her magic on the vegetables in the field.
Is it okay?” I asked.


“Yes, I think it’s fine.
However, as I mentioned before, we should avoid rapidly growing them and taking away the soil’s nutrients.
We should do it little by little every day,” Dolly replied.


Although I want them to grow quickly, it would be tough if the soil died.


“Tamamo and Turu know that too, so it’ll be okay.
We don’t want to anger Nomos either if we do something weird,” I said.


Don’t worry.
If you do anything stupid in this situation, I won’t be angry – I’ll just abandon you,” Nomos said.


That’s even harsher.
He seems to be working behind the scenes to take care of the soil, so I can’t betray him.


“I don’t want to be abandoned, so I’ll ask Tamamo more carefully,” I said.


“If you let Turu know, there won’t be any problem,” Nomos replied.


I see.
If the earth spirit and the forest spirit decide, it should be fine for both sides.


“Okay, I’ll ask Turu then,” I said.


“Yuta, we’re done,” Bell called out.


It seemed like they had finished sprinkling the water.
Next was the field.


“Bell, thank you for letting me know,” I said as I picked up Bell and headed towards Rain and the others.
Bell seemed to remember where she planted her seeds and told me the details.
I have no idea where I planted what.


“Thank you, everyone.
We still have one more job in the field.
Is that okay?” I asked.


They cheerfully replied okay, so we headed towards the field.


“I want Tamamo to use her magic on the field, but if we grow them too quickly, it might harm the soil.
Can you consult with Turu and have her use her magic?” I asked.


“Kyu,” Rain replied.


“…We’ll discuss it,” Turu replied.


After murmuring to each other for a bit, they looked over here.


“If it’s decided, you can start,” I said.


At my words, Tamamo stood in front of the vegetables and chirped.
The vegetables faintly shone, and a third leaf sprouted from the center of the two leaves.


That’s amazing, Tamamo.
With this, we’re one step closer to having vegetables on our table.
Thank you,” I said.




As the little creature responded energetically, I patted her head.
Bell, Rain, and Turu also gathered around, so I petted them all.
Lately, I feel happiest when petting children, dolphins, and fox cubs.


If this keeps up, I might end up feeling like a father even though I don’t have a wife.
Although I came to this different world, I want at least a few beautiful wives, not necessarily a harem (T/N: How is a few wives not a harem?!), but would I be able to control this paternal instinct until then?


I can see a future where I start saying things like, “Their happiness is my happiness,” but I need to strengthen my heart and research if polygamy is possible in this world.
It’s too early for me to wither away.
I need to have ambition.




Oops, I had stopped petting it.
Rain was looking at me with eyes that seemed to say, “Is it over?” Of course, I continued.


After petting Bell and the others, I finished dinner and called for Nomos to talk about something important.


“What’s this important talk about? Did something happen?” asked Yuta.


“Oh, I wanted to hear about the nighttime customs in this world.” (T/N: Night time activities like strip clubs or what is allowed)


“What? You’re suddenly asking about something serious.
Are you okay? There’s no church in the Death Land, so we can’t even get treatment.”


Come to think of it, the church monopolizes healing magic, right? Even if they didn’t, there’s no one in the Death Land, so treatment is impossible.


“No, I’m dead serious.
Lately, I’ve been feeling like a father, and if I don’t ignite some sort of male desire, things could get dangerous.”


“What? That’s bizarre.
And are you really going to ask about brothels from the Earth Spirit?”


“Well, who else can I ask besides you? Do you think it would be okay if I asked Sylphy, Dyne, or Dolly?”


“Well, yeah, I suppose, but I only know rumors.
Is that fine with you?”


“Well, in that case, just knowing what kind of shops exist would be good enough.”


Of course, I didn’t think the Earth Spirit would be familiar with brothels.


“What I’ve heard is that brothels are popular in the capital and the town where adventurers gather.
Apparently, there are many high-end establishments in the capital.
The town where adventurers gather has a lot of people with money to spare, and there’s even a district with a concentration of brothels.”


Adventurers do exist, and it seems there are even areas that resemble red-light districts… This is a tough decision.
Nomos doesn’t seem to know the specifics of the brothels, should I ask about the species? No, I’ll leave that as a fun surprise for when I visit town.
But there’s one thing I need to know.


“Hey, Nomos.
Are succubus present in this world?”


“Hmm? There should be a species called succubus among the demons.”


Even if I don’t know if I’ll encounter one, if succubus are present in this world, meeting one could become a goal.


“What’s the relationship like between humans and demons?”


“The relationship is normal.
They fight where they have conflict, and they get along where they don’t.
That’s all there is to it.”


So there’s no hostility between humans and demons.
Well, if there was, there would be war everywhere.
With some effort, I might even be able to meet a succubus.


“Thanks, Nomos.
You’ve really got me motivated.”


But don’t get too carried away.”


I won’t get carried away now.
With this motivation in my heart, I’ll live my life to the fullest.
Thank you, Nomos.

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