While Nina led Iris to the kitchen the rest of the maid spread word. The Heir was awake. Up till that point most of the staff assumed the new lady was a friend of the Princes. Which Price no one knew. She could have been the friend to all three for all they knew. Now word was out. It could no longer be contained. The Heir had awoken and she was heading to the kitchen…

As soon as the King heard he sighed. He should have known the young maids would only stay quiet for so long. But the older ones were just as bad if not worse. Still he had to question where her guard was. A look out the window said it all… Outside. All of them. He sighed yet again and made his way to the kitchen. His own guard was quick to flank him. Most royals never went anywhere without their guards. Not even in their own homes. Although only the most trusted were allowed around the children. ”Jaremy? ”

”My King? ” Jarmey said, stepping up beside the King.

”Pull the Queens guard to border patrol. I want proper guards to watch over my Heir. ”

”At once My King, ” He said. Jarmey separated from the group to go inform the boy of his groups new post. As one can imagine Alexiss yelled about the change. A vein in his head popped in anger. Still it was not like he had a choice. Even if they had sworn to her, she had not accepted them. Until she did they were Kings men. So with anger in his dark brown eyes he yelled to the guards under his command. They took off at a steady pace to the borders of Hailstorm. Jarmey just shook his head before heading inside to the break room. The break room sported a large table. Men and women alike sat around it, ”The hell! Theres no **in way! That three wins in a row. ” One of the guards inside yelled. A round of laughter could be heard from the open doorway. It was one of the female guards. Anita was standing up and pointing an accusing finger at Sila. It only took one of them to notice Jarmey with his greying beard and bald head for them to go from play to work.

The table stood and bowed to him at once, ”Sir! ”

His blue eyes gleamed in pride. This was the difference between true guards and those kids outside. ”Ease, Im here on official business but the King isn behind me. ” The group laughed and slumped back into their chairs.

”So what brings you here to our lower world? ” Asked Anita. Her light brown eyes alight from the lively banter between fellow guards. She had cut her hair again, it stuck up at odd angles. Clearly she had trimmed it with one of her daggers.

”The Heir. ” All five of them sat up straighter. All the guards knew of the Heir. Many had even seen her while she was out of it. Sila and Sal were twins. Their eyes were an odd brown yellow the only thing that told on them. They were not full Drake. Both had cut their brown black hair into a bob. Their cheekbones were just a little higher than the rest. The other two were Jackson, Jack, and Tim. They both sported light brown hair and had the towering six foot six height common among Drake males. Jackson had blonde highlights and dark brown eyes with hints of red flecks. Tim had plain hair and plain eyes to match but he did not look bad. A few maids had taken him up to the hayloft.

”What about her? ” Tim asked. As plain as he was it was his voice that called the maids from their skirts.

”She is in need of some guards who actually know how to guard. Whos up? ”

The group looked among themselves. One or two would not be enough. Sure there were more guards sleeping in the bunks farther in. Most of them were older though. Or young enough to try and talk the young heir into a roll in the sheets. No one knew how well that would end. While the King would not say anything or even do anything. Fellow guards would find a way to remind them that one should not become a charges plaything. With a sigh they nodded and stood. Grabbing their swords from where they leaned on the walls they asked, ”Where is she?

With a smile Jarmey said, ”Follow me. ”

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