”You will die!!!! ” My elf killer yells. ”No one will ever miss you again! ”

His knife comes at me so quickly it gets close to my face. Just before it can continue, my body jolts up and my eyes open to see it was just a nightmare. Scared me too much that I got cold sweats and I looked around me. Jalia and Klotic weren anywhere, I knew I saw them just last night.

”Jalia… Klotic… ” I say. ”Hello, anyone here? ”

”Al, I can hear you. ” Klotic says. ”We are on the other side the glittering water. ”

What do you mean the other side? Hold up, did you take Jalia in the water?

”Jalia was eager to go in, so I let her dip her paws. ” Klotic says. ”Although, I myself went inside and found a passage way. ”

I get up and walk over to the glittering water just to lightly touch the top. Then is that why you brought Jalia with you?

”She seemed to want to join me. ” Klotic responds. ”Then I brought her through quickly. ”

After that, I dipped my legs in, then not needed to hold my breath, I then drop myself in. The water feels oddly comforting around my whole body. I look towards a lighter part of the wall and swim towards it. Then it pulls me into the other side, and I topple to the floor. Looking up, I see Klotic holding his arm out to me with Jalia on his shoulder. Confused, I grab his hand and he pulls me up.

”How is she able to stay on your shoulder, Klotic? ” I ask. ”I thought she was injured to only be moved to limits. ”

”The glittering water is a similar substance of a powerful healing potion. ” Klotic responds. ”In conclusion, her wound is now healed. ”

”Well then, I guess I sorta wasted some precs yesterday. ” I say. ”Jalia, Im glad you
e all good now. ”

Jalia squeaks at me in a happy response. Klotic grabs Jalia off of his shoulder. Then he opens my hand, giving Jalia to me. She quickly jumps from my hand to my face. I topple back and can see anything, but I feel Klotic holding my arm up. I grab Jalia off my face and look at her disappointed.

”Now I am wondering how old you are, Jalia. ” I say. ”When you get your human form back, Ill know for sure. ”

Jalia looks away and I sigh.

”Just, please don jump onto my face again. ” I say. ”Klotic, I need to go out further into the city today. ”

”Would you like me to join you? ” Klotic asks.

”No, you have to stay and take care of Jalia. ” I respond.

”Understood, I recommend you take this along with you. ” Klotic says.

He holds out a small bag to me, so I take it.

”This bag is an elf product, much like the bag Jastria Xil had given to you. ” Klotic says.

”Whats inside of the bag? ” I ask.

”It has an endless amount of diamonds. ” Klotic responds. ”This is if you may run out or are in need of emergency currency. ”

”Its so small… ” I say. ”Were did you get it? ”

”This area we have been standing in has an endless amount of sources, stored in the walls, and grounds of this cave. ” Klotic says. ”Jalia and I had slightly ventured to find anything that was hidden, then Jalia found the bag. ”

”Hm, okay then thanks. ” I walk back to the water. ”Ill be off now, bye. ”

I quickly jump in the water and float back to the upper part of the cave. With drying off I change, take my other elf bag, and start to head out. It seemed to be a little early as I saw the sun peeking out a bit. Walked past a lot of trees to finally see the field with the city gates. The guards didn bother with checking me, I was relived. While looking around, I see the old lady from the night before. I rush over to her little stand and talk a little.

”Hello there again, young one. ” She says.

”Im Al, ” I say. ”Al Krelin. ”

”It is nice to see you again, Al Krelin. ” She says. ”Are you in need of more potions, or maybe something else? ”

”You are the third person I have actually talked to ever since I got here. ” I say. ”Im going to go deeper into the city, but I may not be prepared with what I come across. ”

”I see now, you are a new rare being who chose a trait of immortality. ” She says. ”There are not many others like us. You see, only about 20-30 beings had chosen immortal traits, yet they have been hidden from the world for centuries. ”

”Um, so you
e basically saying that not many like to show their faces. ” I say. ”Im guessing I shouldn just tell people Im immortal? ”

”Indeed, my grandson used to speak just like you had, isn that hilarious? ” She chuckles. ”It is almost as if you two are the same being. ”

”What happened to your grandson? ” I ask.

”Oh, dear heavens, nothing happened to him I hope. ” She responds whispering. ”I just had to die old and live again in this world, in hopes of one day coming across my grandchild. ”

”Wow, you were lucky then, ” I say. ”I got assassinated in my bedroom. ”

”Assassinated in your bedroom? ” She says. ”What a dreadful way to go. ”

”Did deserve it though… ” I say. ”Could you give me some advice before I go? ”

”Ah yes, as you go further into the city the prices are much higher. ” She responds. ”How many precs would you say you have at the moment? ”

”Just a little over 400 thousand. ” I say. ”Is that enough to buy a few things? ”

”Oh, they charge from hundreds to thousands. ” She says. ”That should be enough for a few purchases. ”

”Okay, thank you so much, um… ” I say.

”Call me Flinda. ” She says. ”Have a good day Al. ”

”Bye, Flinda! ” I wave.

Walking away, I begin my stroll through the large city.

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