Fuu, Yuuta worries so much, the only thing that can hurt spirits are other spirits or using out all their strength.

previously there was the fear of Bell and Rain disappearing if they carried large weight for a long time, but if it’s just a seed it should be ok.

it seems that Yuuta treats spirits based on their appearance, to start with people who can see spirits are very rare and all of them are from this world so they already understand the power of spirits so there was no problem.

but Yuuta knows nothing about spirits.
he thinks that Bell and Rain should be protected, but he also have them help with hunting so the sight of him falling in dilemma is a little amusing.

and this time only because they will be carrying something physically that they can’t fly fast, but with their abilities, it shouldn’t cause a problem, though I already explained this to him he just keeps on worrying,

at that time I was just leisurely flying and was surprised when Bell came for me, I couldn’t believe that there is a human who can see and touch spirits until I saw it.

Ara, Bell and Rain started chasing each other, going there and here taking a detour from the destination.

was it a mistake to say that they will be back in four days? If they don’t make it in four days, Yuuta’s anxiety will explode.

they are happily playing and flying around, it won’t be much of an experience if they knew that I’m following them so I can’t advise them, what should I do?

continue to nervously follow them, it seems they still know where to head even while they play, with this, it shouldn’t take much time.

until meeting with Yuuta I never paid attention to how lower spirits behaved, they are very energetic, was I like that when I was a lower spirit?……..
I think I was more intelligent.



Following Bell and Rain whom for some reason started racing and then ascending up and up, finally, they reached the targeted forest.

I think this was the hardest thing I did in the past hundred years, why are those kids are so full of energy.

Bell and Rain started yelling the name of the great spirit of the forest that I told them about.


“Dori, we came to play”
“Qui Qui Qui”

Bell, Rain you didn’t come here to play, you came on an earned, try to remember that.

“Ara, what cute kids, did you came to play?”
“yes, Sylphy said that”
“Ara, did you came here to run an earned for Sylphy?”
“Am, No, it’s Yuuta’s Mission”

ah, it got all mixed up, what is going to happen from here? oh, it seems that Dori noticed me.

somehow I managed to tell her to not make them notice that I’m following them, since she nodded it should be fine.

“a mission, on what mission did you came here?”
“a seed, edible one”
“you want a seed that can be eaten?”

very close, it’s a seed that can grow into something edible, Dori is looking here with a troubled face, shaking my head to tell her that not it.


why saying that with a questioning tone, is it possible that she didn’t hear me?, No, I made sure that she repeat it before departing, I guess they forget on the way to here.

although both are lower spirit, I wonder why Bell and Tulu are so different?……..is it because of the environment?…..
I don’t want to think it’s because of their attributes.

“try to remember it once again, what did Sylphy say?”

“meet Dori”
“yes, and?”
“a seed that grows into edible grass”

that’s it, well done remembering it, I nodded my head to Dori.

“I see, so you want a seed that can grow into edible grass”
“I want”
“then I will show you, follow me”
“Yay, thank you”
“being able to say thanks is great.
by the way, I still haven’t heard your names”
“I’m called Bell”
“Qui Qui”
“Rain is called Rain”(yes she says rain is rain)
“Bell-chan and Rain-chan, do you know where are you going to grow the seeds?”
“in the death land”

I nodded to Dori who looked at me with a surprised face, it’s okay to be surprised just make sure that they don’t notice you.

“I, I see, then let’s pick a one that strong to heat”

with Dori’s advice, they managed to pick several plant’s seeds, with this the biggest hurdle is finished.

“did you hold it? the death land is far can you make it ?”
“it’s ok”
“ok, be careful”
“see you again”

Bell and Rain flaw away while waving their hand, since they can’t fly fast I can still catch up with them after done speaking with Dori.

“Dori, sorry for troubling you”
“fufu, it’s okay they were cute little kids, more importantly, what is the story, they said the death land, is it okay?”

as always her speaking is so formal, she was speaking more simply with Bell and Rain, Dori is little different even among spirits, though I would like if she speaks more normally, it seems that this is her personality so it can’t be helped

“yes about that, I was going to tell you about it, currently I’m acting together with  a person from a different world”
“Ara, a person from a different world is rare, but why did he went to the death land, there is nothing there”
“that not it, more like he was transported into this world in the death land what more deep in there, Bell found him and came to me”
“is that so, being stuck the death land is hard, but it’s good that he has a high affinity with spirits, he seems to have made a contract with Bell and Rain, it seems that he can live somehow”
“it’s not just high affinity, he can see spirits speak even touch them, also he has a special power, currently he is using that to cultivate the death land, the seed he asked for was to grow it there”
“can touch spirits….never heard about something like that, also cultivating?…that place?…..
Sylphy are you trying to make fun of me ?”
“I understand your feeling very well but it’s all true”

I also feel quite fishy when I say it like that

“is that even possible?, even if you say that I still can’t believe it”
“I would have thought the same thing if I were you, but it’s all true, currently due to the problem with magic he can’t form a contract with me so all I can do is giving him advice, but he, he is  called Yuuta, Yuuta is trying so hard to cultivate the land there”
“even if he is a person from a different world, a great spirit like you is intending to form a contract with a human?”
“yes, not just me, Dine seems like she intends to form a contract with him too”
“Dine is there too?”

“yes, also I don’t know if he plans to make a contract or not but Noms is there too”
“three great spirits? what is happening there?”
“hmm, first of all, Yuuta tried so hard and make a well in the land of death so I called Dine”
“digging a well in the death land is already unbelievable”
“I told you he has a special power, it mainly suitable for cultivating, well it can also be used for physical purposes”
that power is amazing, it may not come near the highest level of magical and skills attack in this world but taking into account it’s cutting and the destructive power it can come quite near them, though he doesn’t seem to realize that.

“is that so”
“that’s right, after that he used the water from the well and made a filed, he tried different things and barely made a filed that got a passing mark from Nomos”
“a filed in the death land?… and even if barely, to get an ok from Nomos, is it a dream?”
“it’s not a dream, and so to grow plants in the filed, Yuuta’s contracted spirits came to get a seed, I came along because Yuuta was very worried about them”
“Fufu, a human gets worried about spirits”
“ah, he is overly protective about Bell and Rain, So if the seed we got from you came out, can you also came? also if possible bring a low-level spirit that can make a contract with you?”
“………it’s still an unbelievable story, but since you say that so confidently it must be true, I don’t mind going but as for staying there or not I will decide that after seeing the situation there”
“that is okay, Nomos also didn’t approve it the first time he came, the second time it passed out somehow, but think about it Dori, making the forest flourish again in the death land by your hand, isn’t it exciting?”
“it will be amazing, I will be waiting for you to call me then”
“yes as soon as the seed come out, how much will it take for the plant you give to come out?”
“They are quite fast, with good soil it should take about three days”
“is that so, well considering that it’s in the death land I don’t think it will be that fast, as long as it doesn’t fail I will come to get you as soon as possible”
“Fufu, I understand, I will get things ready”
“Ah, do that please, I should go now and follow those kids, later”
“yes later, I will be waiting”

unlike Nomos she understood me quickly thankfully, now I need to find those Kids, Well if they took the shortest path then it shouldn’t be hard to find them, but thinking about those two it’s highly unlikely.

finally finding these two and nervously following them, also secretly leading them to find seeds that they dropped, upon seeing the sight of the base I feel truly relived, I don’t want to accompany those kids for another earned anytime soon.


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