”Isn that extreme medical practice? It could even be called malpractice, right? ” Reporters hurled lots of cornering questions at Ardhan.

Ardhan closed his eyes for a moment. He calmed himself with a deep breath.

”Sorry, please give me some time to sit down. I will answer everything later, ” said Ardhan politely.

”Oh, yes. Of course, please. ”

The reporters realized that their actions were inappropriate. They made room for Ardhan to sit on a wooden chair in the middle of Mr. Tios office.

Mr. Tio stepped closer to Ardhan. He sat beside Ardhan and gave a small smile.

”Reporters, this is Doctor Ardhan. He is the one who helps patients with broken bones to heal, ” said Mr. Tio calmly. ”You can interview Doctor Ardhan but the one who is calm and tidy, right? Doctor Ardhan is new here and is still in the environmental adjustment stage. ”

”Okay, Mister Tio. Pardon our impudence, ” replied one of the older journalists.

Mr. Tio turned to Ardhan. ”Please, Doctor Ardhan. Answered one by one calmly and patiently. They are all curious about Doctor Ardhan, ” explained Mr. Tio.

”Yes, sir, ” replied Ardhan.

Ardhan looked at the reporters. He inhaled and exhaled three deep breaths to regain his composure. Only then did Ardhan introduce himself.

”I am a new doctor here. Its as new as the age of this hospital, ” said Ardhan. ”At that time, there were patients who had severe fractures. Because here is still a new hospital, there are no orthopedic surgeons yet. ”

”I am a surgeon but I am an internal organ surgeon. I didn learn much about bone surgery but I do know about first-stage care for fractured patients, ” said Ardhan.

He explained that the patient had to cut and freeze the bone to reduce the spread of putrefactive bacteria in the wound. ”I did the cutting with an ax because it was the tool that made it possible because the equipment in the hospital here is still limited. After that, my colleagues and I took the patient to undergo surgery at a hospital that was more fully equipped with medical equipment and personnel. ”

”It means the medical practice that the you did is not against the rules? ” said a journalist.

”If it violates the rules, the patient must be disabled, ” replied Ardhan with a small smile. ”You can directly interview the patient and the orthopedic surgeon at the related hospital. Ill give you the contact later. ” T

he reporters nodded in understanding. Now their curiosity had been answered clearly.

”How? Are there any other questions? ” asked Ardhan.

The group of reporters was still asking questions. However, now it was related to Ardhans profile which would be used as a side feature in their media.

Unfortunately, Indra came rushing to find Ardhan in the middle of the interview. There was a patient who must get an examination from Ardhan. Inevitably, Ardhan had to postpone his intention to talk to Mr. Tio.

The next day, Ardhan appeared in local newspapers and television news. Several patients and medical personnel at the hospital saw straight news and human interest news about Ardhan.

”Wow, Doctor Ardhan is amazing, isn it, ” said Indra in the administration section with other nurses.

”There is Doctor Ardhan. Say hello, ” said a female nurse with the name tag Linggar.

”Yes, yes, ” said his friend named Lestari.

”Morning, Doctor Ardhan, ” said Linggar and Lestari in unison. Now they smiled friendly and sweet at Ardhan.

It was very different from the previous days. ”Morning, ” Ardhan replied briefly. ”I want to take a list of patients that I have to treat today. Including the schedule of patients who have an appointment with me. ”

”Oh, yes. Just a moment, Doctor Ardhan, ” replied Linggar coquettishly.

”Doctor Ardhan is handsome. This is in the newspaper, ” Lestari showed off a photo of Ardhan that was printed quite large on the main page of a local newspaper. ”It was on TV too, you know. Morning news. Thats really cool! ”

Ardhan smirked. He skimmed the contents of the news to make sure he was written in good news framing. He didn want to add to the bad track record at the hospital where he was working now.

”Morning Doctor Lea, ” said Indra. He smiled seeing Lea come to the administration.

”Morning, ” Doctor Lea answered. She glanced briefly at Ardhan who was reading the newspaper. ”Are you in the newspaper? Not crime news, right? ”

”Oh, Doctor Lea. Its good news. Doctor Ardhan is an exemplary doctor, ” said Linggar praising Ardhan. She shared the schedule of patient examinations for Ardhan and Lea. ”Oh, later at nine, Mr. Tio was told to go to his room. Yesterday, Mr. Tio ordered to inform Doctor Ardhan and Lea again. Lets not forget. ”

”Yes. Thank you, ” Ardhan took the paper containing his to-do list. He stepped out of the administration first.

”Well, how can someone like that become a doctor, ” Doctor Lea hissed.

Of course Ardhan heard it. However, he decided to leave and focus on his work.

Around 9 am, Ardhan was already in Mr. Tios office. There was also Lea.

”Come on, sit down first, ” Mr. Tio motioned for Ardhan to sit on a chair near Lea.

Ardhan nodded. He sat down next to Lea.

Lea seemed to shift away from Ardhan so that the gap between the two of them was clearly visible. Mr. Tio distributed the files and assignments to Ardhan and Lea.

”Our hospital has a list of visits to the local clinics in the sub-district. Later there they can monitor drugs and assist in the counseling process. This is an activity from the center that we must carry out, ” explained Mr. Tio. ”Well, for this month the ones on duty are Doctor Ardhan and Doctor Lea. ”

”May I ask to be replaced by another doctor? ” asked Doctor Lea. Her face looked displeased to accept the assignment of a team with Ardhan.

Mister Tio shook his head. ”Everything is already scheduled and cannot be changed. Doctor Lea must continue to work according to the existing schedule, ” replied Mr. Tio.

Lea chuckled loudly. She got up from her seat. ”Excuse me first, ” said Doctor Lea before finally leaving the room.

Now Ardhan was only with Mr. Tio. Mr. Tio smiled crookedly at Ardhan. ”Don take it to heart, Doctor Leas behavior? ” asked Mr. Tio. ”Shes actually really good. ”

”Yes, Sir. ”

”Oh, by the way, thank you also because yesterday you wanted to be interviewed by reporters. Sorry if yesterdays interview topic didn please you, ” added Mr. Tio.

”Im happy, Sir. Thanks to yesterdays interview, I had the opportunity to clarify and improve my self-image in front of everyone, ” explained Ardhan. ”I should be the one thanking Mr. Tio. ”

”Thank God for that, ” replied Mr. Tio. He glanced at Ardhan with a look full of mystery. ”Since I have helped Doctor Ardhan, is Doctor Ardhan willing to repay my help? ”

”Eh? ” Ardhan was surprised by Mr. Tios reply. ”So what can I do for Mr. Tio? ”

Mr. Tio cleared his throat. His gaze was more serious looking at Ardhan. Ardhan started to guess what kind of help Mr. Tio really wanted from him.

”What do you think Doctor Lea is like? ” asked Mr. Tio. Ardhan was getting confused but curious. Why did Mr. Tio ask his opinion about Doctor Lea?

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