Meeting the spirit of earth Nomos with the previous nights high tension wouln’t be good, so I decided to take a nap in the kitchen.
There won’t be a problem about being late, because Sylphy said that she will wake me up.

“Yuuta, Yuuta, wake up”

“What is it?”

“Nomos will soon be here”

“Oh, it’s already that time, thank you Sylphy”

I hurriedly applied cleaning magic on myself and went outside.

Good morning”


“Good morning both of you, where is Nomos?”


Looking at the direction that Bell pointed at, I can see something the size of a bean  approaching Is that Nomos? What an amazing speed, they will be here soon.

“Oh, Yuuta, sorry did I made you wait?”

“No, it’s okay, thanks for coming all the way to here”

“You don’t need to worry about that, in fact making a field in the land of death is within my duties, let’s go and see the field now”

After saying that, Nomos headed to the field, and the lower spirit of the earth is following him.
I still haven’t heard his voice, is it gonna be okay? I think he brought him to contract with me.

well first, if the field doesn’t get an okay, there won’t be a contract or anything.

Nomos took some soil with his hand and started inspecting it, I’m getting nervous.

“Hmm, there isn’t much nourishment, but this should be enough”

“Does it mean that it’s okay?”

“Well, this is the minimum for not depriving our powers, still, considering that this is the land of death it’s good enough to praise you for it.
It is still the minimum, but I will leave if you don’t try your best in more things”

I passed.
Somehow it seems like I got passed by getting pitted on, but it still passing.
With this many things can change.

“I understand, I will do my best, but I do not understand anything about the soil.
So Please tell me various things.”

“Well, first, let’s hurry and mix this soil”

“Hm? Mix it with what?”

“With the soil that you got from digging holes for expanding the field of course.
Hurry and remove the rocks that surround it, and take out the soil”

What does he mean by, of course? This is bad, it seems that Nomos is the type that uses little words, he thinks that everyone understands what he means.
If I don’t warn him, it will get more and more complicated.

“I understand, should I take it all out here? there is a large amount”

“It doesn’t matter, it will be easier to mix that way”

I don’t quite understand, but I stored the rocks and took out all the sand that I stored when digging the holes.
It became like a small mountain, but I wonder what will he do about it?.


When Nomos shakes down his right hand lightly, the soil of the field and the soil which I piled started to move.
It rotates and raised up like a tornado as it got mixed.
it is amazing.

After all the soil got mixed and became like a tornado, it fall down into the hole that I dug without making a sound.
I don’t get what just happened, but spirits are amazing.

“This is fine, let’s spread this field out little by little with this soil as the foundation.”

“Thank you, but is it okay to help out this much? I heard that spirits can’t lend their powers directly without a contract.”

“Ah, there is such a rule, but this time it was about reviving the soil of land of death, it’s more like you helped me out rather than I helped you, so there is no problem at all”

Is it so? It seems like some kind of logic switching that politician would say…..
oh well.
It’s good for me, so let’s keep that way.

“I understand”

“Oh, I forget about it but, Yuuta, make a contract with this lower spirit.”

I also forgot, calling the lower spirit of soil.

“Ah, are you willing to contract with me?”

He answered with a node.
How to say it, even though he is still young, but he has the air of skilled craftsman about him.
Will this kid have bushy beards someday too?

“Should I give you a name?”

he nodded again, he remains unfazed.
Well, what should I name him? Maybe Harvest since the purpose is harvesting food.
It feels like a stern name.
Giving a stern name to a quiet spirit like him won’t be good.

Then how about using the name “Earth” as it like that? Hmmm, it feels so direct, hmm, then how about fertile….
Fatulu, yeah this sounds good.

(TL: the word “hiyoku” mean fertile in Japanese, and Japanese people pronounce fertile as “Fatulu”, but there might be some wrong in the romaji spelling, since I’m not good enough with it).

“I decided, your name is Fatulu.
It means fertile in my world’s words, in another word, a rich soil, I will call you Tulu from now on, is that okay?”

He nodded again.
With this the contract is completed.
I think about this everytime, but it’s so easy.

“Fatulu, Tulu, it’s a good name, thank you”

“O, oh, you are welcome”

I heard his voice for the first time, but it was a surprisingly cute voice.
It’s good that I didn’t give him a stern name.
And I am very glad that he liked it.

Ah, seeing that the contract is completed, Bell and Rain charged at Tulu, “kya kya”, “Queue”, it seems that they are introducing themselves to him, and Tulu don’t seem to dislike it, that is good.

“Hmm, Fatulu, that is a good name, with this, the contract is completed then.
Basically Tulu will be managing this soil, and Tulu, if you need anything then tell Yuuta, okay”

Tulu nodded, then he started to stare at me.
Even though that Bell and Rain are playing around him, he just keeps on looking at me.

do you need anything?”

“……I need the help of the spirit of forest, as soon as possible”

A new spirit request came suddenly, the spirit of the forest …since it can help with making plants grow, so it’s okay?

“Is the environment here good for the spirits of the forest to stay?”

“It’s okay……I think”

Ohh, he doesn’t seem confident about it.

“A forest is needed in this land”

Well, certainly forests will make the soil richer.
But making a forest suddenly? There is not enough space in this place.

“Buhaha, Tulu, coming to a place with no plants will be difficult on the spirits of the forest”

As I expected, just making the soil richer won’t be enough.

“No good?”

Kuu, I can not do anything even if you looked at me with such eyes.
Somehow it seems that lower spirits are very pure, the power in their appealing eyes is very strong.

“Nomos, for the spirits of the forest to be able to come, at the minimum, there must be some plants otherwise it will be tough, right?”

“Um, if you managed this field and planted seeds, buds should grow, at minimum, you should do that much”

Since Tulu is going to manage the field that is okay, but I still need to get plant’s seeds.
Just after finally getting the earth’s spirit approval, next is the spirit of the forest…….isn’t the spirits density is too high?.

“Sylphy, no matter how I think about it, I need to get some plants seeds, but with the current situation, forming a contract with you still need more time.
Seeing that my level is not going up, what will happen if I had Bell and Rain go and get some seeds?”

“If it’s just seeds, it won’t be much of a burden.
Going there will take half a day but getting back will take at least 3~4 days”

Oh, making a little girl spirit and a dolphin spirit go on a 4 days journey? Isn’t there a different way?

“That is a little hard, what should I do?”

“Well, that much won’t be a problem for spirits, why don’t we let them try it”

Sylphy is saying that casually, though she was against it at first when I asked if they can go and collect some plants.
Is it okay if it’s just a seeds and 4 days trip? No but..while I was worrying, Sylphy came near me and whispered in my ear.

(now that I think about it, I have something that I need to talk about with the spirit of the forest, so I will be going.
I will go slowly so I might not be able to get back for several days.)

This is….this means that Sylphy is going to follow them secretly, like when secretly following little children when doing their first errands.
Sylphy is always helping me.

(Thank you)

(I’m just going to meet an old friend of mine)

Sylphy winks and goes away.
No, Sylphy-san is really cool.
I’m sorry for thinking that she was a bit childish.

…….That mean, since I’m having Tulu taking care of the field, Bell and Rain will go for getting the seeds.
Though it’s a bit embarrassing, but in this situation, it’s better to tell them that this is a mission to make them motivated.

“Bell, Rain, I have something to tell you so come here”

I called to Bell and Rain who were still playing with Tulu.



They came flying while happily laughing.
Hmm, do I have to send such cute children in a tough trip? It feels like my heart is going to break.
looking at Sylphy, she nodded at me.
I have no choice but to do it after coming this far.

“Gohon, private Bell, private Rain, I’m giving you a serious mission, it’s not like the missions that you did earlier.
This is going to be a tough one, do you have the resolve to do it?”

“Yes sir”


“I see, ok now, have Sylphy tell you the location of the forest, go there and collect seeds, if possible edible ones”

Though I kept saying that it will be tough and that I will be worried, when coming to it, I also mixed some of my desires in.
Looking at Sylphy she just wryly smiling, I feel ashamed.

“Yes sir”


“It will be really a tough trip, can you do it?”

My bad, I just asked them normally.

“I can”


“Okay then, make sure to complete the mission, understood?”

“Yes sir”


Then both Bell and Rain went to Sylphy and started asking her.
After awhile, it seems that they gathered enough information, they waved their hand and flown away.
Waiting for little bit after, Sylphy followed them.
I put my hands together and worshiped her with all my heart.

“Yuuta-chan, you are getting so worried.
Heavy things aside, just a seed is not a big deal, it will only take some time and they will be back”

“Sylphy said that too, but no matter how you look at it, they are still young, so I get worried.”

“Fufu, Yuuta-chan is much younger than Bell-chan and Rain-chan, you should just believe in them and wait”

wh…….No, thinking that they evolved from floating spirit to lower spirit, that is possible?

“Even so, they are mentally young, so it’s natural to get worried.”

“Fufu, is that so”

To get comforted by Dine, what a blunder.

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