wasn’t talking about you.
Why did Dyne suddenly appear?” Yuuta asked startled.


“I wasn’t really listening, I just had a feeling,” Dyne said.


Yuuta couldn’t help but wonder about the strange mixture of natural and wild instincts that Dyne possessed.
“She’s a bit odd, isn’t she?” he thought to himself.


“What were you talking about? Dyne’s favorite things?”


Why is she so confident? Why is she boasting like that?


“No, we were talking about Dyne’s troublesome behavior,” Slyphy replied.


“What? Dyne doesn’t have any troublesome behavior.
That’s just rude,” Dyne protested.


“The other day, Yuuta was taking a morning walk and he saw Dyne floating in the spring, fast asleep like a dead body.
He said it was quite a sight,” Slyphy explained.


“Yuuta-chan, it’s not polite to look at a lady’s sleeping face,” Dyne scolded.


“Why am I being blamed for this?!” Yuuta protested.


“I’m not saying you shouldn´t sleep in the water, but if you´re going to sleep, you should do it somewhere less conspicuous.
You do know that I can see spirits clearly, right?” Yuta continued.


“I don’t think it’s strange for a water spirit to sleep in water.
In this case, it’s best if we both pretend we didn’t see anything, right?” Sylphy suggested.


“Why are you questioning me? Besides, Dyne didn’t even realize she was being watched.
I was just the one who saw her,” Yuuta said.


“That’s not fair,” Dyne pouted.


“Why are you glaring at me? If someone is floating in the water and not moving, of course I’m going to check to see if they’re okay,” Yuuta defended himself.


“There are only spirits here, so Yuuta-chan is a deliberate offender.
He is interested in Dyne,” Dyne teased.


While Dyne is beautiful, she also has a type of beauty that comes with a sense of disappointment.
I no longer have any dreams about her.


“Heh,” Yuta scoffed.


“Oh, Sylphy-chan.
Yuta laughed at me.
It’s not good to look at me like that and scoff,” Dyne scolded.


“That’s right Yuta, even if Dyne is like that you should not scoff at her”, replied Slyphy.


“What do you mean by ‘like that’? Dyne is starting to feel sad,” Dyne said.


Oops, did I tease her too much? I’ll shift the conversation to comfort her.


“Well, you know how it is.
Dyne is well-liked, so people tend to worry about her.
When I saw you floating in the water like that, I was really worried”, Yuuta said.


It’s true that people don’t bother to scold or worry about someone they don’t care about,” Slyphy added.


“I see… so you two are so in love with onee-chan that you couldn’t leave me alone”, Dyne professed.

Dyne left in a good mood.


“Sylphy, I don’t really understand what a great spirit is,” I said.


“Well, as long as you think it’s pretty impressive, that’s good enough for me,” Sylphy replied with a sigh.
“I know that Dyne is a bit different, so I hope you can rest assured.”


“Okay, so…what were we talking about?” I asked.


“Oh, right, the contract.
What do you want to do when you go to town?” Sylphy asked.


“I’m not sure what I can do, so I don’t have any specific plans.
For now, I’d like to try some vegetables and maybe some meat.
And I’d like to sleep in a soft bed, not in the sand,” I replied.


“That’s a pretty modest wish.
Is that all?” Sylphy asked.


“That’s just the simplest desire I have.
I also have other desires, like wanting to go on a journey, become an adventurer and make a name for myself, become a successful merchant, and so on,” I said.


“With your abilities and the multiple spirit contracts you have, I’m sure you could become a successful adventurer.
As for being a merchant, I’m not sure about your talent in that area, but you could certainly learn.
And speaking of learning, when you go to town, you should consider learning some general spirit magic so that you can use us better,” Sylphy said.


“I see.
I feel like there’s a lot I still don’t know, so it’s probably a good idea to learn as much as I can.
And I’ll be sure to call it magic instead of spirit magic when I’m in town,” I replied.


“But what about life magic? Isn’t that still magic?” I asked.


“Well, it’s not wrong to call it magic.
Life magic is a fundamental ability that anyone can learn as long as they have magic.
On the other hand, magic that uses technology to efficiently wield magic power is called magic.
It’s popular among humans because it can produce powerful effects with less magic power.
However, it has a lower degree of freedom than spirit magic,” Sylphy explained.


“I see.
There are a lot of distinctions to be made.
Well, I’ll try to learn as much as I can when I’m in town.
I’m sure the norms here are quite different from those of my world,” I said.


“That’s the spirit.
Think about where you want to go and what you want to do.
I’ll do my best to guide you to places that meet your expectations,” Sylphy said.


“Thanks, I’m looking forward to it,” I replied.



I need to think carefully about my plans so that I can get to my desired destination.


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