Min Yu met Shao Mingwei in the early spring.

At the beginning of March, the spring season brings a cold breeze.
Monday afternoon, at two o’clock.
Min Yu was invited by the headmaster of Q University to give an inspirational speech.
The driver stopped at the parking area of the campus.
People from Q University who were assigned to the reception were already waiting in place.



Min Yu got out of the car, and the other parties greeted him.
Two professors and a tall young man.
The young man was tall and straight, with an approximate height of 1.85 meters, with a handsome face, and eyes bright as stars.
He wore a black jacket and navy blue jeans, which matched with his slender figure, wide shoulders and long legs.

Director Cheng smiled and said, “Hello, Mr.
Min, I’m Cheng Zhimin.” Then he introduced the other person next to Min Yu.
“This is Professor Qin, Qin Yicong.” 

Min Yu fastened up the buttons of his suit.
He showed a smile and nod in response.
“Director Cheng, Professor Qin.” Then he looked towards the young man standing next to Cheng Zhimin.
“This is?”


The boy immediately stepped forward and introduced himself.
“Hello, Mr.
My name is Shao Mingwei, a sophomore student.”

Cheng Zhimin smiled and patted Shao Mingwei’s shoulder, and said with pride, “Mingwei is the president of the student union of our school.
He has outstanding grades and receives an annual scholarship from the state.
He’s presently under Professor Xue Tanqi’s laboratory and has published two articles already.
With his skills, his future is surely limitless.”

The young man was humble and showed no trace of arrogance on his face.
Min Yu bent his eyes and sincerely praised, “Q talents come out in large numbers.” Then continued with a rueful voice, “The rear waves of the Yangtze River truly drive forward of those frontal waves, ah.”


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Director Chen explained in due course.
“It is indeed the Huaining Group, which was funded and established by Mr.

Min Yu said nothing about the subject of their discussion, but reminisced indistinctly and said, “The original swimming pool is a bit old.
If one doesn’t pay attention, it’ll be easier to get hurt.
Once I was in a hurry to get out of the pool.
I cut my foot on the ladder and couldn’t walk well for several days.” 

His words don’t contain any accusation.
But the merely listening Director Cheng doesn’t think so, thinking that Min Yu was accusing them of not doing well, so he had no choice but to hide his embarrassment with a laugh.

Min Yu smiled and secretly shook his head, without the intention of explaining too much.

Professor Qin had a class this afternoon while Director Cheng was suddenly called for an urgent matter, so Shao Mingwei was left to accompany Min Yu to the lecture hall.

Min Yu hasn’t come to Q University for a long time, and Q University has changed a lot. 

It was still early, so Shao Mingwei took the opportunity to introduce the tiny details to Min Yu as they walked.
Min Yu admired him even more as he looked at the young man’s upright expression, neither servile nor overbearing, and his speech was organized and distinct, which made people feel very comfortable.

Min Yu asked more about his study and life, and Shao Mingwei answered them one by one.

When the two of them came to the small intersection, Min Yu looked at Shao Mingwei, wanting to ask him where he was from, when they suddenly heard an urgent cry.
“Quickly, get out of the way, get out of the way! I’m going to crash!!!”

Min Yu hadn’t had the time to react yet when his shoulder was suddenly pulled over by a strong force.
Then half of his face was pressed closely against the shoulder of the person in front of him.
The youth’s body was emitting a strong heat.
The warmth of his chest bore through the thin suit Min Yu was wearing.
His nose was very close to the boy’s neck, so he could smell the scent of clean laundry detergent on his body.
When Min Yu felt the boy’s hard and warm chest, his heart started to beat rapidly. 

After a loud crashing noise, Min Yu heard the youth’s slightly angry voice.
“Zhao Xinran, why are you riding your bike inside the campus again? And you’re riding it so fast!”

The boy who fell on the ground quickly got up, wincing in pain.
He begged miserably and acknowledged his mistakes.
“Senior Shao, I was wrong.
There’s a terror teacher in class today and I’m afraid of arriving late.”


“If you’re afraid of arriving late, you should’ve gone a little earlier.
The brakes of your bicycle are not working, and you’re riding it so fast.
What would you do if an accident happened? Just now if I did not dodge on time, you would really hit someone.”

Min Yu’s left hand was held by Shao Mingwei while his shoulder was hugged by him.
The heat of the youth’s chest left him in a trance.
However, when he heard him mention the situation, he immediately coughed twice. 

Then Shao Mingwei, who was educating Zhao Xinran realized that he was still in his arms.
Min Yu’s hand was cold and Shao Mingwei squeezed it subconsciously.
When he realized what he did, he immediately let go and apologized.
Min, I’m so sorry this student is a freshman and he’s naturally reckless.
Are you alright?”

Min Yu straightened out his clothes and shook his head.

When Zhao Xinran heard Shao Mingwei address Min Yu as “Mr.
Min” with a respectful tone.
He immediately thought that he had caused a catastrophe and hurriedly bowed down to apologize.
“I’m so sorry Mr.
Min, it was unintentional!” He bent down and raised his head with caution and asked in fear, “Are you really alright?”

Min Yu was amused by his theater-like behavior, and responded, “I’m really alright.
Don’t you still have a class? Quickly go, ba.” 

Zhao Xinran let out a breath of relief and gingerly looked at Shao Mingwei, his eyes begging for mercy.

Shao Mingwei was helpless, finding it both funny and ridiculous.
Min has said it, quickly go to your class, be careful not to arrive late or you’ll have your name recorded.”

Zhao Xinran’s face brightened.
He quickly picked up the bicycle and walked towards Min Yu and Shao Mingwei, then said, “Then I’ll be leaving first.
Goodbye, Mr.
Min! Goodbye, Senior Shao!” He didn’t dare to ride the “handicapped” bicycle anymore, so he chose to push and trot it away.

Shao Mingwei doesn’t still feel at ease, and warned him from behind, “Don’t ride it anymore, if you ride it again it will be confiscated.” 

“I understand, Senior!”

The episode wasted a lot of time, so the two of them did not talk anymore.
It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the lecture hall.

The Huaining Group had a famous reputation, and its leader is a Q University graduate, so this lecture is very well-received.
Even though it was still early, the seats of the lecture hall were completely occupied.

Shao Mingwei led Min Yu to his seat.
The headmaster was already seated next to him.
Seeing Min Yu arrive, he stood up and greeted him.
After the two exchanged their greetings, Min Yu looked to his side, but Shao Mingwei had unknowingly disappeared.
He unknowingly felt an inexplicable disappointment, but with the host’s opening speech up on stage, he quickly left this sentiment on the back of his head. 

The headmaster will deliver a speech prior to him.
The headmaster got on the stage while Min Yu was also led by the students backstage for the preparations.

Because of the air-conditioner, the backstage of the lecture hall was not warm and was even a bit cold.
Min Yu was not a fan of wearing thick clothes since he feels that he’ll look plump with it.
At the beginning of March, he abandoned wearing coats and instead wore a thin three-piece suit instead.
Now his cheeks were freezing and a little pale, and his fingers were ice cold.

He secretly scolded himself now that he’d finally reap what he’d sown.

Unexpectedly, he heard a call that says “Mr.
Min”, at the same time a bottle of something warm was stuffed within his hand. 

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