The origin of TongTong: 

The first time Liang ZiTeng and Yue Du were filming, the male lead asked them what their names were, little friend Liang ZiTeng was very cold, and did not answer. 

Yue Du answered as his elder brother, but he had knocked off his teeth a few days ago, and his words were a bit leaky: “My name is Yue Du, and his name is Liang ZiYong, TongTong.”

Liang ZiTeng: “TengTeng.”

Yue Du nodded: “TongTong.”



“You said it wrong.”

“I did not, it is TongTong.”

This is their first argument.


The legendary arranged marriage: 

It was past Yue Du’s twenty-two birthday, he asked father Yue and mother Yue: “Isn’t my age a bit old already?” 

Father Yue and mother Yue: “Not old ah, you’re only this old, still young.” 

Yue Du coughed a few times.

Father Yue and mother Yue hesitated for a while: “Ah, your age is indeed a bit old, a bit old.” 

Yue Du nodded satisfyingly: “Other people already have a kid at this age, am I not supposed to get married already.” 

Father Yue and mother Yue: “Oh, you want to get married?”

Yue Du coughed: “I don’t want to get married, but I don’t want to go against your wishes, it isn’t not okay if you really want to urge me to marry.”

Father Yue and mother Yue: “Then…then marry.”  

Yue Du: “Then who do you want me to get married to?” 

Father Yue and mother Yue: “Whom do you want to get married to.”

Yue Du: “I don’t have someone I like, and I am so filial, I’ll listen to you bah.”

Father Yue and mother Yue looked at each other: “Oh, then to TengTeng, you guys grew up together, and you also like him, it’s good to get married to him.” 

Yue Du jumped up: “Who likes him, I don’t like him, I don’t want to get married to him, absolutely not.”

Father Yue and mother Yue: “Eh, then let us change the partner.” 

Yue Du turned around and left: “As you want, I’ll listen to you anyway, I have no way to refute.”

Father Yue and mother Yue chose the lady from the Wang family: “This one is good, gentle character, and also good-looking.” 

Yue Du: “En, not bad.” 

Father Yue and mother Yue thought he was also satisfied. 

It didn’t take long for the Yue family profits to drop by three hundred percentage points.

Yue Du is the one managing the family business, father Yue asked him what was the situation, Yue Du expressionlessly: “Doing business, it’s inevitable to have some losses.” 

Father Yue and mother Yue pondered for a long time, maybe the gender was wrong, then chose the little master from the Xie family: “This one is optimistic and lively, young and cute.” 

Yue Du nodded: “En, not bad.” 

Yue family’s profits fell by three hundred percentage points. 

Father Yue went to find Yue Du.

Yue Du was very calm: “There’s loss and gain when doing business, normal.” 

Father Yue’s meat felt painful1: “Who do you want to marry in the end?” 

Yue Du blinked innocently: “I am so filial, of course I am listening to you guys yah.” 

Father Yue scolded him: “Unfilial son.” 

Father Yue and mother Yue discussed for a long time again, in the end, decided to listen to mother Yue, and chose Liang ZiTeng.

Yue Du jumped to his feet: “I don’t want to marry him, I refuse.” 

Father Yue hesitated again, even those who he was not opposed to fell by three hundred percentage points, with such a fierce opposition would the Yue family lose profits to death, he almost wanted to open his mouth to change into someone else, but he was stopped by mother Yue. 

Yue Du was fiercely opposed to it. 

The Yue family’s profits rose by ten hundred percentage points.

Father Yue was happy on one hand and praised mother Yue on the other hand; “It’s still you who get our son.” 



When Liang ZiTeng was almost twenty-two years old, Father Liang and mother Liang told him the Yue family wanted to have an arranged marriage with the Liang family. 

Liang ZiTeng: “I don’t care, I will listen to you.” 

Father Liang and mother Liang: “TengTeng is so filial, then let’s go with the arranged marriage, you and xiao Yue grew up together, and the two family’s relationship is good, there won’t be any loss.” 

Liang ZiTeng expressionlessly: “I don’t want to marry Yue Du, I hate him.” 

Father Liang and mother Liang: “It’s like this ah, then let’s not do the arranged marriage, let’s find a time to reject them that’s it.” 

“Pang——” The cup in Liang ZiTeng’s hand fell to the ground and broke, and he then took another cup: “I’ll listen to you.”

Father Liang and mother Liang hesitated: “Then, arranged marriage?” 

Liang ZiTeng: “I hate Yue Du, don’t want to marry him.” 

Father Liang and mother Liang: “Then, no arranged marriage?” 

“Pang— —” The cup in Liang ZiTeng’s hands fell to the ground and broke, he then took another one: “I’ll listen to you.”

Like this, four cups were dropped, father Liang couldn’t bear it anymore: “Marry, the two of you must get married, if you don’t then I’ll hit you to death.” 

Liang ZiTeng gently put down the cup in his hands, and left just as expressionlessly: “Alright, I’ll listen to you.” 


Finally the two of them “unwillingly” have gotten married. 

That night:

Liang ZiTeng: “Why did you marry me?” 

Yue Du: “I don’t want that either, I actively resisted, but my parents forced me with the prospect of the company, and I have always been filial to my parents, so I agreed to get married.
Why did you marry me?” 

Liang ZiTeng: “I also resisted, my father dropped cups in front of me, saying that if I don’t marry you he will hit me to death, I don’t want them to be sad.” 

Yue Du: “We are really as filial as each other.” 

Liang ZiTeng: “En.” 

They are really pitiful young people, not having enough capacity to resist the ruthless marriage under feudalism, sacrificing their own freedom and happiness, in exchange of the satisfaction of the feudal elders.

Yue Du pressed Liang ZiTeng under his body, throat rolling: “Well, although we have been forced and are helpless, shouldn’t we fulfill our husband and husband obligations, otherwise I am afraid that the adults from the two families will be unhappy.

Liang ZiTeng: “……En, it makes sense.” 


Means that he feels the pain for all the money he lost.

Sorry, I actually finished translating it last week but I got really busy with work.

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