and Father in the church to wait and discuss what just transpired.

A long pause fills the room before a conversation transpires between the two religious adults.

”Im going to focus on what Im going to do in terms of splitting my stuff for when I die. don expect anything to be for you father, you are my biggest pain in the ass ” Sister said softly as she breaks out in a sweat.

”I wouldn have expected anything to begin with. All you stuff should go to the kids ” Father also said softly.

”are you ok sister? you
e sweating. ” Father said, worried for her health

”no, Im not. I was trying my best to not show how bad my condition is. By his estimate of the truth, I would actually have two years to live not three and a half ”

Sister is no longer able to supress her discomfort and starts coughing profusely, coughing up blood and clots. After a few minutes this subsides and Sister heads upstairs to clean up and write her will. Father can do nothing but watch the horrific sight that just unfolded before him.

(narrator) I cannot believe such a powerful woman has been given such a long and painful last years to live out. But the story must go on, Lets catch up with Heddwyn.

After leaving the church, Heddwyn starts his search by going behind the church to go around the back of his search area. He enters the forest and immediately checks if he is using mage sight. He was, got to make sure you know. Without even a thought he weaves a spell in his mind. Its a status effect spell, its 2 rune circles and 40 runes in size and dark grey in colour. It takes no longer than 10 seconds to cast. ”status effect muffle ” he casts this spell upon himself, and the spell coats his feet in an almost black aura. Thanks to the aura His footsteps become silent.

About 20 minutes of walking later, he comes along a very wide detection field. ”I knew it ” he says coming along the barrier. Now that he is there, he grabs the counter detection scroll and infuses his mana into it activating the papers stored magic. It gets enveloped in a bright blue flame before coating Heddwyn in the counter detection aura.

As he passes through the field of magic, the scrolls magic starts converting itself into the enemys unique mana. He will never truly know if he has been detected until he meets face to face with his opponent. Thats probably the only disadvantage that he poses right now.

Heddwyn kneels on one knee and touches his right palm to the floor. He is feeling for any disturbances in his defences. Oh, thats right I haven explained anything about Heddwyn. His magic attribute is enchantment magic, and his affinity is buffing. The enchantment attribute allows him to be most effective at enchanting stuff, Like the ground of his woodland home. The buffing attribute is basically used to either buff defence in battle or increase an enemys weaknesses.

Where were we? Oh yeah, I remember, after kneeling and touching the ground he spends a while feeling for any disturbances in the dirt. Low and behold he has 3 hits, one just outside the main road, one on the north of the forest and one within the search parameter.

”score ” Heddwyn mumbles to himself.

After detecting the area in the parameter, he makes a b-line towards it. Even though he was heading towards the disturbance, he is finding it difficult to pinpoint the base of operations. It takes him a while, but he comes to find the light from the campfire.

”shit I need to stay back for a bit while the scroll wares off ” Heddwyn whispers. He ends up waiting for a further five minutes before the scroll decides to ** off. Will we see an epic battle of Heddwyn and this mysterious woman? Youll have to wait until next time in chapter 4

(narrator) yes! Love making suspense!

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