, then we all laughed and headed for the car.


We arrived at summer cove hotel and it wasn as crowed as it normally used to be and this was probably due to the resumption of school, so I felt a bit more comfortable that I wouldn be too embarrassed.

”We are here ”. Jen said enthusiastically. ”I can wait to get my swim on ”. She said as she did a little celebratory dance.

”Me too ”. Zach said with a smile.

We found a place to park, then we all got out of the car and headed to the changing rooms, I wore my sky blue Adidas, while Jen wore her purple Nike swimwear. When we were done changing, we headed to the shower and once we were done we went to the pool, Zach was nowhere to be found though.

”Jen do you see Zach anywhere ”. I said looking around for him.

”Nope, but wow see how fast that dude is swimming, he has mad swimming skills ”. Jen said admiring the person swimming.

”Yeah sure ok but where is Zach ”. I said annoyed.

”How do you want me to know, weve together since we came here so if you don know where Zach is, then how do you want me to ”. Jen said still looking at the swimmer.

”Fine, then I guess well just have to go look for him ”. I said worried about him.

”Why? Zach isn a baby, he can take care of himself, besides its better to wait here for him ”.

”Well, I guess you are right ”. I said still trying to look around for him. ”Fine lets wait here ”. I said as we both sat on the floor and put our legs inside the water as we gossiped and talked about new trends and fashion.

”Zoey, Jen what are you guys doing sitting down, come in ”. I heard Zachs voice, as I turned to where I heard the voice, I saw Zach standing in the water.

”Wait OMG no way, you are the guy that was swimming really fast ”. Jen said in utter amazement.

”Well I wasn swimming that fast ”. Zach said.

”No you weren swimming that fast my foot, guy you were amazing ”. Jen said smiling. ”Dude why didn you tell us you were that good at swimming ”. She said still looking starstruck.

”Yeah, if you had I wouldn have said come swimming ”. I said feeling embarrassed that I would be a laughing stock if he saw me or if anyone saw my attempt at swimming.

”I am not that good ”. Zach said in a modest tone. ”Besides you worry too much Zoey. I am sure you don look that bad when you swim, besides I did say I would teach you, and I never go back on my words ”. He said with a smile on his face.

”Ok ”. I said shyly.

As I entered the water and walked to him.

”Oh and Zoey, I love your bikini ”. He whispered into my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

”T-t-thank y-you ”. I said barely able to talk.

The day went goid. Zach taught me how to swim, he said I was a fast learner and that if he keeps teaching me that Ill be able to make progress within a week or so, Jen had fun too, she and Zach had a race, Zach beat her though cause he is really really really fast, but we had a lot of fun, he stole some kisses from me here and there but overall it was one of the best days of my life.


”Bye Zoey, bye Zach, today was really fun Ill see you tomorrow Zoey ”. Jen said as we dropped her off at her house.

”Bye Jen, see you tomorrow ”. I said as I waved at her.

”Today was fun ”. I said trying to make conversation with Zach as we drove to the house.

”Yeah, it was ”. He said with a smile appearing on his face.

We arrived at the driveway and Zach parked the car and we both stepped down from the car entered the house..

”Zoey ”. He said as I was about to enter my room.

”Yes Zach ”.

And before I knew it he kissed me for what would probably be the 20th time today.

I broke the kiss off. ”Don you get tired of kissing ”. I said with a smirk on my face.

”How would I when your lips are so soft ”. He said as he put his hand on my waist and drew me closer. ”Besides you are my babe, hence I have every right to kiss you ”. He Said as he drew me in for another kiss.

I pushed him gently at his chest. ”Zach i have school tomorrow ”.

”So ”. He said giving off that devilishly sexy grin.

”Soo I need to sleep ”. I said mentally protesting with my heart, telling it not to fall for his alluring smile.

”But we would sleep ”. He said with an innocent look on his face. ”Well eventually ”. He said smirking at me.

”Goodnight Zach ”. I said as I pecked him as i headed to my room.

”Good night baby ”. He said as he headed to his room.

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