“After you done, come to the teacher’s room and discuss the exam situation.”

“Yes, teacher.”

This was the benefit of having a teacher; even for the rich students, the school won’t let them went home.
Because as soon as you done resting and washed up, the teacher would call you to ask about the exam and calculated the result based on their answers.

Basically, the teacher’s calculation never went wrong, which was something not many people could afford.
This meeting was good opportunity for students to expand their knowledge and friendship with each other.

Once the exam result was out, some people would leave their hometown to study abroad.
Some would stay in the school and continued their study to find other opportunity.
The time they spent together was getting shorter and shorter.
They were classmates for ten years but they had their own dreams.
Every township examination was a farewell event for the students.

An hour later, more than a dozen students was sitting in a small private room.
Huang Hao quietly took a bit of a fruit and the teacher glared at him.

“Now, tell me what was the exam’s question about?”

“The main question was about the strategy to control the flood for the first half a year.” Zhang Yue was the first to answer.

“Then let discuss how you answered the question.
Let’s talk about your thoughts.”

“Teacher, we discussed this question before and we selected some answers according to everyone opinions.
Presumably, our answers all have the same direction.”

“Yes.” A student echoed, “Although it was simple question.
But it was hard for us to expand our answers.”



The discussion in the private room was in full swing and quarrels arouse when there were different opinions.

Liao Tingyu lived in the inn for half a month.
During this period of time, he wanted to go back but mother Deng and Liao Ming personally ran over to bring him money and clothes.

“Son, why don’t you tell mother anything?” mother Deng said with tears in her eyes.

At first, they didn’t plan to come, they were busy taking care the fields.
But the village chief’s son came back and asked them how much the entrance exam fee.
Only then, they knew there was fee to pay.

Mother Deng thought about her youngest son left without taking anything, he even put the money given by villagers in a box.
Before they came here, she was worried her son would live in the street.
So, they rushed over quickly, but it seemed he was fine and a bit fatter.

She was relieved to see he was doing well but mother Deng still complained to her son,

“How could you be like this? If you need money for the exam then you tell us.
Your father and mother didn’t know anything, it was that Lin-shizi (child/son) who told us.
I just knew there was money to pay.” She looked at her reliable and mature son, mother Deng felt distressed.

“I was wrong, mother.
I didn’t want you to worry about it and I have money on me.” Liao Tingyu saw mother Deng’s watery eyes and quickly admitted his mistake.

“It’s good if you know it.
When your mother heard about the fee, she was worried you didn’t have enough money.
She couldn’t sleep well.” Liao Ming said,

“Er-ye, you have been persistent and smart since you were a child.
But you can also rely to your family, don’t worry about us.
Even if we couldn’t help much but we could share the burden.”

“It was because I didn’t think much about this matter and made both of you worry.” Liao Tingyu accepted his father’s scolding modestly.
He didn’t mean anything at all, he just didn’t want to trouble his family.

The key was mother Deng’s temper who loved money like it was her life.
If she knew there was a fee to enter, she would give him more money and the life at home wouldn’t be easy.
Liao Tingyu was moved by them driving all the way here.
But he wouldn’t accept the money mother Deng gave him, it was fine if he didn’t have it but he actually still had it.

“Father, mother, you should take the money back.
I still have some money.” Liao Tingyu put the money back into mother Deng’s hands.

“Alright, then we will go back first.
You take care of yourself.” Liao Ming looked at Liao Tingyu calm expression, he knew there was nothing he could do.

To be honest, he was a little confused with his youngest.
He was very filial and understood the family condition, he also often helped them.
But there was a feeling like this son was a stranger separated by a river.
Liao Ming didn’t know when, but this son never intimated with them anymore.
He couldn’t see what was in the youngest mind.

Mother Deng also felt this way, she felt that er-ye was getting farther away from them.
The relationship wasn’t as close as back then.
Since when did it change? The two of them asked in their hearts.
Er-ye was so unfamiliar but good to them.





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I love you all.
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It’s a bit hectic.

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