Remnant Emotion

Hello, Scarab here!

Don tell Avery, but while he was asleep I did some tests on him.

Generic tests, nothing insane, but I confirmed everything I needed to know about his body and abilities at the moment.

Ill inform Avery about this, though somehow I feel he already knows it…?


His defensive abilities are the same as always, his scales automatically protect him from any harm which is a very good thing. It seems unlike his human form in his original body, this one can either be persistent or hidden at his will. Meaning it can be visible or invisible.

His physical strength is… piss poor, some combination of weird interactions between Void and Karma seemed to have **ed that over entirely for him. Excuse my French.

His Special Attack is still as high as usual, and his speed is only human levels.

In other news, Ive collected data to confirm my suspicions about the effects of this Amalgamate body.

Ill keep the results secret from Avery, though Im sure hell figure it out on his own eventually.

Additionally, Ive made note that his Angelic Halo is a different color than the other ones… its reminiscent of a rogue Angels broken halo shape-wise, but its got more colors than a typical PC Gamers desktop.

In terms of demonic features, after his body went through the metamorphosis the black smog condensed into markings upon his back and legs, which I do believe he hasn noticed.

I should note, while his scales are out in those areas they appear atop his scales in gold coloring just as his Dragon Form originally had.

His hair is currently white, but it should be noted that it seems to change when his core activated abilities. Similarly, his eyes emit huge amounts of light when he uses something. Ive blinded myself twice now, and have had to get multiple replacement eyes already.

I don understand the pattern of which his extremities change color, but it seems to do so at random.

Speaking of extremities, his wings are… interesting, 4 of the 6 of them have been replaced. The Largest pair are his Draconic wings, which have a mighty wing span of about 6 feet that expands out from about where his arms are. Below that are his Angelic wings, which are about half as long.

The shortest are the Demonic wings, 2ft long each, which hang around his lower back. Note, they all have black armor atop of them… which, normally, would be useless. Though it seems to prevent damage to the actual wing somehow… further investigation is required.

Averys tail has been changed dramatically, instead of just being his Dragon Forms tail its thicker and with a large blade/stinger at the end of it.

Im proud to say this, Ive done an amazing job!

Continuing on, Ive also confirmed the successful integration of the Node.

Currently it is registered under Averys Soul, and so his authority is currently influencing the base. Ive noticed decorations appearing out of nowhere, and certain rooms seemingly building themselves as a part of the base. Its a total of 400% larger, and the mana here is just AMAZING! Its also producing KARMA AND VOID!

Ive begun the process of creating a second one with the materials produced by the first one, this one will be registered in my Authority… oh man, Averys already paid off the cost of reviving him in a single day. I forgot how scarily efficient Avery is at improving things, especially given enough time.

But, enough about dad for now… Angels have been showing some, well, strange behavior. Normally, they wouldn even be able to speak without a higher tier Angel controlling them directly… but, recently theyve all been speaking.

And… not about good things. They shouldn feel fear, nor sadness, but…

They only were capable of saying one or two words.

Ive only heard so many reports, but it seems to be everywhere. Bases in Montreal are confirming Angels going crazy and prematurely self-destructing, and Japan is having a ludicrous amount of encounters with Rogue Angels recently.

A Rogue Angel is one that has broken free from their Halo… usually, they are hunted down immediately or die somewhere soon after they lose their divinity… for there to be this many… is just unprecedented.

We are currently in the process of tracing what is causing all these… anomalies, luckily the Demons are acting as normal for now. Not being able to predict your enemy is a bit intimidating.

That concludes todays Status Report!

Scarab, signing out!

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