It has been two days since we walked along the riverside somehow I was feeling fine when we camping at night even though we were sleeping on the grass and there wasn any tent, the river water was clean so we doesn have any worries about getting thirst but there wasn fishes or animal around us so we must bear it with drinking water.

The good thing about all of this was I can hear streaming water from the river it feel relaxing especially when I was hungry, we still don find the village but we were getting close to the forest.

”Do you think there was a monster in the forest? ” I asked Nakahara while we walked closer to the forest.

”I don know but we better get ready we don know what will happened ” he said.

”As expected we need to prepare first ” I said

”Its not like we going to the forest ” he replied ”But you
e right we can go anywhere else now we were here ”

”I just hope we going to be alright ” I said

”Alright everyone lets gather around! ” Yoshihama said after we all gathers then he said ”We would go through the forest ”

”You sure? ” asked Nagata ”It looked like it would be dangerous ”

”We doesn prepare anything yet ” said Nakahara

”Alright… Alright… ” said Yoshihama ”Everyone knows that the forest is dangerous but the river was going through it and we don had much choice rather than to go through it, the good news is the village is usually nearby the forest, so lets discuss the animals in forest ”

”If this is in another world then it would be a different kind of animal from our world right? ” said Miya ”Arggg… I don know! How about you boys gather around and think about our safety! ”

”Nope I would fight back! ” said Maekawa

”There wasn anyone to stop you to died, Maekawa! ”

”What do you say, shorty! ” said Maekawa

”You—you muscles head! ” said Miya

”Oh I forgot… ” said Maekawa pretending to forget ”You so shorty if you joined us you would be stomp accidentally, bhahaha! ”

”What do you say! ” yelled Miya with a red face ”You would become a virgin forever because of your flat chest, you tomboy! ”

”Hah! ” said Maekawa offended

”Flat chest! Flat chest! Flat chest! ” insulted Miya


”Alright… Alright… Lets just calm down ” said Yoshihama after both of them calmed down with some snorting at each other he then continued ”Lets make it clear first! Who is the one who gets defended and who will defend ”

”Of course, it would be everyone, ” said Nagata looking at Umeji she then said ”But some people are just good at it ”

”Lets just volunteer ” said Murakami lazily

e just lazy right! ” said Nagata

”I will defend! ” said Uchimura ”With me as defender there would be no monster alive! ”

Good luck with that…

”It would be unfair if some peoples don work ” said Yoshihama ”Lets just put in peoples who are good at their body to peoples who doesn so it would be balanced, anyone rejects this? ”

No one voices their complaint.

”Then it decided from now we would rotation the guard! ” said Yoshihama

After that we got divided into small squads rotating for guarding there was some squad that had more people in there, and that squad was special as they would be guarding at night.

Two days later at noon, we arrived at the front of the forest, the trees here were so huge in my knowledge as I rarely go to the forest so I don know if this tree was normal or not but from other reactions, I assume they were thinking same as I do.

The tall of the tree was like a tower almost reaching the sky if I can guess, the height of it was like a tall hotel building or even a Tokyo tower with weight like 8 ordinary homes, we decided to name it a huge chunk tree.

”So huge! ” said Nagata ”And so creepy ”

”Im sure there would be a monster in there ” said Tanimoto

”Don worry about it ” said Yoshihama ”Im sure we would be fine beside we
e already here it too late to back off now ”

”Sigh… it seems there wasn another way ” said Nakahara ”We should avoid monster if we can ”

”Going a separate way would be a bad idea ” said a young man with neat hair ”So don try anything stupid everyone… It would really depend on our luck from here ”

Where is this guy coming from…

Why does he speak up now…


Of course, I knew him he was Hatano, from what I heard he really diligent student but I don hear anything besides that.

”We still don know whats inside there ” said Miya ”How about we scout over first then we move forward after knowing that it was safe ”

”I think that good idea! ” said Nagata

”It would take too much time ” said Nakahara ”And besides what would happen if the scout doesn come back ”

”What are you scared of! ” said Uchimura ”I was here with you so don worry about the monster ”

”Alright… How about we rest here for tonight and then after the sun is rising we continue our journey and then if we got attacked either we fight back or run away ” said Yoshihama ”the most important is the place where we sleep… I think we would be safe if we placed ourselves in a safe area ”

”The dangerous part was at night when we can see anything ” said Nakahara ”With a tree that huge Im not sure if we can even see something in there ”

”I think some guard wasn enough ” I said ”It would be safe if we don fight anything ”

”Don be a coward like that! ” said Uchimura ”We were a man we fight! ”

”You are all just too tense with this ” said Yoshihama ”Like I said before we only move when the sun is rising and if there was some fight we can avoid then we avoid them, alright lets go! ”


I hope it running smoothly…

The huge chunk trees really make the atmosphere creepy and gloomy making the forest more intimidating each time I saw it, I hope we don get caught or found by something when we were inside of the forest.

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