Our journey was smooth and I get a lot of information from Fukuyama, the manga he read told us the protagonist was surviving using his knowledge from his original world and I was thinking using the same thing as him.

The carriage was so comfortable even if we needed to jostle with a lot of stuff, after a week of walking and floating this is the most comfortable place so far.

”Everyone listen! ” said Yoshihama somewhat half-whispering ”It was the first time we met someone besides ourselves and animals, and with that, I want to discuss with you all about our name! ”

”What about our name? ” asked Murakami

”Listen, we can use our Japanese name in here! ” said Yoshihama ”We need a new name so we can blend in with people around us! ”

e right! ” said Nakahara contemplating ”I think our name is too flashy in here, and besides it looks like there wasn anyone here with a Japanese name ”

”Thats right! ” said Yoshihama ”And we need to have a convincing story so we can hide our origin! ”

e right ” said Nagata ”We don know what would happen if somehow they find out about our origin ”

”So I got an idea! ” said Yoshihama smiling.

After a long discussion, we decided to tell the world that we were from the south and we were hoping to adventure, we also make our nickname for each of us hoping we would blend in.

And then the night came, the carriage was stopped and the old man was yelling to all passengers to get off from the carriage.

”Leon!! ” yelled the old man ”Leon!! ”

A young man with glasses then show up from one of the carriages his face resembled the old man ”What is it? Grandpa ” he said lazily

”Don keep reading books! ” said the old man ”Help Bluff to prepare for the dinner! ”

”Yes ” he replied lazily

”Your grandchildren? ” Yoshihama asked

”Hehehe yes! he really was a book lover in our whole journey he can stop reading it ” replied the old man smiling ”You all, just take a sit! Just rest for today Im sure you
e all tired from walking around all day ” said the old man

”Don worry about us ” said Yoshihama ”We don want to bother you any further! Let us help you ”

”You really are a kind kid Bhahaha! ” replied the old man cheerfully ”If you insist to help you can help Cliff to make a bonfire, the wind today was cold ”

After all the preparation, the dinner was ready and like the old man said the wind was cold really suitable for eating with warm foods as dinner, as we surrounded the bonfire smelled delicious soup from the pot spreading all around us.

”Eat you all! ” said the old man ”Todays menu was fish soup Bhahaha! ”

”Woah! ” said Uchimura

”That looked delicious ” said Yoshihama

”Its okay? ” asked Nagata hesitated

”We had been starving this whole week ” said Miya

”Bhahaha eat as much as you can! ” the old man said with high spirits ”Come! There wasn anyone who would stop you! ”

”Then excuse us… ” said Nakahara while scooping the soup into his mouth

Im starving it really looked delicious…

”Hmm… Delicious!… ” I said almost tearing up.

”Delicious!! I hope I can eat this all day! ” said Uchimura

”Thank god! Im still alive for today! ” said Nagata

”Bhahaha! Bluff here was our chief in this caravan! Don ask about how quality his food was Bhahaha! ” said the old man as he pointed to a man carrying a sword.

”You too exaggerate captain ” replied the man name Bluff

”I won lie, Bluff! Bhahaha! ” said the old man

”Oh we forgot to introduce ourselves! ” said Yoshihama after we enjoyed our dinner for a while ”My name was Thio and there are all my friends, we were from the same village ”

”Bhahaha… My name was Rammond a merchant from Blackrey village ” replied the old man who called himself Rammond ”And all knight you see here was mercenary from our hometown ”


I guess the old man too was from far away land…

”You all don seem from Azuvell Kingdom, where are you all from? ” asked Rammond interested in our identity

”Yeah we don from here originally, we were from Akai village from far away land in the south ” said Yoshihama telling a vague story we been discussed before ”We thought that our village was so narrow for us so we decided to go out adventuring hoping we can see the world with our own eyes ”


I gotta say that he does have the talent to become a liar…

”Really is it true? ” said Rammond which make my heart a little jumpy ”Bhahaha! it looked like all the travelers are the same… I was too started with that dream… but money is more interesting to me so I abandoned it a long time ago! Now Im just regular a merchant as you can see Bhahaha! ”

What a relief…

”Ohh!! ” said Yoshihama excited ”You see we were excited about going on an adventure! There are a lot of stories in our hometown about travelers who do it! ”

”Bhahaha… you all had good spirit! But you must be careful, this world was dangerous after all! ”

”Yeah I agreed ” said Yoshihama smiling ”If you don mind us… Is it really okay to join your caravan to the nearby village ”

”Don worry about it… ” said the young mans voice chipping in ”Grandfather usually taking nearby lost travelers to a nearby village, it really likes habit to him ”

e really kind! Sir Rammond ” said Yoshihama

”Bhahaha… Somehow looking at the travelers like you all makes me remind about my young self! Don mind it all besides we too want to rest at the village! ”

”Thank you very much sir Rammond ” said Yoshihama

”Bhahaha! ”

”By the way, if I allow to ask where are you traveling from? ” asked Nagata with a serious tone ”I saw a lot of stuff in your carriage it looked like you getting a long trip ”

It may be my feeling but somehow the question makes the atmosphere a little intense…

”We were from the capital selling our stuff from our hometown there ” said the old man name Rammond melting the situation ”And as you can see we sold a lot of stuff in there as expected from the capital! Bhahaha ”

Huft… I think that was a sensitive topic…

But capital…

I wondered what it looked like…

”Eat a lot you all tomorrow we still had a journey in front of us! And relax our knight wasn the best in the kingdom but Im sure that you are all safe with us! Bhahaha ” said Rammond





Thank god we meet with good people…

I can imagine we would walk again…

Our dinner was over as we talked to Rammond and then looking at the situation Rammond decided to camp, the stars were decorating the sky and it wasn like in my city where the sky was getting hindered by light pollution, in here the sky was clear there wasn any light pollution hindering the darkness of the sky, with the stars decorating it and 2 moons hanging on it make the sky even more beautiful to look at.

But what a weird moons…

For what reason, there were two moons in the sky…


I guess we were in a weird world…

I can sleep, getting fresh air maybe would make me sleepy…

Camping beside the forest makes me remind myself of the nightmares we went through there.

I hope we wouldn go through the forest again…

I had enough nightmares already…

As I walked the sound of a river streamed from far away and the night creatures from the forest company me, making the chilling atmosphere around me to be calmer.

What a beautiful night…

e not sleeping, yet? ” asked someone suddenly, with reflex I turn around flashing of glasses was the first thing that greet my sight.

”Leon? ” I said hesitating as I don really remember his name

”Yes, and you
e? ”

”oh sorry, I was Klein I hope I don disturb you ” I said giving him my new nickname.

”No, at all Klein ” said Leon smiling ”I usually don easily sleep in the night so I take a look around and it feels really relaxing here ”

”Same for me ” I said ”I can fall asleep so I take a look outside maybe getting fresh air would make me sleepy ”

Sound of night creatures reaching our ears as we don speak to each other for a while, with untouched nature it is really beautiful scenery as far as eyes can see.

”Your friends… Where are you all come from? ”

I guess he still had doubts…

”We were from the south, we were grouping ourselves hoping to get some adventuring ” I answered hiding my nervousness ”Going journey here really make you a warrior, we meet a lot of thing on our way here so I hope you forgive us for our attitudes ”

”From south… I looked like it really different here and there ” said Leon

”Yeah a lot of things different ” I said

Like we don have magic in our world…

Or monster wolf who bites us off…

”But it was part of adventure ” I said ”Of course… I missed my hometown ”

”It was normal sometimes I missed my hometown too ” said Leon ”There was something you can get from another town ”

”…Oh yeah your grandpa said that you would be getting into the academy ” I said suddenly

”Yeah, I hope to become a mage but it seems grandpa wasn agreed to it ” he said sounding a bit sad

”Don worry about it ” I said trying to assure him ”There are a lot of things hindering our journey too but it comes passed naturally ”

”Thanks ”

”I hope you get in there ” I said hoping his doubtful feel disappear ”Peoples in our village doesn go out much so I don know much about the academy but Im sure it would be okay ”

”…Academy was placed for a young man like us to sharpen our skills, there a lot of heroes who come out from academy ” he said after went silence for a while ”I hope I was one of them even if I failed at least they give us some of the lands for us ”

”Land? Just to get in? ” I said a little bit shocked

”Yeah… it looked like you really don know ” he said while looking at the moons ”It was prestige and rare for someone to become a mage… So they give a lot of resources if someone was a mage… But it seem even getting into the academy was hard only people who had talent managed to get in ”

It looked like not everyone can do magic after all…

”Don worry about it, you seem was a talented young man to me Leon ” I said sincerity ”And sometimes dreams can make someone move forward ”

”Thank you ” he said blushing ”I wasn really a talented person but I hope your adventure was smooth too ”

”Yeah thanks ”

”You know… ” he said after a while ”You seem to be someone with talent too… I mean not just you but your friends too ”

”Really? They seem normal to me ” I said started getting nervous

”There rarely travelers here who come from south ” he said ”I don think you all are normal persons… it needs a lot of stamina and bravery to travel from south to here Im sure you all weren normal travelers ”

”You exaggerating ” I said half-nervous ”By the way is anyone can join the academy? Or it was just people from this kingdom? ”

”Whats wrong? You want to go in too ” he asked uncertainly

”Hahaha ” I laugh awkwardly ”Somehow if I had a chance to go in there ”

”What if you get in with me then ” he said with a serious tone ”It would be different if there was someone I know ”

”Sorry… there was my friend and we still don decide anything yet ”

”Yeah I know ” he said not surprised by my answer

”Is there not anyone you know in the academy? Im sure there a lot of people who want to join if they were getting land ”

”Like I said it was rare for someone to get in especially from our class ”

”Class? ”

”Peasant I mean… there was a lot of peoples from the nobles class who manage to get in there but sigh… ” he explained ”But it is even more rarely for a peasant to get into the academy ”


It seems this world still used different classes to manage people…

What an old system…

”Its because of their bloodline ” said Leon little bit depressed ”There was a big chance if you
e decent from a mage thats why a lot of nobles can get into the academy… they usually married off or decent from a mage ”

”Oh that really depends on luck then ” I said

”But we do have someone from a peasant who became a mage a long time ago… ” he said with smiling on his face ”One of them was a hero and legend!… All peoples from the Midrain continent know about him!… He was… Orion the star knight ”


The star knight!?…

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