be careful, I will recover the driftwood immediately though.”

I approached the place where the driftwood was gathered and touched them with my  hand and put it in the magical bag.
Oh, it’s bamboo.
If there is bamboo, there are also bamboo shoots.
I want to eat Bamboo shoots rice.
Is there rice in this world? It is painful if there no rice.

It seems that the little girl spirit is touching the wood that I touched with my hands together It’s like she is enjoying the feeling that she make them Disappears.
she is flapping her limbs every time she do that.

“Are you having fun?”


The little girls spirit looked at me with puzzled face.
Have I asked difficult thing?

“Is it fun to let the trees disappear?”

“Yeah, it’s like Shtaaa”

Hmm, I don’t understand.
Well if it is fun it would be good.
A lot of Big trees are also flowing.
and found A lot of bamboo , it’s as if  I got unexpected treasure. Even the small Branches are precious fuels in this place.
I can not miss that.

“Recovery is completed, with this i manged to secure little wood and fuel.”


” that is good, so what are you going to do now? Entering the sea to collect food?”

“Ah, I’m also anxious about food , but zombies and Skeleton will come out at night? , I want to make a safe base at the seaside first”

I stayed at the cave yesterday so I didn’t notice , but I Wouldn’t like to rest in place where zombie and skeleton wander around.

“How Will you make a base?”

How … It is safe to dig a cave in a rocky mountain, but it is difficult to live in that cramped space in the future.

I know, Let’s make stairs with The magical saw and make the base in a somewhat higher position in the rocky mountain .
Magical saw can cut through the rocky mountain like tofu , so it useful for securing stone.

“I think I will make a base on that rocky mountain, is There a Monster Near?”

“Wait a moment … … … No, it Seem there are no Monster Around”

It didn’t look like she did anything, but she could Tell even From this distance.
as expected from Great spirit .

With lingering feeling I left the sparkling sea and walked for about 20 minutes to arrive at the rocky mountain.
It is a good property with reasonable Distance from the sea.

“Sylphy: I’m thinking about making a staircase, but is there a monster that is able to go up the stairs?”

“there is, Zombies and skeletons will climb the stairs and other monsters will also climb if there is a foothold.”

“Is that so, what to do.”

“You should cut off the middle of the stairs and Make it so it can be stored, just put it out when you Need To.”

“Sounds good, .
Thank you Sylphy”

First of all, I should make stairs that can be separated? Should i leave a margin in width? Should i make the width one meter ?

First extend the magical saw to One meter, and cut out the stairs.
It pass it by like a tofu.
It is difficult to make it straight.
And need to be careful not to cut too much, because the sharpness is too good.
Cheat Banzai.

I made staircase up to 3 meters in height and separate it from the rocky mountain.
It can be stored properly.
now Let’s make the stairs that will be going up to the middle of the rocky mountain.

Cut the rock and store it.
Cut and store it.
I repeated this over and over.
I feel the level up effect somewhat more Than yesterday.

“Well, Sylphy.
Is This enough?”

Together with the separated stairs, it is about six meters high.
Even if I make it too high, it Will Be only hard for me to go up and down.

“I think it’s good,large monsters Don’t live in the Land of death, so I do not think any Monster can climb this height.”

“Well then, leaving only the part that i will be using as home, everything above it i will use it as stone ”

if i dig it just like that leaving the upper part I’m afraid of getting crushed.

“Ha, good luck”


With the support of beautiful woman and a young Girl, I started cutting and storing the  stone.
It is doubtful whether there will be opportunities to use it later, but since there is no capacity limit, there is no problem even if I put it in.
After three hours i cut down the Rocky mountain leaving only the part that i will be using .

“I even though i understood the abnormality of these tool, I am still surprised to see the rocky mountain getting dismantled in such short time”

“Haha … But it is a world with magic, Is there no people who can blow away rocky mountains?”

“Well, How to say it? it’s true that There are a lot of people who can do something like this with an attack, but doing this with only one tool , with only developing tool, that is amazing ”

There are many people …… A scary world.

“Surely it is, there is also an offensive power to it ,I feel that I can manage to live somehow.”

“Yes, With this power, you can also get a good treatment at country,”

seriously? Civil service life … It might be good.

“That for only when you safely arrive at where people live, For now do your best with the base making so you can survive.”

“That’s right,”

“Well, after this you should start with room making and make it quickly before the sun goes down.”

that right, let’s do best what i can to arrange it shape somehow.

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