I collected the dried fishes after going out of the pool.
Somehow I managed to spend some elegant time, and feel better now.

Let’s try the dry fish for tonight’s dinner, and maybe I should drink one bottle of premium beer? Ah, I was also planning to drink coffee, I’m getting excited.

……This is bad, all my thoughts are becoming so relaxed, making a pool in the hot Land of Death wasn’t a bad idea, but it’s wrong to let my guard down.

I’m still living only on eating seafood, and my level haven’t even raised to C-rank, it’s not the time to be thinking about drinking beer.
I need to think about the situation better.

At this pace, I don’t know when my magical power will rise to B-rank.
Fuu, let’s try to raise my level little more.
Going into zombies and skeletons nest, there supposed to be stronger types of zombies and skeletons, so I think my level will raise.

I put wood in the stove and lit the fire, and I put the frying pan on top, and baked the fishes that I soaked for ten minutes, thirty minutes, and one hour each at a time.

If the dried fish turns out well, it will mean adding a little variation to the dinner table, and if I managed to get some more driftwood, then I might also make a smoked fish.
Lets try to improve the situation little by little.

Bell and Rain also said that they want to eat dried fishes, but for now, let’s have them wait until after I test it.

moving the baked dried fishes to the plate, I began to try each one carefully, starting with the ten minutes dried fish……I can only slightly feel the taste of salt, but it’s good that it’s not rotten.

The thirty minutes dried fish……though the taste is still thin compared to the one before, it tastes more like a dried fish.

The one hour dried fish……though the salt taste is little thinner compared to the real dried fish, it has the flavour of dried fish, so it’s not quite bad.
Ideally speaking, I prefer a richer taste to it.

Next, I should try to increase the concentration of salt in the seawater, or to extend the soaking time to an hour and a half.

“Yeah, Bell, Rain, this one hour soaked dried fish is better, try it out”



Both of them are eating while saying it’s delicious, Sylphy and Dine said that they are done with eating fish for a while.
Recently I’m starting to feel envious of the fact that they are okay without eating.

After dinner, I admonish myself for being so relaxed, I postponed the coffee that I was planning to have after the dinner.
Let’s vent this sadness on leveling up.

“Sylphy, I made most of the things I could make, so let’s try the method of extending leveling up time at night that you talked about.”

“I do not mind, but how hard can you try it?”

I have nothing to do during the day except taking care of the field, and spending most of the time in the pool to avoid the heat is a hard thing, so let’s put all the effort on leveling up.

“let’s go for leveling up after I finish with dinner, and continue with that until dawn.
With that, I will wake up in the afternoon, is everyone okay with this?”

“We have no problem because we are spirits, but are you going to be okay Yuuta? It will be bad if you got sick you know ?”

“If it seemed bad then I will just stop it, but since I’m just going to shift my awaken time, and it’s not like my sleeping time is getting shorter, so I think it will work out somehow”

“I understand, but don’t push yourself”

“Yeah, I’m doing this to survive.
Getting killed for that is meaningless, so I will make sure of that”


After that, I started the lifestyle of going to bed in the morning and wake up later in the afternoon, though I felt bad about having Bell and Rain accompany me with this kind of lifestyle, but Sylphy said that I don’t need to have this kind of worries about the spirits so I just got over it.

But making a little girl spirit and dolphin spirit work at midnight, looking at it from a different perspective, it’s like abuse cases.

I raised my level from dinner to dawn, came back and take a rest.
I then get up in the afternoon, look at the state of the field and immerse myself in the pool to cool down, or make something that I thought of.

The most noteworthy accident was the bamboo dragonfly, in the afternoon, during the preparation for dinner, I found some damaged bamboo, and at the daytime when I somehow made a bamboo dragonfly and let it fly, it immediately attracted the attention of spirits.
It was quite the commotion at that time.

“hey, Yuuta, what did you do just now? You didn’t use any magical power right?”

“Eh? Now? Ah this is an old toy from my hometown.
I somehow managed to make, isn’t it interesting?”

“A toy”

Why are you making such a surprised face, still a beauty remains a beauty even with a surprised face.
It is unfair in some sense.

“Yuuta, one more time, do it one more time”


I called out for Bell and Rain when I threw the bamboo dragonfly, it seems that they liked it.
I picked the bamboo dragonfly and tried to throw it again but it was impossible.

“Oh, so it’s like that, hey Yuuta, give it to me for a bit”

the bamboo dragonfly was taken from my hand, Sylphy can fly in the sky by herself, I wonder what she is so surprised about.
she is looking at the bamboo dragonfly and watching it from different angles while twisting her head.

“Why did such thing fly in the sky? Dine, it was this that flew just now, right?”

“Yes, there is no mistake about it, but there don’t seem to be anything special, just putting a board on a stick.
I wonder if the secret in the thinned part at the board?”

Sylphy aside, but seeing Dine looking at something with a serious look, scared me out, and the serious talk between Sylphy and Dine continued.


“Oh, Bell, they seem to have some serious conversation now, so let just wait”



Bell and Rain looked a little sad, it hurt my heart.
I actually want to take back the bamboo dragonfly now and make it fly, but seeing the serious look on Sylphy and Dine’s face is stopping me.

After continuing the discussion for a while, Sylphy and Dine, turned their face this way.
honestly speaking I almost leaked out.

“Hey Yuuta, this is a toy right? Is there a ride that people can use to fly in the sky rather than toys?”

“Yuuta-chan, this is serious, so answer your Onee-chan honestly”

“I do not quite understand what is this about, but there are airplanes that use the same principle”

I do not know if propeller planes used bamboo dragonflies as a reference, but the principle is similar, right? From what country was the Wright brothers? Did they have bamboo dragonfly? But what is so problematic about this?.

“I see, so there is… Hey Yuuta, can you promise not to use this toy anywhere else? and absolutely don’t show it to people .”

“I do not mind that, but why are you being so serious?”

“Yuuta-chan, This may be a toy, but it certainly flew the sky.
If people got a hint from this toy and developed a tool to fly in the sky, it will be ver—-y troublesome ”

“I can not imagine that people can make an airplane so quickly if they just see it ….”

“Yuuta, Even so, we can’t tell if it takes time, I don’t want to give them even a little possibility.”

“Well, if Sylphy thinks like that, then I will not show it to anyone, and I will not share this knowledge, but there is still something that I don’t get.
Even if people can’t fly in the sky, they can still use magic to fly right?”

“I will explain it because it seems that you do not understand well, unless you contract with a senior spirit of the wind, you cannot fly freely, but it is very difficult even to sign a contract with a senior spirit.
If you did contract with one then the country will lower their heads down and come to pick you up.

Hmm? Sylphy and Dine are a great spirit which is above the senior spirit.
Somehow I feel that My Tueeee has become a reality.

(TL:Tueeee is slogan of the word “Tsyuoi” which mean powerful, and here refer to OP character)

“I understand that it is very difficult to fly in the sky”

“I am glad that you understand.
Even now humans are still fighting everywhere, if they can fly in the sky, it will be very troublesome.”

……I see.
I understand now why she wants to keep it secret even if it’s just a toy.
It might lead to the developing something that can fly in the sky.
Even on earth, airplanes had been used for war and they increased the damage considerably.
It seems that I should also be careful when using my knowledge.

“Ah, on my planet it was used for war, so I understand what you want to say, be relieved, I will absolutely keep it secret”

“Is that so, thank you”

“Yuuta-chan, Onee-chan believed in you”

leaving Dine aside, I will absolutely keep my promise with Sylphy.
Then I felt someone pulling my sleeve.
looking down, it seems that both Bell and Rain got tired of waiting and is pulling my sleeve.

“Ah, Bell, Rain, looks like it’s okay to play here, wait a second I will make it fly, so look closely”



I throw the bamboo dragonfly and teach them how to make it fly.
Bell and Rain were playing very happily, though they were not so good at making it fly since their hands are so small.

But it was unexpected that it would turn into a serious conversation because of the bamboo dragonfly.

Although there were some unexpected events, I spend the day like this, and raised my level at night.
And The result of continuing such a lifestyle until the day the great spirit of earth Nomos came is.

Names Morizono Yuuta
Level 25

Stamina C
Magical Power C
Power C
Intelligence B
Dexterity A
Luck B

Unique Skills
Language Comprehension
Cultivating Tools

Life Magic
Hammer art

It rose to a certain extent, and the most important thing which is magical power became C.
One more rank up and I can sign a contract with Sylphy.
I can sign the contract..
but the level is not rising.

it seems that at this level, I will not get enough experience by just walking in the land of death and hunting the Monsters that move around.
the idea of going into the monster’s nest is becoming more real, or rather it’s already definite…….

I am glad that Dexterity is now A rank, but I do not want to believe it is the influenced by construction work and the creation of small things.
Also, I got so excited when I learned about the new skill “Hammer art”, But I got seriously disappointed when I knew that I can do the same without using the Skill.

Well anyway.
The important thing now is welcome the earth’s great spirit Nomos.
Let’s forget sad things for now.

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