The healer hissed through his teeth at the slight. At fourteen he had been a mere Orange tier. He had had training at that point and even a master to oversee his development. He was eighteen when he broke through to Green and was called a genius. Compared to royals born with power in their blood, even those who could be considered genius children could not keep up. Only the God Blessed children came close to Royal growth speeds. They were forever loyal to the Royal lines though. The Healers eyes looked her over though and noticed she did not look like a common noble or royal. He also noticed her ridged ears. Mer. He moved closer and slowly removed the stone from her chest and tried to find out what was wrong.

It did not take him long to yank his hands away at the familiar feeling. Blockers. Blockers were only used on Orphan children where the number of children vastly outnumbered the number of powerful adults. Blood red hair… Half-blood Mer. The Healer knew this girl. More than a few Academy children had spoken about her. Iris the half-breed with no power. Judging by the amount of Blockers in her system she might as well have been powerless. Mickey felt a tear roll down his face. He knew what those children had done to her. He began to try and push them from her system. How much had the Trinity House pumped her with? There was more than a decade of Blockers in her system. It was also no small amount. By the feel, there had to be enough for five or six teenage children in her body. After a while, he noticed something else.

Something else was eating away at the blockers. It shied away from his mental touch but eventually, it tried to push him away. It was not another healer or an outside source. It was her. Iris. Her power was eating at the Blockers in her system. Not pushing it out like he was trying to do but eating it. He removed his focus from Iris and turned to the Guard captains. ”What are Blockers made of? ”

”What? ” Asked Alexiss.

”What does that have to do with healing the Princess? ” The elder of the two asked. Jarmey. He should be considering retirement but refused until the Heir took her throne.

”She has at least five peoples worth of Blockers in her system! How are they made? ”

Marry fainted on the spot. One of the guards caught her without thinking. All the while staring along with everyone else at the small girl laying on the couch. How was she still alive? She looked nothing like her sisters, they both had blonde hair and stood at five foot ten inches or just over seventeen hands high tall already. Her brothers all have brown hair. Even her dad with his black hair. It was hard to believe someone so small and seemingly delicate was related to the family that ruled over the Drake Kingdom. They may have just found out why.

”There is a mountain… The air there is rich in Magic. At the top plants grow. One flowering plant we learned was edible but when eaten every couple of days it would block one from their magic. Many tests have been done over the years and the effects always cleared on their own over time. Some took longer than others but it would always clear up. We never did find out why, ” The King finally said.

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