After hanging up the phone, Min Yu sent Shao Mingwei an address.
It was an old neighborhood and was very close to the hospital where Shao Rong was confined.
The greenery of the community is very good, and the breath of life is strong.
When Shao Mingwei goes to the hospital and passes there, he can always see the wide lush green creeping vines on the walls of the unit building, some of it was slightly hanging into the windows of the residences, swaying with the wind. 

Shao Mingwei doubted if this was really his house.
Surprisingly, Min Yu would live in this kind of half-furnished place.
He thought that the other party would live in a high-end apartment or a single-family villa with a garden like Qi’s family.
But he didn’t think much about it.
This is just one of his other residences.

Before going, Shao Mingwei hesitated whether to bring any gifts.
He thought about bringing a piece of cake that Shao Rong liked to eat.
It’s just that this shop is a well-known Internet celebrity shop, so the price is high and their most popular signature cake is limited in stock.
Every time before noon, it would be sold out.
Because of her health condition, Shao Rong didn’t have the chance to eat it frequently.
Shao Mingwei thought of Min Yu’s light taste and preference for sweets every time they ate together and decided to bring him a delicate and beautiful cake.



To prevent the signature cake from being sold out, Shao Mingwei went to the store early to line up and buy it.
He stood in front of the counter and looked at the rows of fancy desserts and somewhat turned dizzy.
It was probably the work of demons and gods because he suddenly thought of Min Yu’s appearance in eating the cake.
His throat moved slightly.

“Mister, what would you like to order?” The staff at the counter smiled sweetly. 

Shao Mingwei came back to his senses and discovered that the person in front of him had already gone.
He pointed inside the glass cabinet.
“Please help me wrap this piece.”


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Seeing Shao Mingwei, Min Yu’s eyes flashed with a trace of annoyance, as if upset that Shao Mingwei was too punctual.
But the moment he was facing the young man, he couldn’t think anymore.
His eyes didn’t blink either, as if his eyes could only see the youth.
His eyes shone brightly.
It was not until Shao Mingwei said something that he realized that he looked like an idiot.
He couldn’t help but feel that his cheeks were getting hot.
He covered it up and said, “En, come in first, ba.”


“Here’s a pair of new slippers.” Min Yu took out a pair of slippers from the shoe rack and put them in front of Shao Mingwei’s feet.
He looked up and saw the cake box in his hand.
“That’s for me?”

Shao Mingwei hummed.
He handed the cake to him.
A little shy, he said, “I don’t know what to bring, but I bought a few slices, thinking you should like sweet ones.”

“Actually, there is no need to trouble yourself bringing a gift,” Min Yu took it.
His mouth was speaking polite words.
However, he held it in his hand, looked at the cake box left and right with some restraint, loving it so much that he’s rather unwilling to part with it.
Finally, he whispered softly and joyfully, “Thank you.
I like it very much.”

Shao Mingwei touched the back of his head.
“It’s good that you like it.” 

Min Yu seemed to suddenly remember something, put the box on the table, and said to Shao Mingwei, “You can look around first or watch TV.
Lunch will be ready in a while.” He turned on the TV while talking and then walked quickly to the kitchen.

The room was filled with the warm smell of chili and Sichuan pepper.
Shao Mingwei changed his shoes and approached the kitchen, only to inhale the faint scorched smell in the air.
The kitchen door was not closed, so he heard Min Yu’s voice answering a call.
“Is that so? Okay, I got it.
Sister, I’ll hang up first.
The guest is already here…”

After that, there was a sound in the kitchen, completely unlike the sound made by the kitchen utensils in the hands of someone who can cook.
Shao Mingwei did not feel at ease, so he opened the door of the kitchen and said to the flustered Min Yu inside, “Do you need my help?”

Min Yu look at him coming in, then looked at the messy chopping board.
His face turned red, so he walked over and gently pushed Shao Mingwei out of the kitchen.
“I can do it alone.
It will be fine after a while.
You go out first.” 

Shao Mingwei saw that his posture was that of a complete beginner.
Listening to his words, he was still worried, so he said, “You really don’t need my help?”

Min Yu was somewhat upset by his distrustful eyes, but also felt a little sweet.
He lowered his head and vow to assure him.
“Really, no need.”

Shao Mingwei is taller than him.
From this angle, only the disarrayed bangs and the tip of his nose could be seen.
The tip of his nose was stained with white flour.
Without thinking, Shao Mingwei raised his hand to help him gently wipe it off.

Suddenly, the moment their skin touched, it was as if electricity passed through their skin and both of them jolted. 

For a while, no one spoke.
Even the wind was slow-moving and silent.
Only the unfastened faucet above the sink made an unhurried “drip” and “drop” sound.

Shao Mingwei was the first to react.
He rubbed his thumb and index finger twice together, then touched his nose, and stuttered upon his words.
“It’s co… covered with flour, um… then you cook.
If there’s something, you… can call me.”


Min Yu didn’t expect his actions, so he gave an absentminded “en”, then raised his head and smiled at Shao Mingwei with a blushing cheek.
“It’ll be ready soon.
You can stroll to other rooms first.” After that, he entered the kitchen and the translucent glass door closed.

Shao Mingwei stood there blankly for a while and then followed Min Yu’s words to look at the rooms around the house.
This is a house with three bedrooms and one living room.
There’s a master bedroom with a bathroom and another two bedrooms.
A kitchen and a common bathroom, and then the living room.
Although the neighborhood appears to be too old, Min Yu’s house is fresh and tidy.
The decoration of the living room and the master bedroom are simple and chic.
The second bedroom looked like a guest room, which was bright and neat.
And there’s the other bedroom with warm-colored wallpapers, soft and delicate decorations, which seem to be prepared for… a girl. 

Shao Mingwei didn’t think that Min Yu needed a room for a girl.
When he linked it together with the address, he had a strange feeling, as if enlightenment struck him and he suddenly had a wild guess.

As he strolled around, there was a sound of a falling knife on the floor coming from the kitchen.
Shao Mingwei paused and immediately ran to the kitchen.
He pried the door open and a worried expression appeared on his face.
“What happened?”

Min Yu firmly held the knife, picked it up, then put it back beside the cutting board, and next to it was the processed half-chopped fish.
Min Yu slightly frowned, a little embarrassed, his left hand unnaturally hidden in his back, “It’s nothing…”

Shao Mingwei strides forward, firmly yet gently pulling his left wrist to his eyes.
“I will only take a look.” 

Seeing that Min Yu’s left index finger had been cut with a not-so shallow wound, blood pouring out non-stop and even dripping down to the ground, Shao Mingwei’s face turned tight.
His brows wrinkled anxiously.

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