Yuta Morizono, 25 years old ,Social worker, When I got out of the supermarket wilderness spreads out in front of Me……..
Help me

why did this happened ?, since when did the doors of supermarket became connected to wilderness, even when checking behind the supermarket door wasn’t there anymore, I took out my cell phone and Tablet from the bag they was (out of range)

the long Awaited Golden Week, After working Hard and  sucessfuly getting my payment and 11 consecutive holidays, In oreder to stay at home and finish all my stacked Anime, Games and Light novel, I went to the supermarket to buy a large amount of food.

I Bought a large amount of instant food, Retort food, Frozen food, canning. Premium beer case, My Favorite whiskey and sake, also I bought red and white Wine ,Shochu ,Various snacks, and plenty of sweets, My Tension was Max.

I couldn’t carry it all by myself so I filled Them in the cart and headed for the parking lot ….
and arrived in wilderness for some reason.
 That cart is in front of me. How much can frozen food last ? With Severe sunlight Hitting on the cart.

Although I still do not understand what happened ,what happened can’t be changed ,Let’s Search for people.

The earth was reddish on till the other side. I can see a rocky mountain like tower at a distance. It’s like a monumental valley I saw on TV  About the United States.

 It Ended……. I thought that somewhat my gaze is high, apparently I seem to be on The Tip of a rocky mountain . I tried looking around , but there is no place to get off, for an Indoor person like me , rock climbing is imposible.

Is this the United States here? There are no roads around, no car seem to be passing. If airplane fly by it may find me, maybe i should make SOS characters. I look around but there are only rocks …no one will recognize it if I make SOS with rock of the same color.

should i  use cart’s Parts? It seems to be conspicuous when I arrange them Togather, but if I put the frozen foods on the ground it will melt quickly.

for a start let’s keep the frozen foods together and make SOS characters with other foods and drinks? Direct sunlight falling on the whiskey, sake and wine … … I’m going to cry.

But since it is glass, i can expect from reflection of light . I can’t drink all of them in this situation,even though I bought a variety of these three … … Will it be okay if help comes soon? Please, please find Me before sake Become bad. I decide my reseolve and headed for the cart to arrange the food.

… … Has my brain became bad From the sun? I can see a little girl on the cart. The little girl is looking interestingly inside the plastic bag.

About two years old? She is lovely,  wearing clothes like leaves. She Wasn’t here until a while ago … … I in the wilderness, Without knowing I got a little girl . …… This Is bad I will be killed in society.

I do not have a Loli hobby, can you believe it? There is the danger of being shoot if this is America. I don’t know whether the situation got better or worse.

“Ah, Little girl.
Why are you in such a place? Where are you parents? can you please help me if you can,”

I made my resolve and talked to her , she looked at my with suprised face . Have i startled her?, do not cry if possible. I do not have any skill to soothe a child.

The little girl looked this way strangely and pointed at herself while tilting her head,…….cute.

“Yeah, You, Where is your Dad or Mother?”

I Asked as gently as possible to avoid surprising her again. The Little Girl for some reason started to float up and moving left and right.

I thought of the possibility When I saw the girl’s fluffy brilliant emerald green hair that was glittering  , but There is no denying it if she fly.

Three years have passed since I got a job. I certainly Do have an otaku hobby, but the young heart that produces a black history surely had been sealed. if I see a young girl who fly in the sky with emerald green hair I can not help but suspect A different world transition.

I am ashamed of my self for being a little excited. moving my face follwing the little girl who is fluffy flying . On the tip of rocky mountain with no escape place … Let’s hope that this girl is not a dangerous creature.

“You Can See Me ?”

The  little girl asked while tilting her head again.

“I see You”

I can see Her. Is it ordinary invisible existence?

“Can you hear Me Also?”

“Yeah, I hear your voice, too”

“Fuyo, Amashing!”

Suddenly the tension of the young girl rised, and she started moving her hands and legs excitingly while turning around in the air. what happened?

“Well, calm down a bit, is it rare Thing to see you?”

“Yeah, seeing spirts is Amzing thing !”

… ….
spirit mean that spirit?
 Well, it’s definitely a fantasy world. if it’s amazing thing to see that mean I Have got a cheat Ability?

She Is Somehow cute. I stroked her head in spite of myself, her head is Fluffy.

“Fao Oh, You can Touch Me , You Can Touch Spirits , it’s amazing”

Ou The degree of her excitement is Max. Don’t  your eyes turn around With so much Moving in the air? I have to calm Her down For now.

“Well, you are a spirit, what’s your name?”

“Name ?, My name is … … My name is secret, It’s Dangeros To Tell You My Name so easly”

she looked this way With it was dangerous just now like expression .

No, I did not plan to Deceive you.

“Oh that’s a secret … I’m sorry to ask that , then will you tell me where is this place ?”

“Here it is, Here it’s the land of death “

Saying that with a laughter. It’s cute but the name you taught makes me feel Creepy .the land of death? That not Fancey To hear .

“Is That So, is there a place near where people live?”

“People? do not know”

…… do not know. she don’t understand because she is still a child?

“Well … I’d like to get down of here, can not you do something?”

“???? Go Down ? How?”

This is bad, conversation not established . it feel That I’m pinch. I have to manage somehow.

“Hey, do not you know a spirit who will come here and knows  people ? If you knew, I would be happy if you bring them here.”

“I know ,I will go.”

“Oh, wait a moment … ….”

With “um” voice the little girl flyed away, ……amazing speed,….
perhapse my fate now is in the hand of a little girl, i fell uneasy the more i think about it.

Let’s stop thinking and organize the luggage. Put the cold things in cold things and put them under the cart so that the sun will not hit them as much as possible.

It’s still cold and Frozen, so it’s okay, but look like it will be useless quickly. Let’s make shade with instant food and beer corrugated case for the time being. The retort is fine, but What to do with the frozen food?

While I was busy with the cart , I heared “kya Kya” laughter from behind. when turning around A beautiful woman was standing holding the little girl’s spirit . She came back queicly.

her mother?Because it is the same emerald green hair, But the little girl has fluffy hair, while the mom’s is smooth, so there is a possibility she Is Not Her Mother. In the first place do spirit originally gives birth to children?.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Yuta Morizono.
I am sorry to call you”

“Hehe, I do not mind, but you really can see us?”

She is a beautiful person. No, not a person, is it a spirit? Clear white skin. Smooth hair. Her body is like overseas super model.  beautiful and cool woman.

“Yes, it is unusual to see? , it does not seem uncomfortable and I see You normaly, so I do not really understand.”

“Well, it is very rare, even those with compatibility with spirits they can only Feel our presence somewhat , even rarely those who can hear the voice.
Are you truly a human being able to see and touch spirits?”

Oh, cheat? I might be able to do tueeeee. My middle school age heart that should have been sealed is Aching .

“It is so rare?, I think that I’m a human being because I do not remember me Stoping being a human .What kind of things I can Do If I’m Able To see the spirit?”

I ‘m Getting excited . as a social worker Thinking about how to return  should be The Correct  thing… … Father. mother. Brother. sister. I’m sorry.

“Well, since you can see the spirit and talk to them , it will be easier to contract with spirit, since there are few people who can contract with the spirit, I think it will be quite advantageous”

“Oh, That Sound  great. It might be a little rude but if i asked for a contract with you, is it possible to contract? 

I will be very happy if I can contract with such a beautiful spirit.

“Hehe, you can not do it” “I Can’t , that’s Regretful”

It’s pretty shocking.

“it’s not A No ,The contract with you seems to be interesting, but your magical power is not enough simply the current you don’t have enough Magical power to even contract with this girl.”

The elder sister spirit smiled while stroking The little girl head.

my magical power insufficient?

“Can you sign a contract with me if My magical power goes up? Does magical power rise in the first place?”

before that ,There is magical power . It may be a world of swords and magic.

“If the level goes up the magical power will rise as well.
You seem to be interesting, so I will make a contract with minimum magical power so do your best … Oh, I did not Introduce my self yet, I’m Sylphe Great Spirit Of The Wind.  “

Is there a level? It is a completely fantasy world. What is the minimum magical power?Moreover, great spirit seems to be Amzing.

“Hmmt? that child said that it is useless for spirit to easily tells Their name , is it okay?”

“Oh, young lower spirits like this kids still have no external name,  sylphy is my external name If you contract with this child you name Her.

“A name? If the opportunity came I Will try hard To think Of One”

the little girl is gazing at Me With sparkleing eyes . Do you want a name? It is difficult to Think of a name , so I am not confident. No First Thing you have to tell me how to escape from this place . I don’t want to be left behind in the land of death.

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