”Shall we? ” Stefan eventually put out his hand to her. For a split second she wondered what he was talking about and flushed profusely when she realised. She placed her hand in his outstretched one and felt a jolt of electricity when he gave it a light squeeze.

The party was just like she left it and Rella could see her mom breathe in a sigh of relief at the sight of her.

Two glasses of wine later, and Rella could feel herself becoming bolder than shed ever allowed herself to be so when he asked her for a dance she was up for it.

Stefan guided her to the dance floor and pulled her against him. The lights were low and the music was a slow romantic ballad accompanied by a male singer, the melody sank deep into her, permeating her senses with its sensual feel. Then without her permission her nerves began to flare up again and she wondered what sort of wine shed been having all night; it made her all the more aware of how close he was and how badly she never wanted to leave his warm embrace. He towered over her by at least eight inches and her face was levelled with his broad shoulders which she found fascinating. She relished in the feel of his rock hard muscles against her and her eyes drooped. His scent tickled her nostrils making her senses go haywire.

Rella suddenly felt cool air touch her heated skin and she realised with a jolt that they were not in the restaurant but out in the garden.

”Why are we out here? ” She asked her eyes darting around the dimly lit, carefully tended garden wondering how they had gotten there. One minute they were dancing and the next they were out here she mustve been really intoxicated to have let him drag her wherever.

”You look like you were about to pass out in there. ” Stefan explained coolly, his eyes never leaving hers.

”It must be the wine. ” She murmured.

”It must be. ” Stefan agreed.

Silence fell on.

Rella felt like she must be the only one feeling nervous and awkward as the silence stretched. She wasn one for small talks especially when she knew she couldn trust her brain to function as it should and it didn help that they were in the most romantic spot in the restaurant. It was absolutely mesmerising. It made her feel and dream all kinds of things.

”Mesmerising don you think. ” Stefan murmured, saying exactly what had been on her mind.

”It is. ” Rella smiled.

”I haven seen your twin around. ” Stefan said thoughtfully.

”Oh Rella! ” She said with a nervous laugh, ”you know her, shes not the lavish party type. ” It felt weird talking about herself especially with him. And Stefan seemed baffled at her reply at first, he looked confused.

”So Ive observed. I don think she likes me very much. ” He said sombrely.

Are you kidding?

”What makes you say that? ”

”Just the fact that she always finds an excuse to flee the room whenever am there. ”

If only you knew.

”Pfft, I don think thats the reason at all. ” Rella jerkily tuck her hair behind her ear.

”I hope so. ” He was staring at her as he spoke and Rella found herself trapped unable to look away.

Well shit, this is so not good.

”I love the way the light dances in your eyes. ” Stefan murmured huskily and Rella swallowed a lump in her throat. ”Have you always had such mesmerising eyes? ”

Rella hadn realised hed moved until he was close to her, so close she could feel his warm breath fanning her face but she didn seem to be able to let hers out.

His eyes were dark with desire as they locked with hers. He was studying her, gauging her response to him.

”Stefan… ” His name fell from her lips in a husky whisper that only seemed to intensify his need.

”I was going crazy tonight wondering if your lips taste as divine as they look. ” He whispered hoarsely.

He barely touched her when she went up in flames. He tucked a strand of her silky hair behind her ear and she quivered at the slight gesture. That tiny voice in her head warned her not to play with fire and she opened her mouth to protest, ”I don think… ” She never got to complete her sentence when his mouth came down on hers hot and demanding.

He caught her by surprise and Rella froze momentarily before she found herself kissing him back. It was so passionate, so sensual teasing all of her senses and clouding her mind until she could think of nothing else but the feel of their tongue dancing and duelling erotically. She had never been kissed so thoroughly before, so passionately it made her insides quiver, not even Ryan could make her feel this way. A deep longing started inside her as her stomach muscles clenched tightly.

Stefan angled one hand around the nape of her neck and with the other he circled her small waist pulling her to him where she felt the unmistaken press of his need. Liquid fire seared through her veins like tequila shot, she clung to his powerful shoulders feverishly not wanting this incredible feeling to end.

Rella knew she had to stop this from going any further but she was too far gone to realise the implication. She could hear that tiny voice again warning her that he was her sisters fiancé.

His mouth left hers and she drew in an ample load of oxygen preparing to stop him but instead, she let out a low throaty moan as his mouth blazed a path down her throat tasting her skin.

She was on fire.

And as he worked his way up again kissing her jaw and nipping the sensitive skin behind her ear every rational thought flew out.

Her lips tasted exactly how hed imagined they would, soft, tantalising. Her skin was smooth as velvet as he ran his lips down the length of her throat. He wanted to keep going but he had to stop himself from losing control. At first he thought she was beautiful enough so she would do just fine but he hadn expected the explosive passion in just one kiss. Her eyes were a whirlpool of chocolate he could drown in.

Heavens help him but he was one lucky bastard to have her agree to his conditions, though a rational part of him wondered if she truly gave her consent. The way she spoke about herself in third person made him doubt they were both on the same page.

The deal was with Cindy at first but the moment he set his sight on Rella he knew he had to have her.

”But you cannot just change your mind at the drop of a hat, the wedding is in a week. ” Evie Cortes cried.

”Please be reasonable theres no way Rella would agree to this. ” Her father protested.

”Do you want the deal or not? ” Stefan taunted. Both husband and wife bristled and he smirked. ”Then you better convince her. I don care what you have to do. ”

Did they lie about convincing her?

They joined the party again and received congratulations from the guests, it was an over whelming feeling for Rella but it was just another day for Stefan, to him it was no more than a simple meet and greet. She smiled at the guests until her cheeks hurt. Few of these people she knew in person because of her mothers status in the society and a lot she only knew from the newspapers and magazines because she couldn be bothered with those bland parties the rich throw every other week. Stefan introduced her to his friends who are heirs of vast fortunes just like he was and just as intimidating.

Christian de Santis, Dave Sullivan and Max Holland. Rella noticed that Stefan was a bit reluctant in introducing Dave, she could feel an unspoken tension between them but she didn pry, it was none of her business anyway. They
e affluent as much they are good looking and they took turns kissing the back of her hand. Stefan informed her that one of his friends was missing because he had important business to attend to his name was Jake Calloway.

”Nice to meet you. ” She said with a pleasant smile.

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