I found myself a black cat.


 Technically, my race is called catkin, but when I was a baby, I looked like a cat.


 Even after I became an adult, I am a cat that walks on two legs, except that my paws are shaped to grip things easily and I have a row of nipples on my chest.



 In my previous life, I was a high school boy living in Tokyo, but I was targeted as a gross otaku, pushed down the stairs by a mischievous classmate, and died easily.


 When I found out that I was reborn as a catkin, I was so angry, hateful, and sad that I cried and cried, and gave up.



 I didn’t meet God when I was reborn, and I didn’t receive any cheat abilities.


 I wasn’t summoned, so I don’t know how to return to my original world, and I probably don’t have one.



 If that is the case, I have no choice but to enjoy my life as a catkin, but this world is distorted.


 The large-bodied races look more like people, while the small-bodied races look more like animals.



 Miguel looks like a child in costume with wolf ears and a tail, but I am a cat that stands and walks.


 Even though I’m wearing clothes, the difference is obvious.





“Hey, guys.
Let’s go home quickly.” (Miguel)



After the “Festing Ceremony” ended, Miguel said he would return to the inn.


 Miguel, Ines, and I had nothing to do once the ceremony was over, but Horacio was being briefed by the Royal Knight Order’s examiner about his plans for the future.



“I will wait for Horacio and go back together.” (Nyango)


“Heh, are you planning to suck up to the future noble?” (Miguel)


“Horacio is so carefree that he will definitely get lost if I leave him here.” (Nyango)


“Then you should take him home.
Let’s go, Ines.” (Miguel)


“Hmm… Maybe I should wait for him too…” (Ines)



 When we left the village, Ines seems to act like having feelings for Miguel, but after the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” she seems to have changed her mind.


 Just as becoming a knight is a dream for a boy in a rural village, marriage to a nobleman is a dream for a girl in a rural village.



 In a small village like Atsuka, it is only once every ten years or so that a child with the right qualities is scouted by the Knights appears.


 Marriage to a nobleman is a fairy tale, but it is only natural that one’s feelings would be shaken if he or she were to appear before one’s eyes.



 The chief of Atsuka Village is hereditary, so if nothing else, Miguel will probably become the village chief in the future, but he is selfish.


 In contrast, Horacio is mild-mannered, but he may not be able to become a nobleman, because he still has to go through severe training to become a knight.


 Ines is probably weighing the two of them in the balance, hoping to win the one with the higher position in the world in the future.



“If you come home with me, I’ll buy you sweets from a stall on the way.” (Miguel)


“Really? Then let’s go home together.” (Ines)



 That’s cheap, Ines.


 I mean, she’s only ten years old, so I guess this is normal.



 The town was lined with stalls, expecting people to come and watch the “Nest Leaving Ceremony.


 Everything looks unusual to us who grew up in a village deep in the mountains.



 When Horacio returns, I plan to run some errands and visit the stalls on the way to the inn.


 In the meantime, I would do some necessary inquiries and practice my magic.



“Excuse me, I’d like to know a few things about…” (Nyango)


“You’re the child who took part in the ceremony.
What is it?” (Sister)



 I politely asked the sisters of the church, however, even if I was deceived by someone unskillful, I would have nothing to lose.


 If I told them that I was introduced by the church, I would probably be able to make money for the stall tour.



 Since my inquiries went well, I felt at ease and began practicing my magic.


 The void attribute I’ve learned to use is mysterious magic.



 I have only just begun to test it, but it can solidify the air in the desired location to the size of a paperback book.


 The strength is about that of Styrofoam, and it breaks with a light tap, and when it breaks, it vanishes without leaving any fragments.



 Although I have no proof, the strength of my magic power is probably related to the range of solidification and the strength of the solidified air.


 If the amount of available magic power increases, it should be possible to harden the air even more and over a wider area.



 The solidified air, as it is, is invisible to the eye, just like the air that has not been solidified.


 Although I cannot see it with my eyes, there is a kind of magical connection that allows me to know where the air is solidified.



 Because of this magical connection, I was able to move the solidified air.


 Since I have only just started experimenting, I cannot move it quickly, but with practice, I should be able to move it faster.



 It seems that the shape of the solidified air can be freely changed as long as it does not exceed the volume limit.


 It cannot be made large, but it can be made small, and it can be divided into two or three pieces.



 However, when I tried to move the two pieces of solidified air apart, I lost my concentration, and they fizzled out.


 Still, I feel that someday I will be able to move multiple solidified airs freely, but it will all depend on practice.



 As I sat on the stone steps in front of the church and continued practicing my magic, a group of children came out after listening to the knights’ explanation.


 They all had smiles up on their cheeks and their eyes shone with hope.



 Horacio also shook hands with a boy he had met at the briefing, and they vowed to meet again.


 Since my previous life, I had never been good at group activities, so my admiration for the knighthood was not so great, but I felt a little envious.



“Horacio, over here, over here!” (Nyango)


“Nyango, you’ve waited.
What about Miguel and Ines?” (Horacio)


“They went back to the inn first.” (Nyango)


“I see, then let’s go home.” (Horacio)


“But first, let’s take a little detour.” (Nyango)


“What? Have you ever seen the Streets, Nyango?” (Horacio)


“I haven’t, but I have learned about it just now, so it’s fine.
Let’s go see it since it’s a great festival.” (Nyango)


“But I don’t have any money.
…Oh, right, I do.
But this is money I am not allowed to spend…” (Horacio)



 It seems that children who are recruited by the knighthood are given a kind of preparation allowance.


 Otherwise, there will be children from poor families who will be short of money to travel to the Royal Capital.



“Don’t worry.
Leave it to me!” (Nyango)


“Nyango, you have money?” (Horacio)


“No, I’m going to make some.” (Nyango)


“Eh, making some…?” (Horacio)


“It’s alright, let’s go!” (Nyango)


“Hey, wait a minute.” (Horacio)



 We line up side-by-side, pulling along Horacio, with who I share the difference in size between an adult and a child, and headed for the store that the sisters had told me about.


 The restaurant we were aiming for was not far from the church.



 As it was a festival, tables were set up in front of a store selling food.


 I waited until there were no customers left and approached the waitress.



“Hello, we are from a village deep in the mountains to participate in the ‘Nest Leaving Ceremony’.
This place was recommended by a sister from the church, so do you buy prone mushrooms here?” (Nyango)


“Eh, a prone mushroom, is that the prone mushroom?” (Waitress)


“Yes, these are something I picked in the village…” (Nyango)


“Wait a minute, owner, can you see this?” (Waitress)



 When the miss entered the store to call for the owner, Horacio spoke to me excitedly.



“Nyango, where did you find prone mushrooms?” (Horacio)


“Of course, it’s a secret.” (Nyango)


“But won’t the mayor be angry if we sell them without permission?” (Horacio)


“If he finds out.
But if Horacio doesn’t tell anyone, he won’t find out.” (Nyango)


“Eh…” (Horacio)



 The prone mushroom is a white, round mushroom about 15 cm in diameter that grows in the forests deep in the mountains and is more prized than the matsutake mushroom in this country.


 I asked the sisters of the church to introduce me to a store that might be willing to buy them.



“Are you… the child who wants to sell the prone mushrooms?” (Owner)


“Yes, I came from a village deep in the mountains to participate in the ‘Nest Leaving Ceremony’.” (Nyango)


“I’m sorry to rush you, but can you show it to me?” (Owner)


“Yes, this is it…” (Nyango)



 The mustachioed wolfkin manager let out a small gasp as I pulled out a woven bamboo basket from my shoulder bag and opened the lid to reveal prone mushrooms.



“These are magnificent prone mushrooms, and you have two of them?” (Owner)


“What do you think, will you buy them?” (Nyango)


“All right, how about four large silver coins for the two?” (Owner)


“Four large silver coins….
Oh, um, may I have three large silver coins and the rest in silver?” (Nyango)


“Oh, I don’t mind.
Just wait a minute.” (Owner)



 As the wolfkin owner went into the back of the store to get the money ready, Horacio gave me a tap on the shoulder.



“Nya-Nyango, f-f-four big silver coins, Nyango, Nyango!” (Horacio)


“Ouch, that hurts, Horacio.” (Nyango)


“I-I’m sorry.
But a big silver coin…” (Horacio)


“That’s how much money the village chief is taking from us.” (Nyango)



 If I sell prone mushrooms in the village, they cost about a tenth of this price.


 They are not available near the town of Ibouro, and it costs a lot of money to transport them from the village deep in the mountains.



 So, I knew they would sell for a higher price than in the village, but I didn’t think they would cost ten times as much.


 Besides, it was probably a good decision to sell them directly to a restaurant instead of to the produce store that sells them.



 I wrapped the three large silver coins and five silver coins I received from the manager in a cloth and tucked them into the back of my bag to prevent them from clashing and making noise.


 On the way to the store, I checked the prices at the stalls, so five silver coins should be enough to have a lot of fun.



“Thank you very much.” (Nyango)


“No, I’m glad we were able to get good ingredients.
If you get any more good ones, please bring them back to me.
I’ll be happy to buy it back from you at the same price.” (Owner)


“Yes, I would appreciate it if you give me the opportunity.
All right, Horacio, let’s go!” (Nyango)


“Hey, wait, Nyango.” (Horacio)



 I received a rare attribute magic, I’ve got plenty of money for the stall tour, and now it’s time to enjoy the otherworld festivities.

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