The Elf Life

Unbelievable Part 2

The city was a bit confusing before I went all over with Greffosh. Now I know where everything is, plus how to actually navigate through crowds. I see the herbalist center and I just look around for a little. Should I go in and visit for a trade? I think for a while what to do, but I just sigh and start walking away. Though, as soon as I walked, I got pulled in and dragged inside a room. Then Im put in a chair with someone in front of me with their arms crossed. I look up to see the elf girl from before. Oh… Jastria….

”What in the blazed king of soltica were you doing?! ” Jastria yells. ”Oh wait, do you have a new elf bag? ”

”Thats the one thing you notice? ” I say. ”Look, Im kind of in a hurry but first you need to listen. If you only notice that then try and actually concentrate on me right now, Im not the exact same as before. ”

”Hm, okay. ” Jastria says.

She starts to stare at me, and I try not to look directly at her. Then she slowly walks around to check for anything. Jastria then walks back in front of me.

”I give up. ” Jastria says.

”Ugh, take my earing out. ” I say.

”Why would you- ” Jastria starts.

”Just, do it, please. ” I say.

Jastria leans down, hesitantly gets closer and touches my earring. Why won she take it off already? Im slowly losing patience. Though right before I think of doing something, she starts to unclip it. Then Jastria backs away with my earring, I feel my ears taking back their form. She just stares in shock as I stand up and take my earring back.

”Thank you very much, Jastria. ” I say. ”Also, here are the hayver leaves for trade today. I will be out near the left city gates. ”

I begin to walk away to the door; I look back at her just standing there.

”I live in the left forest side, make sure that you remember this. If you want to talk to me, call out my name 5 times. Then you will be given a message on where to go. Until next time, Jastria. ”

I finally continued my walk back to the gates; I see the old womans side shop, but no one is there. Then, as I start walking towards it, but Im stopped by a boy. Looking down I see that hes probably in his teens and slowly walk around. The boy moved and stayed in my way again. This is almost getting ridiculous, but who is he?. I look at the side shop and the old lady is walking to the front and sits down. Hm, what was her name again…? Oh!. I start to wave over at her.

”Hey, Flinda! ” I say.

”Oh my, Lusil, let him come over here. ” Flinda says.

The boy looks at her and back at me surprised but upset and moves. I walk over to her and smile, she smiles back.

”I am so sorry for that, Lusil is a boy I took in and care for. ” Flinda says. ”He was on a trip with his friends, and just got back last night. ”

”Oh, no its alright, Im just glad that you showed up. ” I say. ”How are you today? ”

”I am just great; I thank you for visiting me when you can. ” Flinda says. ”My Dear, I notice your ears are much different than before. ”

”Oh yeah, Im actually an elf. ” I say. ”Im guessing thats the reason why he stopped me? ”

”Ah yes, some elves asked for discounts. ” Flinda whispers. ”It began right when Lusil was walking back home. ”


ELF 1: ”These prices are so high mate! I can get something from another city for the same. ”

FLINDA: ”I sell the best I can here near the gates. ”

ELF 2: ”Old hag, I bet you a diamond it would be much better in another city. Although, if you put the prices down a tad bit, we won have any trouble. ”

*Lusil walks and sees the situation Flinda is in. He drops his bags and rushes over.*

LUSIL: ”Stay away from her! ”

ELF 1: ”Oi pipsqueak, move along or you will be in big trouble! ”

ELF 2: ”Careful, he is the son of one who was in the kings court of the past. ”

LUSIL: ”I said, get away from her, now! ”

ELF 2: ”You leave now boy, this isn your business. ”

*Lusil runs up and punches Elf 2 in the face.*

FLINDA: ”Lusil no! ”

ELF 2: ”You think you can best me in a fight, ridiculous! ”

*Elf 2 punches Lusil in the stomach and pushes him with his foot. Lusil falls back and coughs up blood.*

GUARD: ”You there! What is all the commotion? ”

*The guard walks over to see the situation. Lusil coughing up blood and the elves standing towards Lusil, looking back at the guard. The elves start running as soon as the guard gets closer.*

GUARD: ”Come back here! ”

*The guard runs after the elves, and they disappear in the night.*


”That is the jist of what had happened. ” Flinda says. ”I was able to give him some of our healing potion. Though he has been tense around some elves ever since. ”

”Oh, I see now. ” I say.

I look over to Lusil who was staring at me for a long while.

”What are you looking at!? ” Lusil yells.

”Lusil, quiet down! ” Flinda whispers. ”Get back inside now, there is no need to stand out. ”

Thats one heck of a kid shes handling. I wonder what life he actually had before living here… wait, I didn ask what world she used to live in!.

”Flinda, ” I whisper. ”Would you mind telling me about your other world sometime? ”

”Ah, I could tell you in a bit. ” Flinda responds. ”Lusil can take care of the shop until then. ”

Lusil walks to the shop and slightly sits dramatically while looking my way.

”Come on in now, Al. ” Flinda says. ”Lusil, make sure you do not listen to us. ”

”Yes, Flinda. ” Lusil says.

I wonder why he can listen to us.. I walk in with Flinda, as we walk I notice how small she is. We eventually sit down. Flinda starts by taking off her hood. Im shocked when I see what she really looks like.

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