TRUE NATURE (human’s curse)

Horrible experience 2

A/N: Prajwal POV has ended from previous chapter. Now chapters will be in normal ways as in other novels with setting description.

After countdown reached 00:00:00, Prajwal felt churning in his stomach as if he had traveled at jet high speed.

”I feel like puking ” Prajwal groaned. ”Was I wrapped to some other dimension? ” He looked around to observe the surrounding but couldn see anything except white walls all around him. ”I was wrapped here. Such mysterious power. Now what is to be done? ”

Suddenly loud announcement was heard, ”Analyzing the target. Creating Trials for the challenger. Choose the type of trials you want to take from your system. 3 trials must me selected. ”

”Who was doing announcement? Is it system or some other entity? ” Prajwal spoke turning towards the system panel.

*Choose the type of trial.

1. Strength

2. Agility

3. Endurance

4. Stamina

5. Health

6. Mana

7. Intelligence *

Prajwal pondered for sometime then made instant decision. ”I will go all out ”, showing smug look he selected all the options. ”Haha, now its do or die ”, Prajwal seemed crazed while making decision. Whether it was all his plan or there was some thing hidden inside the crazed smile or had he really gone crazy. Only time could tell.

*Are you sure? *

”Yes ”

*Hidden condition triggered.

Difficulty and reward increased by 100%*

Prajwal showed satisfied smile, ”I knew it, there must be some benefit for choosing all the options. Isn it generic? But I didn think it would rise to double but difficulty has doubled as well. Prajwal prayed ”Lets hope I survive. ”

”I will try my best to overcome the hurdle and enjoy the bliss. ”

*Strength trial

You have to fight head-on, you can run or you will be eliminated and won get any benefits.*

*Detected increased difficulty *

*Commencing trial*

Prajwal saw white walls around him changed into forest and beautiful woods appeared in front of his eyes. It was dense forest. Large trees which couldn be found on earth were all around. He seemed tiny in front of such vast existence. Prajwal was on alert mode. He looked around and studied the topography. Small white room had changed into forest of vast coverage. Then there was a appearance of a creature, Prajwal didn know its name but its appearance was that of Monkey but its body shape resembled Chimpanzee. ”Lets just call it baboon for convenience. ” Prajwal was shocked. He was getting goosebumps all over his body. ” I have to fight that baboon head-on, I feel cold shiver down my spine. How is some one supposed to fight that thing? ”

Prajwal anxiously looked around for the clues he could gather. He tried running away but couldn move his body not because he was afraid but due to some short of restriction. ”I should be able to move after the start of trial. ”

Prajwal observed monkeys movement pattern and tried to memorize it. ”Seems like it will take some time for trial to start. ” He observed that baboon closely and read its behavior pattern. Level 3 was displayed above baboon. And it seemed strength focused so its strength stat must be crazy high, same as that of Level 5 creatures. He thought ”I need weapon, I should probably use tree branch as spear. ”

”Wait what is that ”, He was scared. Another Baboon appeared beside the previous one. ”So, everyone has to fight crazy baboon, I thought that it was only me due to increase in difficulty. No wonder 95% fails the trial. Start seems to be crazy. This baboon should be 3 times stronger than me. So, everyone will face 3 times of their own strength. Is this what system meant by trial of your level. ”

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