Stomachache is real – Ch.6 – Alright, it’s a display of affection

PUBLISHED ON 23 March 2023

The first half of the plot was over, and the rest of the plot will not start until the next day.

Ye Meng was very interested in Yue Du’s script, and kept asking questions on the way back to the hotel.

“You talk a lot.” Yue Du played with Liang ZiTeng’s hand, not really wanting to talk to her.

Ye Meng rolled her eyes, and became addicted to acting.
She pinched her throat and said delicately: “The concubine is worried about losing His Majesty’s favors.”

Liang ZiTeng’s fingers were thin, long, and nice, the joints were distinct, Yue Du pulled them up and kissed them.
The gentle kiss tickled his heartstrings, Liang ZiTeng’s long eyelashes trembled, and his eyes signaled him not to go too far.

Yue Du received the message, and with a bit of force he squeezed his fingers into Liang ZiTeng’s hand, interlocking their ten fingers, and returned to the emperor’s casual attitude: “You have never received favors, how can you talk about losing them?” He replied to Ye Meng, but kept staring at Liang ZiTeng: “This emperor’s favor, of course, is only given to my empress alone.”

The itchiness in his hands spread to his heart, Liang ZiTeng, and Yue Du looked at each other, and saw the deep warmth in his eyes.

Liang ZiTeng was almost obsessed with that look, he turned his head in embarrassment, it was over, he wanted to lock up Yue Du once again. 

Yue Du found it funny: “Tong Tong, why aren’t you looking at me?”

Liang ZiTeng didn’t reply, only exerting strength on the hand holding Yue Du’s, he was afraid he couldn’t help himself.


Ye Meng who was left out: “……”

[Calcium Oxide1, was fed dog food again]

[Heart hurts for Mengmeng]

[Arranged marriage, family marriage, ha, men]

[And to say that I used to make up stories of two men fighting over a woman, now……]

The barrage was brushed over with [Heart hurts for Mengmeng]

After getting out of the car Ye Meng came to find Yue Du: “What about that Ou Feng?”

Yue Du replied nonchalantly: “Nothing about it.”

Ye Meng was surprised: “He is your rival in love, when did you treat your rival in love so well? “

Yue Du was helpless: “Am I very brutal to my rivals?”

Ye Meng nodded.

[Want to know how Yue Du treats his rivals]

[Want to know +1]

Yue Du was speechless for a moment: “Du ge is going to teach you a new way to deal with rivals.”

Ye Meng was curious: “How to deal with them?”

Yue Du walked towards Ou Feng and Liang ZiTeng: “Turn your love rival into your common love rival.”

Ou Feng and Liang ZiTeng discussed his previous movies, Liang ZiTeng couldn’t refuse, and was chatting idly with him.

Ou Feng was proud of being able to have a conversation with Liang ZiTeng, noticing that Yue Du was coming towards them, he was a little dissatisfied, and had already thought of a heap of tea speech. 

They all looked at Yue Du, Yue Du didn’t directly talk to Liang ZiTeng, instead he sat next to Ou Feng: “What are you chatting about?”

Surprise flashed in Liang ZiTeng’s eyes.

Ou Feng opened his mouth to explain: “Yue senior, I and Liang ZiTeng were chatting about films, I’m like this because I really like ZiTeng ge too much, don’t be angry by all means, ZiTeng ge is so outstanding, it’s normal that he is liked, you wouldn’t even mind this would you?”  His attitude was weak, as if Yue Du was bullying him.

What was unexpected was that Yue Du didn’t hate him, but smiled brightly, his handsome face added to his charm: “Don’t call me senior, it makes it sounds so unfamiliar, just call me Du ge just like Xiao Meng.”

[Ou – green tea essence – Feng]

[Has Yue Du been possessed?] 

[Lao Yue is too charming when he smiles, but why is he smiling at Ou Feng?]

[He is speaking so gently to his love rival? I f-, people who are not aware might think that he likes Ou Feng]

[What’s happening to Old Yue?]

Ou Feng was dumbfounded, and had no choice but to go along Yue Du’s words calling out: “Du ge.” 


Liang ZiTeng watched with cold eyes, saw Yue Du smiling at Oufeng, and gave Ou Feng a cold look, Ou Feng felt something was wrong.

Yue Du redoubled his efforts: “Xiao Ou is quite good at cooking, I like those who know how to cook, when we have time we can exchange experiences together .”

Ou Feng felt that the look Liang ZiTeng used to look at him became even colder, his back felt a bit cold.

[Uncle seems to be angry, not even speaking once]

[En en, his face is full of unhappiness]

[Is uncle Liang drinking vinegar? aaahhh so cute]

Yue Du stretched out his hand to slap Ou Feng’s shoulder, as a result, his hand was caught by someone, the emotions in Liang ZiTeng’s eyes were unclear, he looked at Ou Feng, then looked at him: “Let’s go back.”

Yue Du knew that he succeeded, instead, he held Liang ZiTeng’s hand, pleased with himself: “We’re going back to sleep, Little Meng, you guys should go to bed early too, good night.” He didn’t share his gaze with anyone else, and only looked at Liang ZiTeng.

Ou Feng sat paralyzed on the sofa, although the male god looked at him coldly, and didn’t care, it didn’t affect him to continue chasing the male god, but the look that the male god used to look at him just now, actually made him afraid.


[Hahahahaha This is turning the love rival into a common rival? Laughing to death]

[Once again feel sorry for little tea Ou Feng, Yue Du really isn’t human]

[Feel sorry little tea Ou, hurt by the old man’s love] 

After returning to the room, Liang ZiTeng bit Yue Du’s shoulder, with a heavy tone: “Like someone who knows how to cook?”

Yue Du hooked his neck, his head propped against his, the tip of their nose touching: “The dishes he made look good?”

They both tacitly did not mention Ou Feng’s name, the expression of their eyes intertwining fiercely, and the surging jealousy melted into an intense kiss.

The air was hot and dry.

Liang ZiTeng panted and held Yue Du’s hand that was going downward, his voice was no longer cold, but soft as if acting spoiled: “There’s a shoot tomorrow.”

  Yue Du didn’t stop his movements, and kissed his face: “Be good, I’ll just rub it outside, not going in.”

“Who would believe you.” Liang ZiTeng refutes.

Reality proved it, sometimes men’s words cannot be trusted.

Liang ZiTeng’s request changed from not doing it at the beginning to not leaving marks on the neck, and having to wear clothes after cleaning up.



The next morning, the program team wanted to live broadcast waking up all the guests, when they came to YueLiang’s room, the scene they saw was very harmonious: Liang ZiTeng’s hands were wrapped around YueDu’s neck, and his head was buried in the crook of YueDu’s neck.
Yue Du’s arms were also holding Liang ZiTeng, and kissing the top of Liang ZiTeng’s head, with a peaceful face.
The warm scene made people not have the heart to disturb.

Yue Du woke up first, He raised his index finger to his lips, signaling to the cameraman not to wake up Liang ZiTeng, and skillfully opened Liang ZiTeng’s hand, his movements were brisk, so as not to wake Liang ZiTeng up.

But when Yue Du left the bed, Liang ZiTeng still made a movement, facing Yue Du in a daze, calling out softly with a nasal voice: “Gege.”

Yue Du leaned over to kiss him: “Be good, sleep a little longer, gēgē is going to cook for you.”

Liang ZiTeng, who was coaxed to his liking, fell asleep again.

[Please have the awareness of a fake couple, don’t show off your love ok? ]

[I didn’t wake up that early to eat dog food]

[The word vinegar I already said it till it’s about to rot]

[Liang ZiTeng with no alternative, film emperor Yue unable to help himself]

[Heh, hypocritical men, yesterday they said it was a marriage alliance between families, but slept together today]

[Aloof iceberg film emperor Liang, arranged marriage stomachache]

[Won’t believe men anymore]

[So my cp has been reversed aahhh crying to death]

[So there are some cp that cannot be judged by the height, aaahhh cp has been reversed]

[Actually, gong acting coquettish is also quite touching]



Calcium oxide chemical formula CaO, could be read as ‘cao’, which is a homophone of ‘fuck’

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