The examination was a major event almost like a marriage.
The village chief and elders of each clans would came to take a look and gave money for him to use on the road.
At first, Liao Tingyu didn’t want to take it, he already had enough money and the villagers here weren’t rich.

Mother Deng pinched him and explained in secretly, “This money was given to you by the elders, it is also their hope for you.
You must keep it.
Fifth grandpa also offered incense in the ancestral hall.
Everyone is hoping for you to pass the exam, the most capable thing mother has done in my life is gave birth to you.” Liao Tingyu looked at the heavy money bag, there weren’t much silver ingot inside, most of it was copper coins.

Maybe this thing was the most difficult for student but he felt the unity of the whole village.
Liao Tingyu put the money in his small box to cherish their kindness.
He thought it was his job to ensure he could take the exam, with the Liao family situation; there was not enough money for him.
Although, mother Deng had been saving money for so long, he could see the family actually didn’t have much.

The entrance fee was one tael; the paper, pen and food was provided by the government and the place where they lived was arranged by the school, but the money was still paid by themselves.
After calculations, he dared not to tell his family about these things, there was no need to add more trouble for them.

Well, he thought about, he didn’t expect to alarm fifth grandpa.
The old man was seventy years old; he was already so old, he needed someone to help him walk.

Before he left, mother Deng constantly checked his clothes and cooked a few old hens to nourish his body.
Liao Tingyu was given everything to eat first, the treatment simply like a master.


When the examination was almost here, Liao Tingyu bided farewell to go and take the examination.
Mother Deng took his hand, “My son, mother believe in you.
You will definitely success and pass the exam.”

Liao Tingyu held mother Deng’s calloused hand and said, “Mother, I will definitely let your status raised in the village.”

The family didn’t go to the fields that day, they asked someone to work in theirs.
Anyway, their family’s land isn’t much.

Liao Ming dragged the village chief to drink some wine in the main room, “Uncle, you see the child is going to go for the exam.
I’m always uneasy and worried.”

The village chief patted Liao Ming on the shoulder, everyone felt the same about the examination.
The village chief sighed secretly, “I understand your feeling, don’t worry.
Didn’t the teacher who taught your son say everything is fine? What are you afraid of?”

Liao Ming took a sip of the wine, “I don’t know.
Er-ye isn’t a child anymore but still worry about him.
Er-ye didn’t feel anything and I believe in him but I can’t let go of my worry.
My son studied so hard for ten years.
I wasn’t so afraid when he took the examination for children level few years ago.”

“This examination is no better than the last one, if you fail once let’s take the next one.
Besides, have you forgot where your study? That is the best school in the town.
There is no need to worry!” Even though the village chief said that, Liao Ming still couldn’t calm down.

Mother Deng looked outside helplessly, as soon as big brother Liao returned home; he ate and went back to his room.
He didn’t dare to say anything, Wen Xiuer did everything carefully and tried to make herself invisible.


The examination process was very strict.
Those guards at the door would check whether they followed the rules and not allowed to bring anything except clothes.

Autumn was a good season for examination.
It wasn’t too hot during the day and a little cold at night, but it wasn’t so bad; we could cover ourselves with the quilt.
It was a pity, they only allowed thin blanket.
But it was fine, if this was summer season with mosquitoes flying everywhere, that would be bad.

Even so, the living space for exam wasn’t so good, they had to live in small room for three days; eat and drink inside them.
They also had to eat dry steamed buns and drank cold water, Liao Tingyu felt like he was mouldy and listless.


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