The Acknowledgement

Exhausted Aftermath

Floating in the water, lifelessly sinking further down into the fountains murky waters. Lungs burned as Winters consciousness faded. Accepting this fate, Winters lifeless body hit the bottom, his blood seeping out and pooling on the bottom under his body. Thinking back to the choices he had made, and what more he could have done to change his fate. Even still, Winter disliked his own life. He was too often hated by anyone, and everyone he had once met.

Through closed eyes, his fading consciousness saw a warm glow emanating below him. Illuminating the dark, murky depths of the fountain. Opening his eyes to see a hologram-like panel in front of his face, appearing with a loud bell-like ding. It rang through the dense water, for a moment as a womanly robotic voice took the place of silence left by the bell.

~>System<{ " You Have Fulfilled All of The Conditions of [Secret Quest: The Courage of The Weak!] "}>It said with high praise as if hes done some worthy to be highly praised<~

”W-what? ” Winter asks, confused, tripping over his own words.

~>System<{ " You Have Obtained The Right to Become a [Player]. Do You Accept This Offer? "}>It asks, text appearing on the hologram panel before him, unlike the projections of the Android-like features Winter was given<~

”W-what? I-I don understand. . . ” Winter said, still very confused and taken back from recent events.

~>System<{ " You do Not Have Much Allowed Time Remaining! In The Case That The Right is Refused, Your Heart Will Stop in 0.02 Seconds. Do You Accept This Right? "}>It asks again, after a brief warning like explanation<~

Considering his options, Think over what he could have done if he wasn weak if I was stronger.

”I accept, ” Winter said with little hope of his own, no other option, or paths to take to change his life.

~>System<{ " Welcome, [Player]. "}>It replied<~

The blood that had been spilled into the fountain began returning to me, receding into Winters body. With newfound, unyielding willpower blazing in his eyes. Forced himself out of the depths of the fountain. Newfound power seemed to flow from his eyes, growing into the surrounding flesh. Burning with a passion of hate, fury, and wrath. From that burnt flesh came a white substance, forming a mask over his face. Glowing a deep blood red tint from the iris as Winters pupil shifted into a beastly shape, becoming a saucer-like slite. ”W-what the **?! ” Tyler asks, confused and terrified with her own Ultima eyes ragging in response, making eye contact. Without a word, Winter would continue to get out of the fountain, breaking the small wall holding back the water. The water spilled out into the courtyard, soaking the stoned ground, and the nearby parched plants. ”W-what are you doing s-standing there?! K-kill him! ” She commanded quickly, stumbling over her words. In his hands was a freezing, strangely flowing substance. Looking down quickly, he saw two vanta black gauntlets on my hands. The substance of the gauntlets seemed to be made of shadows. An inky black. Dense, dark smoke flowed, if not oozed off from his gauntlet-covered hands.

~>System<{ " Darkest Armor - The Ruling Gauntlets of Darkness. "}>It explained as Winter looked up to the new pop-up in his face<~

”F-** this! ” Said ”Bruce ” running off in terror. ”Shit- ” Tyler said terrified, looking over at Winter in terror and fear. Winter began walking over to Tyler His fists clenched with expressing rage and ill intent.

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