”What are we going to do now? ” asked Tanimoto


I don know if this was worse or not…

”I guess… ” said Yoshihama losing words for a while ”Lets gather everyone! ”

”Oi! Gather around everyone! ” yelled Uchimura

”Alright here situation ” said Yoshihama as we were all gathered ”It was nighttime now and we were getting transported to another world ”


Just heard it make me…

”I guess that our transportation was accident ” I said ”I said that because he didn show up or give us some explanation ”

”There were a lot of possibilities why the transporter doesn show up ” said Nakahara ”But I think that reason was matching our situation now ”

”To summarise, we were getting here because of sinking, at first the world seems stopped in time and then we were sinking and then we were falling when we were waking up we ended up in room let called it parliament room so it would be easier to remember ” said Yoshihama summary the event we been through ”Is there anyone with a different experience? ”

No one huh…

”I take it that everyone getting the same experience ” said Yoshihama

”We don have information besides how we got here ” said Nakahara ”if we want more information we had to explore the world, searching for ourselves about this altar or whoever transport us here ”

”Altar? ” I asked

”Do you see that ” said Nakahara pointing behind me, when I take a look he pointed at the rooftop parliament room just like an emblem, a tower at its peak was two moons.

It was the same just like an emblem…

”It looks like this place had an owner and whoever the owner is they are the one who transport us here, and that emblem was his mark about who he is ” Nakahara explained ”What Im trying to say is… if we want to search for a way to go home or clue to go back then our first clue was the emblem because it was special emblem belong to the owner ”

That right…

With that emblem as a clue, it would narrow down our search…

But wait if that was true then…

”But of course, it wouldn be easy with this technology then I assumed whoever made this was a powerful man or organization ” said Nakahara


”Do you think whoever made this will let us home? ” said Mizutani timidly

”We don know until we meet the owner ” replied Miya

”Im scared ” said Mizutani

”Its okay ” replied Miya assuring her ”Im sure we would figure something out ”

”Okay… we don have a choice rather than to explore the world and find this emblem ” said Yoshihama ”But first we needed to survive ”

That reminds me…

If we don have anything to eat then all thing was just planned…

”Yeah we need to eat and drink ” I said

If there is even a job in here…

”I think we can hunt animals we found and drink from the river, as long it was clean water I think it would be fine ” continued Yoshihama ”As for shelter… maybe we can camp for a while before searching for a better place ”


”I mean with what? ” said Maekawa ”What we get is sleeping on the grass ”

”We don have any choices ” replied Yoshihama

”Sigh… ” said Miya ”I missed my home ”

”Just endure it little a bit ” I said ”Im sure it would be fine after we know more maybe we can build a house or get in the house somewhere ”

To be honest I need to get a bath…

Im pretty sure we all do, getting sweat after school without a bath then we getting abduces to another world…

What bad luck…

”So where do we go first? ” asked Nagata ”We can just wander around, we can even be sure the animal in this world was the same as our world… it would be dangerous, right? ”

”We needed some weapons ” said Kozue ”So we can defend ourselves ”

”Maybe we can build a house here ” said the tall young man, he was Umeji from the basketball club I heard in the past he was punching gangsters until they go to the hospital but it was just a rumor.

”Don be ridiculous we can go anywhere if that happened ” replied Maekawa

”Alright lets calm down ” said Yoshihama ”Lets break it one by one, how about where we need to go ”

Silence for a while, I then take a look at surroundings, there wasn any house nearby or some path road we can follow as far as I can see there was forest and plain grass.

It looks like we are at a hill…

”Sigh… there wasn any village nearby ” I said ”And it was plain everywhere except if we want to sleep at the altar ”

”No I don want to back there ” said Mizutani

”Yep! we don know if we can go out if we go back ” said Miya

”Are we too much nitpicking? ” said Nakahara ”Its about survival, we just need to eat what in from of us ”

If you asked me I want to go home and watch TV…

”Even you said that ” said Miya ”We still want to have a good life here besides boys was different from girls ”

”We don have any choice rather than explore then ” said Nagata ignoring Nakaharas remark.

”But go to where? ” I asked

”Lets follow river ” Murakami said ”If there was a river then there was settlement maybe we can find one nearby after we follow it ”

e right ” Yoshihama said ”We would follow the river and then once we found a nearby village or some places to rest then we would discuss whatever happened next after we know more about this world ”

”But how about weapons? ” said Kozue

”I mean there wasn anything around here that we can use ” said Nagata

”You think there was rabbit here? ” said Umeji

”Maybe in the river there were fishes ” replied Uchimura

”Yeah that would be good ” said Umeji gulping ”Grilled fish would be good ”

”Don make me hungry ” said Kaekawa

”It reminds me that I don finish my food at the restaurant yet ” said Uchimura

”So you don finish your food and your drink at the restaurant ” said Kaekawa

”It was all sudden! ” Uchimura said defending himself ”If I know I already finished it! ”

I mean Ive not finished with my cola too…

”Alright we don know until we find out about it ” said Yoshihama ”Lets go then ”

”You want to start right now? ” said Murakami lazily

”What would you do? ” said Miya ”The faster we started the better it is ”

”Hold on! ” said Kozue ”What about weapons? ”

”We don need that yet! ” ”We don need that yet! ”

”Yeah lets just start our journey ” said Nakahara

”Alright everyone lets go! ” said Uchimura ”Wooo!! ”


I hope we going to be alright…

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