Shao Mingwei’s throat dried up.
The words that he wanted to say had tangled up his tongue, and all that he could manage to say was, “Did you buy it yourself?”

Min Yu was taken aback.
He hesitated for a while, not knowing what to say.
Feeling exposed, his face reddened, then he slowly said, “No, my secretary helped me choose it.” He urgently explained and inadvertently brought out a coquettish tone.
“I originally planned to buy it by myself, but you know, I’m a lot older and I’m afraid that you will not like the design, so I let Xiao Ren accompany me…”



He raised his eyes and glanced at Shao Mingwei.
His fingers kept rubbing the suede surface of the watch’s box.
Feeling that his explanation was not enough, he added, “Actually, I picked it when I first saw it.
Xiao Ren said it was pretty good… so, en, it was me who chose it.
You open it and have a look.”

Shao Mingwei licked his lips unconsciously and opened the dark blue lid.
The watch inside was simple and elegant, high-quality but not overly luxurious.
You can see even at first glance that it fits him very well.
He closed the lid after.
“It looks good…” 

Hearing his praise, Min Yu’s eyes shone like tiny twinkling stars.


“But I can’t accept it.” Shao Mingwei added, finishing the second half of his sentence.

The smile on Min Yu’s face froze.

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Shao Mingwei looked away from the box, his eyes moving towards Min Yu.
He happened to meet his pitiful eyes and couldn’t help wondering how delicate and transparent Min Yu’s mind was.
He carefully prepared a suitable gift and considered the embarrassment that he would possibly feel as a poor student with nothing.
He was silently and meticulously caring and liking him.


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After the death of his parents and when he came to Beijing, there was no one who had ever looked at him with love and tenderness except for Min Yu, as if he was everything to that person who was looking at him, not to mention that this person is so good and gentle.
He has yearned for this kind of care, that’s why he’s unwilling to part with it.

He’s a smart boy.
The hardship of life had molded him to have a sensible mind, so how could he not know what Min Yu wanted.
The first time they met at Night’s, he knew what the other party wanted, and Qi Jingchun’s words made him even more certain.
He asked himself that he, who has liked girls for 20 years, if he can give the other person the love that he wanted? 

Their social standing was different, like clouds and mud, not to mention that his head right now was occupied with books and money, so he no longer had any spare time for Min Yu.
But the dark side of his personality he kept hidden from the eyes of other people–his selfishness–was the one thing that made him want to escape without making things clear to the other party.
He made a polite gesture of refusal, however he left a bit of a leeway, and his attitude was ambiguous.
He refuses, yet also welcomes.

He was only wasting the other person’s feelings, which made him feel unworthy.

At this moment, he could finally discern the nature of his selfishness.

The smile on Min Yu’s face completely solidified.
He saw the decisiveness and determination on the face of the handsome youth in front of him.
He knew that the other party was smart, upright and clear-headed.
He didn’t have high hopes but still asked in a feeble voice, “I don’t have a bit of a chance?” 

Shao Mingwei whispered, “I’m sorry…”

Min Yu’s eyes were gradually dyed red, but he chose not to feel entangled about this matter or feel too sad about it.
He could only pitifully ask for a hug.
Biting his lip, he asked softly.
“Can I hug you?”

Shao Mingwei hesitated for a moment, then looked towards him.

Min Yu slowly leaned towards his direction, and finally he buried his face in Shao Mingwei’s shoulders, nestling into the boy’s arms, and hugging his waist tightly. 

Shao Mingwei smells the faint scent of frost on Min Yu’s body.
He felt a little wetness on his right shoulder, and finally couldn’t help but reach out and gently rub the frail back of the person in his arms.

The car was quiet for a while.


Min Yu let go of him.
His face had returned to normal, except that his eyes were still a little red.
However, his eyes were filled with polite alienation that he had never shown to Shao Mingwei before, then whispered, “Keep the watch, ba.” But taking a look at Shao Mingwei, the polite estrangement in his eyes weakened uncontrollably, “Treat it as a… token of remembrance.”

Shao Mingwei felt some regret in his heart, but did not refuse anymore and took the watch.
“Thank you, Mr.

“Then I’ll go first.” Shao Mingwei opened the door and got out of the car, slightly bent over and said goodbye to Min Yu through the lowered glass window.
“Goodbye, Mr.

Min Yu was silent for a moment, then showed a faint smile.

Shao Mingwei quietly watched the window slowly rise in front of him.
His car joined the other moving cars on the road until he could no longer spot it.

He exhaled and clutched his backpack.
He did not enter the empty campus, but turned around and crossed the road from the sidewalk to the subway station. 

On the next day, Shao Mingwei asked for a day off from the shopping center, preparing to take Shao Rong to an ocean park.

The night before, he arrived home at 12 o’clock and Shao Rong was already asleep.
He turned on the lights, prepared the pork fillings for the pork steamed buns.
He divided the dough, flattened it, then added some fillings.
He twisted the dough’s edges together to wrap the pork fillings. The small steamed buns that were enough for two people to eat were neatly stacked inside the bamboo steamer.
Heating the water under high fire, he put the bamboo basket into the pot, steaming the buns until the water boils.
After doing all this, a period of time has already passed.

Getting up early in the morning, Shao Mingwei heated the pork steamed buns and cooked a noodle soup, then both brother and sister had their breakfast at home.
After Shao Mingwei packed up the things that Shao Rong might use outside, the two went out.
They lived a little farther from the ocean park, and Shao Mingwei was afraid that Shao Rong would feel uncomfortable, so he decided to call for a taxi.

At this time, there were not many visitors in the ocean park.
Although they did not do any strenuous activities, after an hour of strolling around, Shao Rong was still out of breath. 

Shao Mingwei was deeply worried, so he said, “Rong Rong, should we go to the hospital for a check-up ahead of time? I think you easily get tired more and more lately.”

Shao Rong shook her head with all her strength and stubbornly said, “Isn’t this because I always stay at home for most of the summer vacation that my physical strength declines? In that case, I’ll be having a check-up in one month.
Brother, you don’t need to worry.”

Shao Mingwei: “Then you must tell brother if you are feeling unwell, don’t–”

“I know, I know, ai, looking over there, let’s go and see.” Shao Rong interrupted his nagging, pulling him to the area where the crowd gathered. 

Shao Mingwei said in a helpless voice, “Don’t go so fast, you will get tired easily like this…”

Translator’s Corner: Min Yu crying… ouch


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