”But master… ”

”Your time with us is up, child. It is time for you to embrace your destiny. ”

Those were the last words of Kim Daehuyns master just before he left home, he remembered as he stood in front of the big gate in Yongsa-gu, Gangnam area of the big city of Seoul. After a long 9 hours from the mountains of Seonamsa and the extra five hours Daehuyn had to waste on finding this mansion in such a big city, he was finally at his destined destination. After explaining himself to the elderly gatekeeper, he was granted access through the gate as well as directions to the house. Daehuyn wasted no time as he quickly made his way to the big white house.

”Who are you and what is your business here? ” The guard in front of the door asked, unaware of Daehuyns arrival.

”Im here to see Chairman Moon, ” Daehuyn said as he was told. The two guards looked him over once and decided that someone like him couldn see the chairman,

”If you are here for charity, then I suggest you wait till Saturday like everyone else. The chairman gives out food and other necessary items to the less privileged, ” the other guard explained. Daehuyn looked at them confused. Were they not aware of his arrival?

”You have me wrong. I come from a school of monks deep in the mountains of Seonamsa. A letter was sent to my master by Chairman Moon that I needed to be here, ” Daehuyn explained it again. The guards looked at Daehuyn again, and this time they didn even hide their disbelief.

”You? A monk? If this is some sort of prank, then I suggest you should leave before you hurt yourself, kid, ” they laughed. Daehuyn was already losing patience, and that wasn good as that was one of his major problems back in the mountains.

Daehuyn said, trying to force his way into the mansion by moving past them, ”I just need to talk to Mr. Moon. Im sure hell confirm what Im saying. ”

”Wow, kid, you can go in there. ”

”Yeah, we already told you that Mr. Moon can see someone like you, ” one of the guards said.

”So, listen to your heart, take this cash and go buy yourself some ramen. The other guard said, putting money in his hands.

”You should go while we
e still nice, kiddo. ”

Daehuyn laughed as he stood in front of the guards. He was already provoked and the money they gave him, driving him away like a mere bigger, was the height of disrespect he could bare.

He was about to retaliate when he remembered his masters words. …I want you to be at peace when you get there. Seoul is a big city with different kinds of people than what you grew up with here. So, you must be calm at all times.

Daehuyn took a deep breath, and with a straight face, he walked up to the neatly dressed guard in a black suit, black pair of shades, and a white earpiece hanging over his ear.

He placed the money back in his pocket with a little pat before answering, ”With the way your energy is scattered all over, I believe you need that food more than I do. ”

The guards face fell, feeling insulted by a beggar that was no more than a pile of garbage. He decided his best option was to use force on the egar and tag it as self-defense.

”Youve said such big words for a kid, you know. ” The first guard places a hand on Daehuyn aggressively.

Daehuyn is very sensitive to touch, as a result of his training. He wasted no time grabbing the guards hand, moving swiftly behind him, and bending his arm behind his back. The guard screamed in agony as he called to the other guard for help.

Daehuyn, knowing he had unintentionally started a fight, decided he didn want to hurt anyone, so he pushed the first guard into the other and they both tumbled over. Both of them struggled to get back on their feet. Angry, they began stretching ready to attack Daehuyn while he stood there unfazed by the unequally matched two-to-one.

e going to regret this, but you had this coming, ” the first guard said, charging with a fist toward Daehuyn. Using his palm, he deflected the attack by simply moving the energy to the ground. The guard stumbled as a result.

”You little… ” The second one also charged at him. He swung his feet at Daehuyn in different directions, all of which Daehuyn avoided easily. Once more, the guard swung his leg and, instead of avoiding the impact, Daehuyn caught his leg, bent it, and sprung him around till he was spinning above the ground and finally on it.

The other guard again tried to land a punch on Daehuyn but also ended up with the same fate, on the ground. By now, the two already knew that they were no match for the man. They looked at each other like beggars and decided to call for backup and claim there was an intruder.

In less than one minute, five guards stood in front of the tall mansion doors, and another seven stood in Daehuyns way. Daehuyn sighed at the fact that he was outnumbered, but he was also grateful that he would be able to stretch a little after that long 9-hour bus ride. Besides, this was also a form of self-defense. What kind of man would he be if he decided to back down now?

”Thats him! Give him some good rough-up! ” The guard on the ground shouted.

”Im not here for trouble, Im only here to… ” But before Daehuyn could try his last attempt at peace, he was attacked by one of the guards in front of him. The man in front of him was obviously a skilled boxer, but he wasn centered at his core, leav

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