On the way back home from the county town, Huang Hao invited Liao Tingyu to visit his uncle’s house.
At first, Liao Tingyu didn’t want to but he couldn’t resist.
It was only two hours from the town to his house but in this autumn the sky unpredictable.
One second it was bright and fine then suddenly all dark.

The two came to the gate of a mansion.
There was only a small step in front of the vermilion gate, which didn’t look grand at all.
Not only in appearance, but it was ironic.
This was the discrimination for a merchant, no matter how rich you were.
A merchant couldn’t build a gate with three steps of stairs unlike a scholar.
These stairs represented a status, which was called the threshold.

People would look at the threshold, if you didn’t have it then they would look down on your family.
Huang Hao looked at the familiar door happily and said, “Okay, here we are.
This is my uncle’s house.”

Huang Hao went over and knocked on the door.
Soon, a servant came out, nodded and bowed to him.
Then welcomed him inside, “Young master is back.
It’s been a hard journey, come in quickly.” He opened the door and greeted them in.

Huang Hao wasn’t shy, he walked ahead with big strides.
Such familiarity, he must often come here as a guest.

Maybe didn’t come at the right time, there was a quarrel inside the hallway.
Because he couldn’t hear clearly, Huang Hao shouted loudly, “Uncle, I brought my friend here.”

Uncle Huang saw them coming and waved the quarrelsome person to go away.
The person knew that his quarrel was seen by others, he became a little annoyed.
When he walked away, he gave Huang Hao a glare, turned around and left.

Huang Hao didn’t care about it, only winked and flaunting his might.
Liao Tingyu just took a quick glance, he didn’t know whether it was fate or not, but the figure of that person fell into his heart.
That person had small pair of round eyes just like a cat and his face looks very delicate and cute.
His temper also like a cat, easy to roused up.

In Liao Tingyu’s eyes, the way those eyes exploded was very charming.
Perhaps this was the legendary love at the first sight.
Liao Tingyu felt there was a cupid angel beside him and shot an arrow in his heart, which made it throbbing uncontrollably.

“My nephew finished the exam so soon, how was it? Did you do well? Who is this next to you?” Uncle Huang greeted them and asked the maid to prepare the tea.

“Uncle, you don’t know, my exam this time was so good.
Forty, I’m the top forty! The one next to me is my classmate, he is much better than me, the ninth place!” Huang Hao excitedly pulled him to sit down.

“He and I are from the same town so we came back together.”

“He is indeed a young talent, unlike you who is careless and sloppy all day long.” Uncle Huang felt this young man was a talent, he was a scholar too.
Such a good person couldn’t be compared with him, a businessman.
But uncle Huang didn’t notice other meanings in Huang Hao’s mouth.

Uncle Huang knew his status very well, if it wasn’t because of his nephew who were a student, he wouldn’t be able to hold his head up here.

When Huang Hao saw the looks of approval in his uncle’s eyes, he knew that his purpose wasn’t explained at all.
But he wasn’t discouraged and said to Liao Tingyu,

“We have been busy going back, we didn’t have much time rest on the road.
It takes two hours from the town to your house, it’s already dark now.
There are not many people on the road, it’s a bit dangerous.
Why don’t you rest here with me and go back early in the morning?”

“Yes, yes.
That’s good.
Why don’t you stay here together? Since you are classmates, you should have a lot to say, don’t be restrained.
Just treat it like your own home.” Uncle Huang looked at Huang Hao who kept winking at him, although he didn’t understand but he still agreed.

Liao Tingyu looked at the sky, it was indeed getting late.
At this time, if you want to go back, it was hard to find an ox cart.
It was better to stay here for one night and went back tomorrow. 

So, he nodded in agreement, “Then, I will trouble uncle Huang.”

“It’s okay, this matter is nothing to worry about.
I think you are still tired, why don’t you let Xiao Cui take you to see the room.” After speaking, he asked the maid beside him to lead them to the guest room.

When he saw his figures disappearing from his eyes, uncle Huang moved a bit.
He straightened up his back and took a big sip of tea, “My God, I was suffocated.
What were you thinking? Why would you bring such a good scholar here.
You know I hate maintaining honest posture.”

Huang Hao looked at his uncle with contempt, “You are like this, you still have the nerve to criticize me.
Let me tell you, if I didn’t think about my cousin, why would I bring him here to see you? He will be a teacher in the Qingshan Academy where I study.
And he told me, he still can be a Juren.”

Uncle Huang asked with some hesitation, “How can such a person like my family? You know what kind of person your cousin is.
He’s always on fire, he doesn’t look gentle or virtuous.
Many scholars look down on him, let alone this talented young man.”

“You think too much, don’t look at him being a gentleman.
In fact, this person is a bit slow and boring.
Otherwise, how could he be my friend? Today, I saw he seems interested in my cousin.”

“Is it possible as you said? Why didn’t you change at all after studying so many years?” Uncle Huang looked at his nephew with headache, “The two of them just met once.
I saw that young men glanced at your cousin then looked away.
Aren’t you just thinking too much?” he didn’t believe Huang Hao’s judgement at all.

“I’ve been with him for several years, I know what kind of thoughts he had.
If he wasn’t interested, he wouldn’t take a second glance carefully.” Huang Hao didn’t care about his uncle’s disapproval.

“Let me tell you, even if he met those good-looking people who throw handkerchiefs, he wouldn’t look at them.”

“Okay, hearing what you said.
There’s still hope.” Uncle Huang also thought about it, this was a good marriage he couldn’t wish.
His family own big business but his child had to be married off. 

Although, there were a bad rumours about his child.
It was too much and made him distressed.
Now, he was at the right age to be married, many people came to his house with bad intentions; either they were greedy for his wealth or those who wanted to add a concubine.

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