Ch.1 – We inadvertently made it public

In order to better promote their work and maintain their popularity.
Many stars would choose to live broadcast, such as Ye Meng. 

Ye Meng is relatively well-known among young actresses; the live broadcast times are few, but she dotes on her fans, as long as the requests are reasonable, and if conditions permit, she generally agrees to her fans’ requests.

[Call the third person on your call history, and make them say that Meng Meng is the prettiest in the world.]

“Okay.” Ye Meng smiled sweetly, that request wasn’t very hard to fulfill.
Further, the people in her call history are mostly people within the country.

“Let us see who it is?” Ye Meng turned on her phone, and smiled happily: “Wow, it’s Teng ge.” 

The barrage burst into cheers. 

[It’s film emperor Liang aaahhh]

[Very curious of uncle Liang old cadre style, would he say things such as you are the prettiest person in the world]

[Meng Meng and film emperor Liang’s relationship has always been quite good, this task isn’t challenging for Meng Meng] 

“Teng ge always takes quite good care of me.” Ye Meng smiled while ruffling her hair. 


[Meng Meng is really super good looking I’m gone]

[It’s Liang ZiTeng, I knew that TwoNight1 is real, childhood sweethearts are so good to ship together]

[YueYe is the one that is real, that is also childhood sweethearts]

[CP fans don’t disturb ok, the two movie emperors are just good friends with Meng Meng.]

[I understand the principle, but childhood sweethearts are really good to ship]

[Carry away Meng Meng without appointment2, our Meng Meng is beautiful alone and doesn’t speculate on cp]

[Also carry away Liang uncle without appointment, the feelings of cold and indifferent old cadre]

[Old Yue is married, and his partner is also of the same gender, those shipping YueYe please be respectful]

The fans were arguing terribly in the barrage, the phone over there rang twice and then connected.

[What would be Liang uncle’s first sentence?]

“What’s up?”  The voice was low and husky, extremely nice.

Ye Meng heard that voice and was a little anxious, but tried her best to stay calm.

[F*ck, this isn’t film emperor Liang’s voice is it.] 

[This voice is a bit familiar, it seems to be film emperor Yue’s]

[Although, but moreover, this voice is super-sounding]

Ye Ming was afraid of meeting with a mishap, but she didn’t dare to hang up the call very obviously, and only could ask: “Du ge? You are together with Teng ge? Are you guys having dinner?” 

She really impatiently hopes that Yue Du can understand her meaning, and not reveal some things that should not be exposed.

Unfortunately, things didn’t really go the way she hoped they would go.

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[With all my respect, Meng Meng’s words sound a little strange?  Who would ask about dinner right after calling-ah]

[According to my many years of experience, there are melons here]

[No, isn’t the point that Yue Du and Liang ZiTeng are still together so late?]

[What are the movie emperor Yue and movie emperor Liang doing together? Fighting?]

[Definitely fighting]

Yue Du was filming in X City before, and he didn’t see Liang ZiTeng for more than three months, when he came back he hugged the person and rolled onto the bed.
It has just ended, he originally wanted to be affectionate with Liang ZiTeng for a while, but as a result, he received a call from Ye Meng.

He was a bit upset in his heart.

Afraid of disturbing the sleeping person in his arms, Yue Du covered Liang ZiTeng’s ear with one hand, and lowered his voice: “He

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