TRUE NATURE (human’s curse)

Horrible Experience 1

”What is this panel? Seems like game attributes. oh… there is level system as well. ”

Race : Human

Tier : 0

Profession : None

Title : None

Level : 0

Free attributes : 0

Strength : 11 (10)

Agility : 9 (10)

Endurance : 7 (10)

Stamina : 9 (10)

Health : 5/11 (10)

Mana : 0

Intelligence : 25 (10)

Skills : None

”Is ten average points for humans? Ah, my stats seems pretty average. Can blame others for that. Wait, if there is system then there should be monsters or something to hunt for leveling up. Doesn that mean I am playing game with my life at stake. ”

I feel that I am drifting against the tide causing me endless trouble. And my health seems low. Does that indication means I have 5 points out of 11 of my health. My condition does seems detroited but its not that threatening. Hope I get something which speeds up my recovery. World has turned into fantasy so there should be magical items with that effect.

Now, I have second chance at my life due to the lapse in a second of time during the release of dormant energy.Now is the time for me to live the fullest. And to live fullest in this evolving world is to have power. I also need power to search for my family. I need power. But I don have any combat experience. Its finally time to show the world my only plus point which never got found due to many circumstances, intelligence.

Main thing to right now is understand this system and take as many benefits as I can so my foundation is study and my future endeavors will shake the world. This attributes are easy to understand as it represents whats written. Mana seems to be new term, maybe used for magic. It would be better to say that use of skills will need mana. How do I learn skills? Is skill that I learnt before this development reflected on this? Maybe not. Else there would have atleast been one skill that l learnt. Maybe only significant skills are listed.

Lets think about skill later. First thing is to learn combat which will take time to learn, the next thing that I can do to overcome my poor combat sense is to obtain overpowering attribute. Seeing that my attribute are just average I need to find way to obtain more free attributes or specific attributes.

Then comes the choice of what weapons to use. Gun would have been better but where can I get that? Its not feasible. I need to think something which is easier to start with and is available near me.


”Huh. There seems to be notification ”

*Turtorial will be commencing soon. Its will not teach you anything about system and how to use the new power you have gained. Its there for people to participate and get benefits like extra stats. The challenges faced will be different for everyone according to their level. *

* Till now death rate of participants in turtorial is 95%*

”Yes, now I can get the lacking stats but death rate sure is high. Many are sure to quit it after seeing the rate. ” I should be able to understand something by participating. Then I will make plans. For now lets prepare for tutorial.

*Do you want to participate *

*yes* *no*

Obviously yes.

*Commencing in 00:01:00 *




*Commencing in 00:00:01*

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