“I brought a lower-level spirit here, and she’s made a contract with you.
Let’s celebrate a little, shall we? Tamamo, this is a gift for completing the contract.
It contains seeds of various trees and plants.
Work hard with Yuta and use them well.”




Tamamo happily takes the package, which is about the size of my fists, and wags her tail.
She’s so cute.
But I remember that this gift was prepared in advance, just in case they didn’t have enough plants.


Using gifts as a way to avoid punishment seems like a loophole.
It’s a relief that we don’t have to make a shameful exchange in front of Dolly.
I hug Tamamo as she comes back and ask Dolly a question.


“Dolly, is it okay to sow this seed here right away?”


“I just checked, but the soil doesn’t seem to be well mixed.
It would be better to wait for about five days while moistening it with water.”


“Got it.
Tamamo, is it okay if I keep this seed?”




Alright, she nodded, so it should be fine.
Let me store it.
Alright, let’s go back.
But my contracted spirits sure are different, with a young girl, a dolphin and a fox cub.


“Yuta, I’m glad the contract went smoothly.
Are you going to level up now?”


Sylphy asked with a cheerful tone.
Hmm, it’s still morning, so there’s time.
But even though I’m not fighting myself, Sylphy seems to enjoy combat-related events.


“Ah, yeah, I guess.
But before that, I need to check how much Tamamo can fight.”


“Oh… I’m sorry, Yuta.
Tamamo is still a low-level spirit and can’t fight without greenery around.”


“Is that so?”




Tamamo seems to be feeling down.


“Tamamo, don’t be discouraged.
Just helping me grow plants is more than enough.
And when we go to town, there will be nature nearby, and you can lend me your strength then.”


She seemed to take heart from my words, and she lifted her face, wagging her tail as if to say she’ll do her best.
Is she quite simple-minded?


“Alright, let’s go level up.
Tamamo, please check the state of the field here.
I’m counting on you.”




She seems to be saying, “Leave it to me.” It should be okay.


“Alright, I have some discussions to attend to, so Tamamo, please play with Bell and Rain.
You’re their comrade since you made a contract with me.
Bell, Rain, Turu, I’m counting on you to take care of Tamamo.”








While in the middle of discussions, the spirits who had been watching Tamamo from a distance finally got permission to rush over.


“Tamamo has just arrived, so don’t be too reckless with her.”


I’m actually worried about Bell and Rain’s enthusiastic response.
I hope they don’t bother her too much.
I saw the spirits run off and returned to the discussion.


“So, Sylphy, we’re going to the monster’s nest, right? Can you tell me what precautions to take and what kind of monsters to expect?”


“Well, the first nest we’re going to is small, so there won’t be any major monsters.
The one in control there is a skeleton knight, so the skeletons will be the main force.”


“Hmm? Skeleton Knight? Main force? I don’t really understand.
Can you explain it in more detail?”


According to Sylphy’s explanation, since they are all undead, their rank feels the same.


It seems to be influenced by their experience before they became skeletons.
In the case of skeletons, there are even instances where a lich can take the place of a king.
Also, thieves are not suitable for zombies, so there is no need to be cautious around them.


Being the main force means that the strongest monster gathers the same kind of monsters and dominates them, so the upper ranks are often unified.
However, when it comes to kings or liches, they can command not only their own kind but also other types of monsters to form a huge group.


“I understand the basics.
But how do you know who’s in control of the nest?”


“I am the Great Spirit of the Wind.
If there is air and I can send the wind, I can understand most things.
Well, if it’s too deep, I can’t send the wind all the way, so it’s difficult.
But I can confirm most nests, so don’t worry.”


“When did you confirm all of that?”


“I did it when I was leveling up or when I had free time.
When I was guiding Yuta, I avoided the nests, and I confirmed their locations.
I also checked the interiors at that time, so I know most of this area.”


I had unknowingly caused her a lot of trouble.
I didn’t even realize it.
I can’t stand up to Sylphy anymore.
Not that I ever could.


“Also, there is something you need to be careful of.
Yuta’s weapon is too powerful, so be careful not to hit the walls or the ground with it.
You don’t want to bury yourself alive, do you?”


She’s right.
Using a hammer in an underground space is scary.
Maybe I should switch to a survival knife? But crushing the undead is easier with a hammer.


“If I get buried alive, can’t Turu help me?”


“If he arrives inn time, he can help you.


“I will be careful.”


Well then, let’s go.”


We’re going to attack the nest.
It can’t be helped because we want to level up.
I’ll do my best.

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