Recently my heart was empty, I feel like there was something I missing but I don know what it was.

If I forgot about it then it wasn really important…

”Takeuchi! ”

”Wha—oh its you! ” I said

”Do you want to go home together? ” said a cheerful young girl with braided hair.

”Heh—sure I was alone anyway ” I said confidently ”You want to go to market together? ”

”Xixixi ” giggling she then murmured ”You always going to the market on the way home ”

”What? ” I asked doesn hear what she was saying.

”Nothing ” she said panicked ”Lets go then! To home, we go! ”

I don really know where is she coming from, I don even know what her name was, I never asked her about it but I assume she was from another class.

She always followed me around so at first, I thought she like me but when I asked her about it she rejected it with a disgusted expression but I had a feeling she was lying, whatever the case maybe she had reason to hide it or it was just my loneliness make fool of me.

Of course, it hurt my heart when she rejected it I mean I always want to know what it feels like to love somebody but at least that makes it clear.

The comfortable silent atmosphere was surrounding us if I think about it, it was my third year now almost graduation and now I was walking home together with a girl who I really don know.

”You know.. ” she said as we walked ”How about we travel together sometime… I think it would be great! ”

”Travelling.. huh ”

I always wondered about people who love traveling, I mean there was no other peace other than in my house alone of course maybe it was because I rarely went out of the city to travel, but if I got a free ticket to another city I would take it without hesitation.

”But going where? ” I asked lazily

”Emm… How about Hokkaido? There was a beautiful place from what I heard ” she said after thinking for a while.

”Hokkaido? ” I said

”I hear there a lot of fun over and then their foods there was delicious ” she said

”Is it the same? In here or over there ” I said lazily ”I just don see the point of traveling ”

”You really don have spirit, Takeuchi! ” she said pouting ”It wasn just about how we going to another place from another place but it was about the fun! Going out with friends, having fun together and making memories, it was traveling is all about! ”

I mean we really can just have fun here…

Thinking about the cost of going to Hokkaido makes my head hurt…

e right ” I said ”It would be more fun to invite more people then? ”

”Heh ”

”What? ”

”Nothing I just thought it wasn like you to agree to go out traveling ” she said giggling

”I had a bad day recently maybe that why ” I said

”Ohhh… Do you know what makes your day goes up! ” she said with a shine in her eyes ”Shopping! ”

”You really I– Hey, where are we going? ” I asked as my hand was getting pulled by her

”Of course, we going shopping! hehehe ” she said while giggling.

Forcing me to follow her, we go to the bookstore after realizing that she wasn that happy with the books we then go to a clothes store she almost tried all clothes in the store if I wasn begging her to stop, finally after she had enough we were here sitting in the park.

”Sigh… if you
e not stopping me I probably choosing the best clothes… ” she said pouting

”Yes! Yes! Im sorry maam ” I said as gesturing apologized

It would take forever if Im not stopping you…

”Sigh… You know there was a lot of bad rumor about you ”

”Is it? ” I asked, I mean I don really hear rumors about me I thought all this time I was invincible ”What are they talking about? ”

”Like Takeuchi actually was an alien who covering up, spying on earth for his master ” she replied ”Or he actually had a bad parent who beat him to death when he came home ”

”It all lied ” I said

”Of course, it was lied I just made it all up, xixixi ” she said giggling

”You really is— ”

Sometimes this girl really was testing my patience…

Sighing, I walked to the vending machine and said ”Do you want some drink? ”

”You really are kind ” she said teased ”Cola, please! ”


Carrying two drinkings can I then said ”Whatever ” as I gave her cola

*Gulp!* *Gulp!* *Gulp!*

”Ahh ” ”Ahh ”

Looking at each other because of the sound we make we then burst out laughing.

Sky already turn orange while we were drinking soda, my thirst is gone but most importantly I was having fun I guess that is what she mean by traveling together.

”This was a fun trip ” I said ”Thanks ”

”haha! It was just walking to the market, Takeuchi! ” she said while bursting out laughing ”Sometimes you can say something stupid are you, haha! ”


She really is…

”Alright! Lets continue our trip home! ” she said cheerfully.

”Yes… Yes ” I said lazily


”Have some spirit would you! ” she said after smacking my back ”Follow me, to our home! ”

”To our home! ” I said

”To our home! Yey! ”

Whoever this girl is…

She really was free…

Maybe thats why I getting pulled by her…

”Huh!? ” I said confused.

Trying to walk I realize I can move my body.

My eyeballs can move around but I can move my body.

Surrounding me was dark like it was already midnight but it can be because there was still sun a second ago.

Looking around the girl was stopped in place and her surrounding too was in place.

What is happening!?

I tried to speak but there wasn a sound coming out, my mouth was freezing like my surrounding.

Slowly but surely I feel getting sinking.

What is happening!?

Hello is there anyone out there?

There wasn anybody who answered me.

When I looked down my body was already sinking into the dark, like looking at the water who getting up slowly.

My body feel like I was getting swallowed.

Then sinking feeling was reaching my eyes.

Damn it!

Im going to die?

There are still a lot of things I want to do.

Desperate I looked at the girl one more time.

Even in a time like this, she was shining.

And then my vision was gone and my whole body is getting swallowed.

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