ously train your mana core. ”

”Yes sir. ”

After the lessons, the maids came to escort me to my room. Im incredibly exhausted after spending nearly all day increasing my mana capacity. I should get ready for my tutor sessions with Casey. We probably won get much time together from now on, Ill have to reschedule the times I can tutor him.

I jumped face-first onto my large bed and started thinking. These aren things a four-year-old should be dealing with! What the hell is my sleep schedule? This is so annoying! Why am I even doing this?

”Maybe I should just quit ”

”Young prince? ”

Just then, I heard someone enter my room. Eh? Who could that be? I turned to see a beautiful woman with light gray skin and luscious purple hair standing in my doorframe.

”Excuse me, but I don think you should quit magic training because its too hard. ”

”Ahh, sorry. That was just a momentary thought. ”

Thats right, I need to save Stella. I need to change this storys dreadful events. I need to create a happy ending. What was I even thinking just now? Give up? That would be a waste of an opportunity given to me by the author.

She smiled at my words and came to sit beside me. Yeah, why would I give up after a single day of training? Ive been through far worse in my previous life.

”I have always known you had a talent for magic. However, you will never see the results you want if you quit beforehand. ”

”Yes maam. ”

”Remember, in the future, don give up just because you find it a bit difficult. ”

I shouldn give up just because magic training is a bit hard. Damn, I sounded like a lazy ** just then, eh? Welp, enough with the self-deprecation. I slapped my cheeks. I need to psych myself up for tomorrow. Casting magic for nearly ten hours straight is going to be tiring.

Stella smiled as she observed. She got up and started straightening out her dress. She then walked over toward the door.

”I must take my leave young prince. The king has summoned all of the castle mages from 3rd-class and stronger. ”

”Hmm? ”

”You may not have known this, but your Auntie Stella is a second-class mage. ”

She grinned broadly and struck a triumphant pose. I was speechless. Second class? Her class was never mentioned anywhere in the novel. Now that I think about it, she was demon nobility. Why would I think she was a weak person? She was from a strong demon bloodline.

Stella noticed my concerned face and immediately changed her posture, ”Its nothing dangerous, I promise. The king simply wishes to explain the current situation with our countrys neighbor, Azure. ”

That doesn calm me down in the slightest, but I do my best to put on a calm face. It must have been good enough because she regained her smile once more.

”Anyways, I must be off. The maids should be here any moment to take you to the study room. Take care. ”

With those words, she exited the room. I felt sick. Second class magician? Does that mean a group of assassins strong enough to defeat a second-class magician is going after Stella? No way. That shouldn possible. Perhaps they just had the element of surprise? No, even then, the demon race has a strong sensitivity to magic the stronger they are. If she was a second-class mage, she could easily detect anyone with magic in a five-kilometer radius.

Is that what she meant when she said that she always knew I had a talent for magic? No, thats still not possible, right? My head was racing as I struggled to process this newfound information. I felt as if I was going to throw up. There were no other bodies other than Stella at the scene. No other blood either. That means that the group who did this is strong enough to avoid being killed by a second-class mage.

At my current level, I probably couldn even beat a sixth class mage, let alone a second class. I put my hand on my face to regain my senses. I began doing breathing exercises. Whenever I was overwhelmed before my reincarnation, I did these exercises. It feels different doing them as a kid, but they work all the same. Just when I finished breathing, Two maids entered my room.

”Young master, it is time for us to bring you to the study room. ”

”Yes, I am coming. ”

I moved to get off the bed, but my legs went weak when they touched the ground. I almost fell, but one of the maids caught my shoulder.

”Are you feeling well, young master? ”

”Ah, yes, I am fine. ”

She helped me up to my feet and looked at me worriedly. She had long, light brown hair and hazel eyes. She had a small chest and appeared to be in her early to mid-twenties. I don know exactly why Im describing her like this when shes likely to be a minor character in my life, but still.

”You seem to be sweating quite a bit, young master. Are you sure you
e fine with going today? ”

”Yes, I am sure. ”

She seems to be quite concerned about my well-being as of right now. Do I look that bad? I touch my forehead. Sure enough, it was soaked with sweat. Perhaps I should listen to a generic maid one and take the day off? No, I need to spend as much time as I can improving!

I begin walking to the study room with the two maids. This is fine. With this newfound knowledge, I now know what Im going up against. Yeah, Im not nervous at all. Sweat dripped down my forehead and I struggled to walk as I thought that.

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