rocks with magical shovels, and store the rocks in the  magical bag.”

“I can only cheer, but do your best,”

I Take out the magic shovel and start diging from the  edge of the cliff. When inserting the magical shovel on the ground, it just pass through like it’s nothing. It really looks like a pudding.

I do not feel the weight on the handle,I do not feel the weight even if the scoop is filled with rock. Moreover, with the shovel and storage just diging the  rocks and storing them . It’s very convenient.

Digging rocks and storing just  repeating this . It is quite easy because it can dig up without much effort. However, Because i haven’t done any exercises, just repeating the action of digging a rock with a shovel makes me feel tired.

The little spirit who woke up from her nap flew around and cheered me

“Do your best “.

I feel healed somehow.

… … The little spirit who was cheering me flew away somewhere.
………I feel lonely.

I continued Digging  the rocks while having a break in between. There are only two bottles of tea it means only two liters of drink.
I shouldn’t have bought just alcohol.
I managed to reach the ground After 3 hours’ .
my Arms and waist are Hurting me .

“Good Work”

“Good Work”

I’m tired a lot.
I will head to the sea after a short break.”

if i don’t train it will be dangerous , as level rises my physical strength will also rise, so maybe the efficiency is higher if I level up first .

“The day will end soon, wouldn’t it be better to prepare to take a rest?”

truly . The sun goes down even in different world.
thanks to the words of Sylphy I remembered that . I had intended to keep calm, but it seems that my head is not working so well.

“what should i do ?”

There are many thing to do in order to make a camp, but i don’t have the tools for that.

“Well, if you have food, you should first secure a safe place to sleep – you don’t want to be attacked by monsters while you are asleep, right?”


she says that while swing her fingers to the side .
she seem to have fun to teaching people. A beautiful woman teacher … I would like if she wear a suit and glasses.
the little girl spirit is also  imitateing her and swing her fingers to the left and right, but I do not know how to react.

“That’s right … I will dig a cave in the rocky mountain”

I take out the magic shovel again and dig a hole in the rocky mountain.
20 minutes later I manged to make space that i can rest in it somehow. Then I Took out the magical saw, and cut out rock of the same size This is for the enternce of the cave and then store it in the magical bag. Well.
I wanted wood , but tree don’t grow in here , even grass.
land of death it’s a Scary place.

“What about sylphy and the little girl’s spirit? it might be small but we can mange to get in the three of us

” it’s okay, we can rest anywhere if we want we can just melts in the wind, so do not worry ”

As expected from spirits, I do not know what it means to melts in the wind. What will happen if wind is not blowing?

” Oh, if that so then I have a lot of things I want to ask you , so can you acompany me for a little more?”


” Wow!”

“Uh … … thank you.”

when i thank them  , the little girl nods … … Sylphy is smiling bitterly.
“First of all I would like you to tell me how to use life magic, do you Know?”

“Yes, I know, it’s easy if you have magical power, so you can remember it immediately”

I can use magic easily? i’m geting excited.

“teach me please ”

“Place a finger on the place you want magic to materialize in it  and cast a spell while imagining , the most Simple is seed firelight ball.
seed firelight ball is a small fire, it’s image is a sparkling  light ”

while saying that Sylphy cast seed fire, on her fingertips  small lights appare . It’s quite simple. fire or light Spells are kinda too ordinary.

“But sylphy is the spirit of the wind, and you can use fire magic,”

“Great spirit,  Life magic can be used by anyone with magical powers, even spirits.
Well I do not have opportunities to use it, anyway now you trie it ”

“Yeah, that’s right … I will try … imagine …… seeds fire”

I cast spell then a little fire aperaed  little away from my fingertips.

“Oh, it’s a fire, it’s magic, I’ve used magic …it’s amazing, I’m a wizard, I’m a mage.”

Suddenly I feelt calm and warm gaze from sylphy . It was embarrassing,”

“Amazing ”

the little girls spirit. started rolling around in the air while imitating me. It’s embarrassing. I somehow manged to calm down the little girls’ spirits, and I learned life magic which is a little difficult to imagine.

Especially the magic of cleaning it saved me. The image is difficult, but my clothes and body become clean. Well the bath is more comfortable, so if i can afford, I definitely want to make a bath.

“Thank you, I was saved.”

“it was interesting for me too , so you should not mind it .anyway we are going now, Yuta too, you better take a rest.
we will guide you to the sea tomorrow.”

“Thank you.
Please take care of me again tomorrow.”

after Separating  from the sylphy I enterd the cave, lied down after taking out the rock cut from the magical bag and placing them before the entrance. There are various things I wanted to think about , but when I lied down I feelt drowsy taking over me it impossible to fight it anymore anymore. Good night.

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