I thought about something bad, but for now, I need to focus on making the fertilizer.
One hour after stirring it looks like sand.

That was difficult.
Next I should mix it with soil.
If I put water the nutrition might go down, so I should add less nutrition at the bottom.

“It’s finished, what are you going to do next?”

“Ah, Sylphy, yes it’s done.
Next I should mix it with the soil, but since there are lumps in the soil so I should break that down first, but I’m only going to mix it so it won’t take that long.”

“I see, do your best”

Getting fired up with just simple encouragement, does that make me simple-minded? Well let’s thinks that it’s a good personality trait that I can feel good easily.

First, I stored the fertilizer, then added soil to the grinding-bowl and took out the fertilizer and placed it on the soil.
Since this is going to be the bottom, I added a little amount.

then I stirred it with the hammer, crushing the sands lumps.
Immediately when I use the hammer, after mixing it so well, I stored the grinding-bowl and moved it next to the place where I’m planning to make the field.

I made the shovel size bigger and used it to throw the soil into the field.

“Bell, can you use wind to smooth and flatten the soil inside?”

“I can”

“Then please do it”


I kept throwing soil into the filed and Bell use wind to flatten it.


Rain, what happened?

“Queue Que”

looking at Bell then at the field, I don’t understand.

“Rain says that she wants to help too”

Thanks for Bell’s interpretation Rain is happily nodding her head, so Bell can understand what Rain says, even though I formed a contract I can’t understand anything at all.

“I see, then I will have Rain sprinkle water, just a little to make the soil damp, can you do that?”


look like she can, I was thinking of putting water from above, but if it just a little, then it’s okay.

“Then please Rain”


When Rain cried, a fog appeared then it got sucked into the ground, this is an amazing, when I throw the soil Bell flatten it with wind and Rain used the fog to make it damp.
It feels like it’s going well.

After throwing all the soil, I mixed some more and threw them again into the field.

And repeated this many times.

“With this, it’s over.
Rain can you sprinkle more water? Make it so that it gets wet enough.”


Water started to fall on the field like a rain, then when the soil became wet enough Rain stopped the water.

“Bell, Rain, thanks, both of you.
Thanks to you the field is done”

“Worked hard”


Since both came jumping, I stroked their heads carefully and thanked them.
When it’s like this I don’t know if I’m patting their heads or they are pushing their heads against my hand.

Sylphy and Dine came near so I tried to ask them

“Sylphy, Dine, looking at this field what do you think? Is it good?”

“I can’t tell”

“Yuuta-chan, I can tell that the water is moisturizing the soil so well”

“Thanks, Dine, I hope it’s good enough to make the spirit of earth come…….I wonder what will happen”

Even though I did all that I could, it’s the work of an amateur, so I don’t know how it will turn out.

“Tomorrow morning I will bring the spirit of earth, so there is no point of thinking about it now”

I know that, but it feels like I’m waiting for the results of a bad test.
At less I don’t want to get a red mark.

“I know that but I just keep thinking about that.
Well I will try to think about something else”

“Yeah, you better do that”

After finishing, I stored the dried fish.
It seems the sun wasn’t enough, I should dry them tomorrow too.
For tonight dinner will be grilled fish.


I had planned to drink coffee after today’s dinner, but since I’m going to make serious conversation lets save that for another time, I want to enjoy the taste later.

“Sylphy, Dine, I have something to talk about, is that okay?”

“What, making such difficult face, did something happened?”

They look little worried.
Sylphy is really kind, even though we don’t have a contract and she says that she can’t lend her power directly but she still help me in different ways.

Even if it happens and she decided to leave after this conversation I will still be thankful for her, though I don’t want her to leave.

“Yuuta-chan, is something wrong?”

“No, I just noticed something disturbing, will you hear me out?”

“Tell us”

“Well, from what I heard, it seems that my affinity with spirits are very high, I’m able to see them and touch them”

“Yeah, it so high that I never heard about it before.
very rarely there are people who can hear our voices, even rarer those who can see spirits, but it was the first time I saw someone who can touch them”

“Yes, Onee-chan was also surprised”

The tension get diminishes when Dine talk

“Yeah, so I was thinking that they may get caught in my attacks, since I’m using tools that cause a huge damage”

“As I said before, tools can’t attack things that don’t have a physical shape, so it won’t pose any threat to spirits”

“I also thought that.
but I can touch spirits and Bell also can touch my clothes, I don’t want to hurt Bell and Rain because I didn’t check it”

I said it, Sylphy’s and Dine’s face changed

“You are right………let’s try it out, Yuuta take out the hammer”

I took out the hammer at Sylphy’s words

“Now, I’m going to try and touch it without using magical power”

“o, Oh”

When Sylphy tried to touch the hammer, her hand just passed through it, oh, so it can’t hit her

“next, Yuuta please try to touch my hand lightly with the hammer, do it lightly please”

“I, I understand”

I moved the hammer the slowly while trying to touch Sylphy.
when I did it very slowly, without any reaction, it just passed through her.

“It was okay, I got little nervous”

Sylphy, Dine and me all sighed in relief

“That is good”

I’m really glad

“I got little impatient after I listing to Yuutas story, but Yuuta, having a power that can work against spirits is amazing, feeling glad for not being able to is strange”

“I don’t know about strange or not because all my acquaint are spirits, but if I got hated because of this I will be very lonely”

“Ara, for me even if it worked, I was only going to give you some notice, I wasn’t planning on leaving you”

“Onee-chan too”

“Well, maybe the two of you are okay, but spirits who don’t know me may think that I’m dangerous.
It’s better to not have power that can lead to such situations”

“Yuuta-chan, you are good kid, Onee-chan  is very touched”

The spirits are very dangerous, getting a hold on the weakness of an enemy like that is the worst thing.

“True, there might be spirits that get cautious of that.
I think Yuutas worry has a point, but still you can touch us with bare hands”

“……Using bare hands, can I do something?”

“Well against floating spirits you may be able to win, but it won’t turn out good if you did something like that so don’t do it”

“I had never thought about catching spirits before, by the way, the floating spirit that Bell caught last time, where did it go?”

That one who looked like a ball, I was so busy lately that I forget about it

“Ah, that child floated away with the wind, so don’t worry about it.
By the way, it’s already time, are you going to level up today?”

“Yea, I will do it today too”

I feel relieved that it turned into me worrying about nothing, but I felt a lot of stress so I will vent my melancholy on the monsters.


After I wake up and headed to the kitchen, Bell and Rain came jumping, I stroked their heads while exchanging good morning greetings, and we had breakfast.

When I got outside, Dine came, I greeted her and asked about Sylphy.

“Sylphy-chan went to bring a spirit, I wonder who will she bring”

A new spirit, I wonder what kind of spirit it will be.
Well they say mother earth, so let’s hope that she is a beautiful mature lady with a lot of sex appeal.
Dine also possesses an amazing thing but she completely fails when it comes to sex appeal.

“Yuuta-chan, you are not thinking about something bad?”

Dine said that while glittering her eyes.
What, she usually is an air head but only get sharp at times like this, what a troublesome fellow.

“No, I didn’t think about something like that”


she is unusually persistent.

“Yeah, I was thinking what type of spirit will come, and what they will think about the field”

“Is that so, strange, Onee-chan’s punishment radar reacted strongly”

Why do you have such a radar? No, first, is there is also a radar in this world?

“There is a radar in this world too?

“You have a radar in Yuutas-chan world? it’s a spell that spreads magic around and uses it for searching”

“Something similar”

Thinking about it, from its name, the one who made this magic is someone who also came to this world like me.

“Is that radar an old spell?”

“I think it was new one, it was about 500 years ago”

500 years ago, I underestimated the spirits.
That also that means the person who made it is not alive anymore.

“Ah, Yuuta-chan, she is back”

Looking at the direction Dine pointed at, I can see Sylphy and some spirits I haven’t seen before………they’re father and child dwarfs.

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