Yoon-hee’s expression as she looked through the problem book I solved was serious.
She seemed unhappy even though I had tried my best.

“This is pretty serious, don’t you think?”

“I’m reflecting on it.”

“Are you really reflecting?”

“I am.
Can’t you see it in my eyes?”

“I don’t feel any sincerity, problem child.”

Yoon-hee sighed deeply and said, “Other subjects weren’t like this, were they? I got everything right.
Why is this subject like this?”

“Haha,” I laughed, looking at Yoon-hee shaking the “ethics” problem book.

“Are the problems difficult?”

“I thought I had the right answers, but I kept getting them wrong.”

“Of course! You’re talking about killing the villains!”

“That’s not the right answer?”

“No!” She looked like she couldn’t bear it any longer and shouted, “Even if you can’t accept it, memorize it! The top priority in ethics is always the safety of citizens! The safety of citizens! This should be the premise!”

“If you remove the villain, the safety of the citizens is naturally guaranteed.”

“It’s not about which came first.
This is not the chicken or the egg dillema! Always think of the safety of the citizens! Public officials put the safety of the citizens first.
Then the middle ground will follow.”

“Got it.
I only need to do well on this subject, right?”

I repeated the words like a parrot in response.

I gave her some money, thinking she was angry because she didn’t have enough allowance, but all I got was more scolding.
Maybe it was my fault.

But she never paid me back the money I gave her.

Anyway, studying for the first time in a while was quite enjoyable.

It made me wonder why I had never put an effort into it before.
Being good at studying was a tremendous merit in itself, as it could earn one an elite treatment.

On the other hand, I also had this question in mind.

What the government hunter I wanted to become ultimately demanded was power.

There were ethics courses that demanded a sense of justice, but they only wanted the correct answer.
There was no way to distinguish villains from candidates based on that.

Yet they still claimed to represent justice.
What was justice? The answer was different for each person, but it was clear that upholding something was expressed as justice and evaluated as a noble value.

Villains were the opposite.
They plundered, killed, and destroyed.

I realized something about this fact.

Then I can also uphold justice, right?

At this point, civilian Choi Joon-ho was an upright citizen.

If I became a government hunter and did my best at the given task, I wouldn’t be treated as a villain.

It meant that I could maintain my peaceful life as it was now.

It was so easy to achieve what I had longed for in my previous life.

I thought I understood why people carry weapons to protect their peaceful lives.

But first, I had to pass the exam.

I recalled what Yoon-hee had said.

Protecting innocent citizens is the best course of action.

But in order to do that, wouldn’t it be necessary to stop the villains first? Isn’t it better to eliminate the villains?

The ethics course was unexpectedly difficult.


The most important thing in becoming a government hunter was being an awakened.

Other exams only require a minimum level of knowledge.

If your awakening ability was 80%, then the remaining was about 20%.

The cut-off line was 60 points.

It’s said to be at the level of high school difficulty.

After taking exams in Korean, foreign language, Korean history, and ethics, the practical exam followed.

The practical exam that took place in the testing center was a demonstration of one’s awakening stage.

It’s something that could be achieved with only a minimum amount of ability.

That’s what a government hunter was.

The people who have awakened came from various backgrounds, just like the way they’ve gathered.

“Why is it so hard to pass?”

“They say all you need is awakening.”

“So, we’ll pass this time, right?”

“Once you pass, you’re set for life, so we have to pass.
If we don’t pass, we might as well turn our lives upside down.”

As I listened to their conversation, it reminded me of the past.

Discontent and hatred towards the world were the excellent nutrients for becoming a villain.
‘Slash’, Oh Jong-yeop, who followed me for a long time, had also prepared to become a hunter for a large corporation but had repeatedly failed and had been involved in an accident that made him a villain.

I still remembered regretting that if it weren’t for that mistake, there’s a chance he could have lowered his sights to become a government hunter.

If they failed the exam and couldn’t release their discontent and hatred, they’re likely to become villains.

Is it really justice to cut off the roots before they grow?

I wondered how Jung Da-hyun would answer the question.

I should ask her later.

There was a commotion on one side, and someone’s shout shook the practice field.

“Oh? It’s Jung Da-hyun!”

“What? Jung Da-hyun?”

“Why did Jung Da-hyun come here?”

People’s attention focused on Jung Da-hyun, who had appeared.
I also noticed Jung Da-hyun coming in.
She highlighted her innocence and slim figure with light makeup, a white blouse, and black jeans today.

This was truly the era led by awakened individuals.

The achievements of these strong individuals were consumed through various entertainment elements, evaluated by their level of strength.

Jung Da-hyun had never missed being included in the annual ranking of Korea’s top prospects (ages 20-22).

She was a famous person that everyone knew, with outstanding beauty and a unique history of being transferred from a large corporation to the national government.

But why did she show herself here?

Because she was worried about the cruel suppression of villains and wanted to watch over them?

As suspicion arose, our eyes met.
A smile appeared on her previously expressionless face and approached me.

“Did you do well on the test?”

“Yes, I did well.
Why are you here, officer?”

“This is a gathering of people who will work for the country, so it’s natural to come.”

She glanced at me with slightly excited eyes.

“And there are talented people who caught my eye.”

“Thank you for your kind words.
Do you feel good about this batch of aspirants?”

“I need to move ahead like this in advance so that I won’t miss out on talented individuals.
We need many competent people for the villain task force.”

He listened to Jung Da-hyun’s words seriously and asked, “But is this a common occurrence?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, in case someone like a government official comes to visit.”

“It wouldn’t be ordinary, would it?”

Of course not.

“Because talents like Mr.
Jun-ho are rare.
We need to pre-emptively recruit such talent.
From that perspective, it’s natural to follow this flow.”

“It’s an honor.”

“It’s on natural, of course.
By the way, if you pass the test, can you come to our side?”

Jung Da-hyun looked at me with passionate eyes.
If you stare at me beautifully like this, the surrounding gaze would be suspicious.

Was she trying to focus the attention of the people on me so that I couldn’t think straight? There seemed to be some suspicion about me, so I should be careful.

“I think passing the test is the first priority.”

“I don’t think Mr.
Jun-ho has any reason to worry about failing.”

“I’m not worried about the practical part, but I’m worried about the written part.”


“But I got some good tips from my sister, so I think I can pass.”

“Then I’ll look forward to the practical exam.”

Jung Da-hyun moved to the room with the interviewer.

Looking around, as expected, people’s attention was focused on me.
It’s said that for ordinary people, attention could be both burdensome and enjoyable, but why do I keep thinking about getting rid of witnesses in my head?

“Being ordinary is difficult.”

After muttering to himself quietly, he entered the practical exam.


Lim Hae-chul, a grade 6 government hunter, looked at Jung Da-hyun sitting next to him.

He felt it every time he looked at her, but she had a dignified beauty.
Her confidence and upright beliefs that came from her abilities were further highlighted by her good looks.

Especially today, she was exceptionally beautiful.

He had been pursuing her since last year when he first saw her, but he had only received cold rejections.

Lately, they hadn’t even run into each other.

“I didn’t expect the administrative officer to be here.”

“I became interested.”

“You? The administrative officer? Just hearing you say that makes me interested, too.” He said.
“…And we’re supposed to cooperate in capturing the villain, aren’t we? It wouldn’t hurt to get closer.”

“It’s okay.”


“The budget for the villain task force is sufficient.
I appreciate your offer, Chief Lim.”

A wall, a solid wall.

At Jung Da-hyun’s response, which didn’t give an inch, Lim Hae-chul bit his lip.

“Who is the examinee that you, the administrative officer, are interested in?”

“That person.”

“Hmm, doesn’t look that special.”

“He’s an excellent person.
He’s the one who subdued the bank robber villains the other day, including Unlock.”

“I’ve heard that story, too.”


What did that look mean?

Jung Da-hyun’s gaze towards the examinee was something that he had never even received.

Then I have to show that I’m better.

If that bastard messed up in front of Jung Da-hyun, she would change her mind.

No, that wasn’t enough.
He would make the other roll on the ground in the most pathetic way possible.
If he cut off one arm and gouged out his eye, Jung Da-hyun wouldn’t be able to look at him like that.

The pent-up energy that he had been trying to suppress erupted to an almost empty level.

Lim Hae-chul forced a smile and said, “Then what about this method?”

“Do you have any good ideas?”

“I’ll try to face that examinee.”


“Wouldn’t it be better for the administrative officer to judge?”

“It seems like a waste of time.”

“No, I’m curious too.
I wonder how talented that examinee is to attract the attention of the administrative officer.”

“It might be hard for you.”

With that one sentence, Lim Hae-chul’s expression twisted.

“Would it be hard for me?”


“I understand that I now have your permission.”

Looking at Choi Jun-ho, Lim Hae-chul no longer hid his desire to kill.


Proving oneself in the practical exam was a very simple process.

As abilities developed, they were expressed at each level, and passing was achieved by showing the shockwave of level 1.

To get into a large corporation, one needed not only shockwaves but also the ability to handle situations such as crises and survival.

Compared to that, the civil service hunter exam was a piece of cake.

It probably depended on the difference in the abilities of the test-takers.

As the applicants took the test in order, my eyes focused again.

Perhaps it was because I was a former villain.
The attention was not pleasant at all.
I felt like I wanted to eliminate all the eyes on me.

It meant that I was far from being ordinary.

When I was about to take the practical exam, a shabby-looking guy stood up.

“I will face this test-taker myself.”

The crowd murmured at this unusual situation.

In the meantime, the shabby-looking guy stood in front of me.

“I’m Lim Hae-chul, a level 6 government hunter official.”

The murmurs grew louder at the mention of level 6.

According to what Yoon-hee had said, a level 6 at a young age meant that he was a level 3-4 expert.

He was a highly regarded talent as a government hunter, and he had the ability to move to a large corporation at any time.

From my point of view, he was a moth that would die first.

Anyway, why was he openly showing his killing intent?

Could it be someone with a Gift to see the future and wanted to kill me right here?

I just scoffed at that thought and asked the shabby-looking guy.

“Why should I duel with you?”

“There is someone who wants to see the abilities of the examinee.”

The shabby-looking guy glanced at Jung Da-hyun as he spoke.

“If you’re scared, you can refuse.
The practical test will be conducted normally.”

“Is this a common occurrence?”

“Of course, it’s not common.
This wouldn’t happen if there weren’t someone worth paying attention to.
We assess the skills of those we consider to be talented through a duel like this.
I went through it myself.”

He smiled confidently.
He seemed to want to challenge me and show his ‘greatness’ to Jung Da-hyun in a strange way.

“I’ll adjust my strength appropriately.”

The shabby-looking guy picked up a steel sword with an unsheathed iron core.
It was a sword that was perfect for striking down opponents, even if he couldn’t cut them.

“Take up your sword.”

“This is all I need.”

“You must be in the martial arts category.”

The person wielding the sword displayed a conventional stance, with an unwavering stare that sought out weaknesses and a keen awareness of the sword’s strength at its tip, gradually adjusting their footing as needed.

Although it seemed like they had received a strong foundation in their education, their technical knowledge alone would not be enough to sustain them if they possessed a proud character that hindered their ability to comprehend the situation and caused them to falter when faced with a more skilled opponent.

As the person spun around, I exposed an opening, and he rushed in like a hawk.

The powerful sword aimed for my shoulder, but the strength contained within it was not in a conventional form.

The Force, the power that Awakeners could wield, was contained within the life-force.
I grabbed it with my right hand.


As I faced a stunned face and pulled out the sword, the outer surface of the wood shattered into pieces and the iron core inside crumpled.


I reached out my left hand towards the right shoulder of the guy who was pulled forward.

The guy, who had instinctively sensed danger, twisted his body desperately, causing the shoulder armor to crumple like a piece of paper.

It was time to let go of my left hand.


His Force exploded as he stabbed a hidden dagger into my own heart.


“What are you doing now?”

Everyone was startled, but as the person involved, when I saw his contorted face, I remembered.

The man of lust, Lim Hae-chul.

He was a villain who had mocked and killed hundreds of women in my past life.
Come to think of it, I remembered that the guy was a hunter.

Later, he sucked the victims’ blood and left a scar with my name on it, calling it the work of the Blood Master.
Thanks to that, my existence came to the fore again and more than hundreds of hunters chased after me.

Of course, I killed them all.

As the other was a future villain, he seemed to be different from the others, so I decided not to take any chances.

I grabbed the wrist of the guy holding the dagger in his right hand with my right hand.

With a crisp sound, his wrist twisted, and the shockwave didn’t stop there and crushed every bone in his arm.


The shabby-looking screamed and tried to step back, but I gave more strength to the hand holding the guy and pulled him towards me.

I have never left someone alive who tried to kill me.
Of course, they should be prepared to die themselves.
Without hesitation, I reached for his neck.


A scream-like cry woke me up.

Oh, right.
If I killed him here, I would fail.

I changed the direction of my hand, which was heading towards his neck, and grabbed his shoulder instead.
With a crunching sound, his bones broke and soon the other shoulder did too.


The limp body fell to the ground, his eyes rolling back.

“I will stop here.”


The emergency medical staff, who had been waiting for the declaration of the end, rushed over to perform emergency procedures on the other’s body.
I just watched silently as they worked.

Then Jung Da-hyun called me with a stern expression.

Choi Junho.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Follow me.”


I quietly followed behind Jung Da-hyun, wondering what she wanted to talk about.
But she led me to a nearby Korean restaurant.

I couldn’t help but admire her choice of ordering soybean paste stew.
She had good taste in food.

Before the food arrived, Jung Da-hyun apologized.

“I’m sorry about Director Lim Haechul’s actions.”

“Why is the officer apologizing?”

“I agreed with Director Lim Hae-chul’s plan to test Mr.
Jun-ho’s skills.”

“Was there any ill intention behind it?”

“No, there wasn’t.
Director Lim just wanted to see Mr.
Jun-ho’s skills, and I didn’t think it was a bad opportunity.”

“It’s okay.
But will this have a negative effect on the test?”

“No, there won’t be.”

Jung Da-hyun nodded her head.

“It was Director Lim who showed killing intent first and also Director Lim who went overboard.
Jun-ho won’t be disadvantaged.”

“That’s a relief.”

If I passed the test, it didn’t matter.

But it was becoming difficult to endure.

“Can we eat now?”

I pointed to the soybean paste stew in front of me.

Jung Da-hyun’s expression became cautious.

“Do you not like soybean paste stew?”

I shook my head firmly.

“I can’t eat without it.”

“Try it.
It’s a restaurant I recommend.”

“Is that so?”


Intrigued by Jung Da-hyun’s assurance, I picked up my spoon and took a bite.
After chewing it, I quietly raised my thumb.


“Brother! How was the exam?”

“I did well.”

“And what about the ethics exam?”

“I did it just as you instructed me to.”

“Really? You’re not lying, right?”

“No, I also heard from Jung Dahyun that I will pass.”

“Why does Jung Dahyun’s name come up here?”

“She came as an exam supervisor.”

“Well, if she said you will pass, then you’ll probably pass.
How did you fill out the answer sheet?”

“Of course, I did it just as you taught me.”

When he recited what Yoon Hee had told him, the other’s face turned red as if it would explode.

“This crazy person! If you write it like that, you’ll fail!”



At that moment, the examiners who were grading the civil service hunter exam were having a debate over one candidate’s answer sheet.

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