I ’m cutting materials from the rocky mountain.

Yesterday I had eaten so much seafood, and my stomach is also full from this morning after eating the seafood that I stored.
I might get bored like this but compared to when I had only bread to eat, it feels much better.

Also, thanks to levelling up, my strength and stamina rose.
The rocky mountain is getting smaller and smaller in no time, and I managed to secure a large rock for the movable base.
Adding this one it will be the third mountain that I’ve stored.

”I think that I collected enough, now I have to go back to the well in order to make the base. ”

”I think it ’s enough, but aren ’t three mountains too much? ”

Sylphy asked that while bitterly smiling.

It’s true that I might have gone a little overboard.

”Well even if some is left, I ’m sure that we can find some use for them. ”

I called Bell and Rain who were playing at a distance and we headed back to the well.


We arrived back at the well in less than two hours.
My speed has also increased thanks to my level up.
Starting off, I removed the rock that is covering the well.

”Sylphy, is Dine inside here? ”

”Yes, there is the possibility that she used the water flow and went to a different place, but most likely she is still here. ”

So water spirits can use water to move, is that convenient? They can fly so I think it ’s meaningless.

”I understand, then I will go and tell her that we are back. ”

”If it ’s just that, you can tell Rain and Bell to tell her your message. ”

Oh, I can also do that, I thought that it is a little troublesome to go down so this is better.

”Bell, Rain come here for a bit. ”

”What? ”

”Que ”

They came happily flying, a little girl and a dolphin that’s flying, it ’s a fantasy.

”Can you go to Dine, who is in the well, and tell her that we are back.
Tell her that we will start with work tomorrow and if she is not there, then just come back. ”

”Mission? ”

It ’s a mission. ”

”Yes sir. ”

”Queue ”

Seeing off Bell and Rain as they jumped into the well happily, haha, the high tension of the sea…….
Let ’s hope that they will forget about it soon.

”Sylphy stop looking at me like a pitiable person. ”

”I didn ’t do that, isn ’t it Yuuta ’s delusions. ”

Ah, is that so? Am I being just over conscious?

”So what are you going to do? ”

”For now, let ’s first secure the space.
I prepared two hundred of 2-meter high cubed shaped rocks.
So all I need to do is arrange them. ”

Putting fifty pieces I can get a square space, that will be enough.

”With it being two-meters high, zombies and skeletons can ’t get in but the death lizard might be able to.
Is that okay? ”

”Yeah, for now, let ’s make it and see what happens.
If it doesn ’t work, we can just think of a different way. ”

Since the rocks have a 2-meter width, I can just stack some more above them.

”That may be good. ”

”Then I will arrange them while making the well as the centre. ”

While setting the point, I put the rocks down.

”Hmm, just looking at it like this make it seem big, does it need to have this thickness? ”

Truly, just having one and it ’s giving an intimidating feeling to it.

”Well, I don ’t have any knowledge in architecture so I just had to go with the thickness.
Even if the ground sinks because of the wight then I can just store them and deal with it. ”

”I understand, it ’s better to be thick than fragile ”

”That how it is, I will just fix the places where the ground is not flat ”

I kept putting the rocks, in the places where the ground is elevated I cut it with the shovel, and filled the space where the ground is low and hit it with the hammer.

”We are back. ”

”Queue ”

”Thanks, both of you, did you meet Dine? ”

”We met her, mission complete, she praised us. ”

I kept patting them and praising them.

”Thank you, I don ’t have any errands for now so you two can just play around, but don ’t go too far. ”

”Okay ”

”Queue ”

Seeing the two them flying, it looks like Rain ’s answer is also improving.
As expected from a spirit, okay let ’s go back to work.


Hmm I surrounded the whole area completely without a gap, though there were some places I dealt with it by grinding the rocks.
This is enough for keeping the monsters from entering.

”I think that this much space is enough. ”

Though it ’s called the land of death and it ’s only a red dry land.
But still Having circled space and just thinking it ’s mine makes me feel some sort of attachment to it, strange.

”Yeah, with this much space I think it ’s enough, being able to do this much in such a short time, these tools are really amazing. ”

”Yeah, they have amazing performance as tools, still, if I could fly, it would have been less hard for me. ”

Swiftly flying and arriving at the town, very easy.

”After you form a contract with me you will be able to fly, so, for now, this ability is much better. ”

True, no matter how hard I try, I won ’t be able to get tools like the cultivating tools.

”Yeah that true, now I ’m motivated.
For now, let ’s make a movable base. ”

I took out the rocks which I cut especially for making the movable base.
The design will be 2 rooms just like the temporary house that I made.
Since I circled the area around I should make some windows in the kitchen.

I won ’t like it if a ghost or wraith gets in the bedroom.
So I won ’t make windows there.
Grinding rocks for some table and chairs and putting the stove and it ’s complete.

In the bedroom, I put a large rock, and dig it in order to put sand inside.
I cast cleaning magic on the sand and fill it inside the stone.
Now I just need to make a wooden pillow and it will be complete.

I will get dirty with all the sand and the wood pillow will be hard but it ’s still better than the rock bed.
The sand can be removed with cleaning magic, ah…….
Since water comes out and there will be spring water, I then can make a bath.
Cleaning magic is to remove sand but it doesn ’t help getting rid of my tiredness.
But still…….

”Hmm ”

”What is it? ”

”Ah, it ’s nothing very important it ’s just….
Doesn ’t this bed look like a coffin? ”

I just made a rectangular rock and cut the inside of it and put sand inside.

”Yeah, it might look like that, but is it a thing to be worried about? ”

”It ’s just a bad omen. ”

In Japan, I didn ’t care about things like this, but here ghosts and wraith exist.
I don ’t want to lower my luck for a trivial reason.

”Then why don ’t you cut the corners and make it look more round? ”

“……oh that might change the atmosphere to it, I will try it”

According to Sylphy’s advice, I cut the corners and started to reshape it.
Somehow it looks like a capsule, but it ’s much better than before.

”Okay, with this the movable base is complete.
That is enough work for today, so let ’s make dinner. ”

”What are you going to make today? ”

It ’s hard to eat seafood for 3 consecutive days.
Nimono will just make me want rice.
Fried fish needs a lot of preparation, and even if the temperature goes down at the night, it ’s still hard to have Nabe.
What about fish balls……? Without ginger and onion, I don ’t have the confidence in making it taste good.
Now that I think about it, I haven ’t had vegetables.
Will it be okay if I eat seaweed? This is bad, I ’m getting anxious, I should have at least bought vegetable juice.
I need to raise my level before my body gets bad from the lack of nutrients otherwise it will be terrible.

maybe steamed fish. ”

”It Might be slightly different, but will you be okay? ”

”I thought about a lot of seafood dishes, but I don ’t have vegetables and the spice to make them…… If I can make all the Japanese seafood, it will be quite the luxury……… ”

I want rice, I want spice, I want herbs, I want vegetables, and above all, I want meat.

”Hey, is it possible to have Bell go shopping? ”

”Since she can ’t materialize, it ’s impossible.
Spirits can only materialize at special places.
She can use magical power to grasp things but that doesn ’t mean that she can materialize. ”

Since she managed to catch fish I thought that she can grasp things, so I was wrong.
It ’s slightly confusing.

”How about she go gather some? ”

”It ’s possible. ”

My dreams are spreading.

”If I can get some plants it will be quite different. ”

”But having to use magic and maintain it for a long time will be hard and painful for Bell and even if Rain helped her, it will still put a lot of strain on them. ”

Sylphy said that while sighing.
Now that I think about it, when I was asking about the contract with Bell, she said that Bell can ’t carry me all the way to where humans live.
Naturally, that’s because I ’m heavier than plants.

”You said the spirits that I ’m contracted with can be summoned at any time even if they are far, can ’t I use that power? ”

”I ’m sorry, but only spirits can move that way. ”

”Oh, it feels like that I ’m really chained. ”

Whenever it feels that it ’s gonna work, it turns out that something is missing.
If there is a god, then he must be really mean.
The only way for this to work is to put Bell under a lot of strain and I can ’t do that.

”With someone of my power, it won ’t be a problem. ”

”If I make a contract with Sylphy, will you take me to town? ”

”ufuf, that is right.
I have never thought of that before, it ’s not going quite well. ”

Well since it seems that it ’s rare for spirits to communicate with a person this much.
There will be a lot of things that you don ’t know about.

”Well, asking Bell and Rain will be my last resort.
For now, I will do all that I can by myself. ”

For that, I’ll first eat without being stingy.
In order to get something to eat besides seafood, I need to do my best.

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