somehow I would like sylphy to get Me down from this rocky mountain and take me to Near village.

“Oh, sylphy-sama, this girl Told me that this place is called land of death.
I’m sorry but could you take me to a Near village?”

” There is No need to add “sama” or to Speak in dificult way ,  spirits don’t like being stiff.

sylphy says while swaying her hands. Her mood became soft somehow. But it will be the worst if I beame too familiar and Upset her mood. But it is Not good to get disliked by Being Stiff….
it’s hard .

“sylphy-san, can you please Take me to human’s village?”

“You don’t need to add “San” either, so the story is to take you to a village, but it’s difficult.
We can lend power to contractors by contracting , There is also a limit to secretly and indirectly lend power to those who we intrested in .
other than that we can use our power freely only when protecting ourselfs  ”

are? That means i’m still stuck in this situation. i’m still in pinch. Also I am worried about the little girls she is drooling while sleeping.

“Then you can call me by name Yuta, but it means I can not sign a contract because my magical power is insufficient, so I can not borrow power because I can not sign a contract … Sylphy, is there no way to escape?”

maybe little over familiar?

” in the first place what  levels are Yuta in? What kind of skills you can use ?”

She don’t seem angry. I will be saved If I can talk with ease like this, .

“Level? Skill? How do you check that?”

Sylphy turned her line of sight this way with amazed look. Did I say something strange?

“You can understand that by looking at the status, what kind of life have you been living ?”

Status …… oho . I forgot the The most papular template. it is the first thing that should be cheecked in advance.

“Ah, I have never seen my status, I was in this place when I noticed , I think I’ve metastasized from a different world, we do not have status, level, skill in the world I was in ”

“Oh … so you are a lost person, it is really rare,”

She is looking curiously . The spirit of the wind has a strong curiosity.

“By the way, do you happen to know how to get back to my world?”

Honestly I am excited about adventure in other worlds, but there are people who will worry about me . Ideally speaking, I want to freely travel back and forth between Japan and another world.

“I’m sorry.
I know about lost people, but Why They beome lost ,or is it possible to return to the original world that i don’t know .
And I never heard About someone manged to go back to the original world I’m afraid,”

after all It’s not easy to return. My parents will get worried . I hope my brother and my sister will cover it.

I will be fired from the Company for absenteeism without permission. I may never see my family and friends again … … I think I’m about to cry if I think deeply. I can not do anything about it. Let’s postpone it without thinking deeply. Just thinking is painful. …… But it is not my fault that I can not return, here is fantasy world where the spirit exists. I guess I have no choice but to enjoy it.

“I guessed that it was something like this, so how do I see the status?”

“Try saying status while thinking that you want to check your ability,  If you want advice, you can give me permission and make it visible to me . ”

“Okay, It is bad if there is something embarrassing written, so I will first look at it myself.

” I don’t think there is embarrassing things written in the status, but I understood ”

When I Thought that I would like to confirm my ability. A status screen appared in front of me …… It is like a game.

Names Morizono Yuta level 1 physical strength F magic F force E intelligence C dexterity C luck B

unique skills language understanding Developing tools

skills life magic

I don’t understand if this is good or bad. my luck is the highest? Unique skills are good skills. Is life magic ordinary skill ? It don’t seems to be powerful magic because “life” is attached to it, but my tension is  up only by being able to use magic.

I understand that language understanding is unique skills, but what is this Developing tool? I tried pressing the part where developing  tool is writen . It opened.
I can touch the status screen.

Developing tool Magical Bag, Magical Axe,Magical Shovel ,Magical Hammer, Magical Tonkachi ,Magical Bar Like , Magical Survival Knife ,Magical Canna ,Magical Flea, Magical Hand Auger, Magical Mulberry ,Magic…..

It just came out. It seems to be tough to check everything. For now I press the magical bag and see.

Magical bag leave any baggage to this.
instantaneously store heavy baggage by touching it. Capacity infinity · time stop function included! do not feel the weight on the hand.

Oh, it looks like a cheat. Is it like a game’s item box? The explanation sounds like a late-night mail order program. hm? Frozen foods are saved if this is used. How do I use it? Well, will it come out if i consciously tried to get it? There in no other way around.

When i focous my conscious on takeing out the magical bag, shoulder bag came out in the wearing state. Well,it’s useful , No, I have to save my frozen food first.

“What happened ?”

Sylphy called out at me who suddenly started moving. It is somehow surreptitious that her fingertips are still poking the sleeping  little girl spirit.

“Wait a moment.
Because it seem That i’m able to store that luggage so i’m going to store it,”

I approach the cart and touch it with hand.  the cart disappeared instantly it seems that being stored …… It was able to store it. When I touch the bag, a list of the items in the bag comes in front of Me Just like a status screen. It’s convenient.

Should i aslo add my smartphones and tablets? battery will not be reduced if it is stopped for a while. I want to find a way to charge them somehow. Then i will be able to enjoy electronic books, animation, movies and music that are in smartphones and tablets. If it connects to the net it It will be Amazing.

I do not know what the bag is made of , but it looks sturdy brown skin shoulder bag. It have a good feeling with a pretty favorite design. maybe it made to suit my preference?

“Wow, there was a storing skill?, it’s pretty rare, good for you.”

“It was good , food was going to get Bad, time stop function was also attached, so I was quite saved.”

“Time stop …… Yuta Keep it in secret that  time is stopped.
In human’s country similar magic tool is considered a national treasure class just because the time flow became little slower .

… I thought it was cheat, but it’s beyond my expectation.

“I understand.
By the way, the capacity is infinite, what about That?”

“Well If time is stoped and capacity infinite the two, It would be like a fairy tale.
Think hard when you use it so you don’t get found out”

like a fairy tale… … A fantasy world fairy tale seems to be great.

“Well, well, there is no point thinking about that unless I can reach the a Villige ,if i use the bag’s abilities carefuly nothing will happen. It will be okay.

“That is right, so was there a skill that could help you reaching the village?”

“I have not checked them all yet.
Can you wait a little longer?”

“Well, hurry i’m a bit bored ”

“it was OK.
nothing Embarrassing was wrote so do you want to see it? let’s Look at it together so you can give some advice,”

Different world’s status, It Seems interesting.I’ll immediately confirm it .Leave the  Advice to me”

great spirit of The wind sylphy. At first I thought she was a beautiful and cool woman, but that image Seem to change a little by little . she seem a bit childish.

“Level 1 … … you really are foreigners ?”

“You suspected Me?”

“I didn’t  doubt you, but it’s amazing to see it in fact.In this world even young children are levels 3 .
Yuta is an  adult but is level 1.
When you go to the village the status will be cheecked so if you do not raise your level a bit, you will be suspicted.

Even a small child is a level three, I am 25 years old, . it will be very suspicios.

“How do i rise my level? And how is my status ?”

“The level will go up if you defeat Monsters , but training is necessary to remember the skills,  Yuta ‘s status …… Aside from luck, other than mental intelligence and dexterity all the same as children.When your level is up  it will rise to a certain extent so it will be okay.

Is there Monsters also? it feels pretty dangerous with my status. i’m at  a small child class. I am worried about survival.

“the rise of ability may stops on the way?”

To summarize the story I heard From Sylphy. It seems that Status that low are rising slowly or their growth may stop. The displayed rank seems to be from F lowest Till SSS highest.

By the way,The minimum magical power that is required to contract with Sylphy is B. Even with minimum, B rank seems necessary, so Great spirits are incridale.

contracting with a little girl spirit, seems to be enough with magical power D.But  It seems that there are caseses where  ifaffinity with spirit is low and even if you  can feel a sign of Them , it will be hard to contract with low spirts even if your magical power is B.
Still I’m able to see them ,i’m afriad that i might get carried Away.

“Well, how about unique skills? It is a rare .”

“Yes, scholars people can acquire similar skills To language understanding , but this unique skill developing tool is amazing, I have never heard that one skill is packed with such magical tools . ”

I checked a couple of them but all seem to have a joke like performance.

Magical Axe No matter how hard a big tree it is OK. You Can Get it with one hit ! Size can be changed freely up to 2 meters. won’t feel the weight on hand.

magical saw stone ,wood. all can be cut like tofu. even metal can be cut like nothing ! Size can be changed freely up to 2 meters. won’t feel the weight on hand.

Magical shovel earth and rock. Any obstacles can be diged like a pudding. Size can be changed freely up to 2 meters. won’t feel the weight on hand.

Magical Hammer There is nothing that can not be destroyed, Super super strong hammer. Size can be changed freely up to 2 meters. won’t feel the weight on hand.

I could not try magical Axe because there is no tree, but other tools demonstrated the effect as described.
the Rock mountin was like tofu and pudding certainly.

I didn’t  feel the weight on my hands. Even the performance is cheat. Even when I Made the magic hammer the largest size, i could still shake it lightly like there is nothing. Since i can cut anything with magical saws now, I do not feel like losing To Any monster.

Apart from the apparent problem, I feel that i got a nice skill.

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