Chapter 22

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The next day, the two of them ate at Nights. 

Shao Mingwei knows of Min Yu’s gentle nature.
Through the night, Min Yu showed his usual calm and composed temperament that Shao Mingwei could not help but look at with a smile.
Seeing his neatly combed jet-black hair, white thin face, delicate slim-fit suit, and elegant posture, he’s unaware that his gaze gradually turned solemn.

But Shao Mingwei didn’t realize that his fixated eyes, although subconscious, could still affect Min Yu.



However, Shao Mingwei was not aware of his devoted eyes, let alone the impact of those eyes on Min Yu.

At the end of dinner, the two were not in a hurry to leave.
Shao Mingwei once again fell into a daze unconsciously looking at Min Yu.
Min Yu was somewhat confused and embarrassed.
He lowered his eyes slightly to avoid the ardent eyes of the boy, and couldn’t help but ask, “Am I too strange today? You have been looking at me…” 

“Ah no…” Shao Mingwei abruptly regained his consciousness and realized his inexplicable behavior at that moment.
He touched his nose, words coiling inside his mouth several times until he finally found a suitable excuse.
“I slept too late last night, so I’m not in good spirits today.” He even yawned solemnly.


He couldn’t say, you’re so good-looking, that I was entranced.

Min Yu frowned slightly, and said with concern, “The beginning of school was too hectic?” He pursed his lips, seemingly reluctant but had no choice but to say, “If you are tight on time, you must tell me… You don’t have to accommodate me every time.
I have nothing important to do.

Shao Mingwei stared at his thick and long eyelashes and somewhat turned dumb.


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He forced a laugh.
“Actually, I’m not very busy.
I went to bed quite early.
Maybe I was not used to the sudden change of bed when I first slept at school and was somewhat suffering from insomnia.”

Shao Mingwei didn’t know that he also had the talent for inventing crazy nonsense, so at the moment of desperation, he opened his mouth and talked rubbish in haste.

Min Yu nodded, but it’s unknown whether he believed it or not. 

Shao Mingwei touched the back of his head, wanting to skip this topic quickly, without even thinking, he said, “That, will you still eat here next time?”

“…” Min Yu glanced at him.

“No, I didn’t mean anything by that.” Shao Mingwei wanted to bite off his tongue.
He didn’t mean to joke, but it came out like he’s teasing.
He lowered his brows, looking at Min Yu with anxiety.
With his deep facial features and a downcast look, he resembles a living big, dumb dog.

Min Yu couldn’t help it, his eyes curved from the smile, and said softly, “You…” 

Min Yu was actually a little happy in his heart.
He found that although Shao Mingwei was still calling him Mr.
Min, he had gradually stopped treating him as Mr.
Min but was now facing him as “Min Yu”.
He’s always worried that he was too old for Shao Mingwei.
There were times that he couldn’t fully grasp the correct attitude of an elder in front of him–although he didn’t want to maintain it either–he couldn’t help but want to rely on the other party and show his childish affection to him, yet he’s afraid that it would make the other party feel that he’s being pretentious.

But now, Min Yu gradually let go of this worry and pressure.

Seeing that Min Yu was not upset, Shao Mingwei’s taut heartstrings relaxed, but in the end, Min Yu didn’t say where they would meet next time, and only said, “think about it later.”

As the days passed, Shao Rong’s physical condition gradually improved under the careful care of Aunt Jiang and Shao Mingwei.
Finally, in mid-September, Dr.
Sun informed Shao Mingwei in a good mood: Shao Rong’s kidney transplant operation could be scheduled in one week. 

After receiving good news, Shao Mingwei was in a brisk mood for several days.
With a bright expression, he occasionally glanced at his phone absent-mindedly.

Once or twice, is tolerable.
The more times that Shao Rong saw it, she couldn’t hold her curiosity and asked, “Brother, you always look at your phone, are you waiting for someone’s call?”


“…” Shao Mingwei denied, “No, I was looking at the time.”

He didn’t want to admit that he was waiting for Min Yu’s call. 

It was unknown whether Min Yu was really afraid of disturbing him or was busy with other things.
Since the last time they’ve met each other at Nights, the two haven’t seen each other for half a month.
Shao Mingwei suspected that Min Yu had inserted a white feather directly into his heart, brushing it over from time to time to make him feel its existence.
He was indeed led by the nose, occasionally opening Min Yu’s page in his contact list intentionally or unintentionally in his spare time, staring at it in a daze.

He thought, no matter how busy he is, he should have the time to eat.
Could it be that Min Yu is on a business trip?

There was a faint regret when he talked nonsense about looking at the time just now, but he did not think that this kind of emotion was odd and wrong.

However, he did not take the initiative to call Min Yu because he could not find a suitable, effective, and high-sounding reason to contact the other party. 

He felt that the development of things was a little out of control, but it was reasonable.

When Min Yu finally contacted him, and Shao Mingwei saw the two words “Mr.
Min” on the screen of his phone, he suddenly stood up from the chair.
Shao Rong was frightened by the movement.
Seeing his serious expression, she anxiously asked, “Brother, what’s the matter?”

Shao Mingwei replied as he strode out, “It’s nothing, it’s something about school, I’ll go out and answer the phone.”

He took a deep breath and connected the call.
“Hello, Mr.

“Mingwei.” Min Yu’s voice was as gentle as ever, and Shao Mingwei immediately felt that the feather in his heart began to make trouble again, sweeping in his heart, over and over again.
“How’s your sister’s situation? Is there anything I can help you with?”

Shao Mingwei said, “The doctor said that the surgery will be next week, for two days she will be nursed back to health for the operation,” he hesitated and paused for a moment but asked anyway, “Were you too busy recently?”

Min Yu didn’t expect that he would take the initiative to ask.
He was momentarily caught off guard, but also somewhat happy and explained with a smile, “En…a little bit, but it’s better now.”

His explanation was vague, but Shao Mingwei still breathed a sigh of relief inexplicably, and did not continue to ask more, and would only ask when he had something to say that was troublesome. 

Perhaps, because the two hadn’t seen each other for a long time, the conversation between both parties suddenly made them feel somewhat shy.
The silence mixed with the sound of breathing in the microphone lasted for a good while.

But no one hung up the phone.
In the end, it was Min Yu who broke the peaceful atmosphere and asked in a low voice, “Do you have free time tomorrow?”

Shao Mingwei gently kicked the wall twice and looked at the medical facts propaganda posted on the wall of the hospital’s corridor.
He smiled all of a sudden, then whispered, “En.”

“I have.” 

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