At Q University’s backstreet, food stalls.

Min Yu sat on a plastic stool, watching Shao Mingwei’s hands full of different snacks.
He was slightly surprised and hesitant.
He smiled, asking, “Isn’t that quite a lot? I can’t finish it all.”



“It doesn’t matter.
It’s not expensive.” Shao Mingwei quickly put the steaming foods on the small square table, which instantly filled most of the table, and said tenderly, “You can taste whichever you like, and give me the rest if you can’t finish it.”

Min Yu took a glutinous rice dumpling and put it in his mouth.
The warm and sweet flavor filled his taste buds.
He didn’t eat so much at their dinner meeting earlier, and now he could only sigh in satisfaction.
Seeing that Shao Mingwei was still standing by his side, looking around as if looking for something, he pulled his sleeve.
“Sit down and eat together.
These are enough for the two of us.” 

Shao Mingwei seems to have found what he’s been looking for, that his eyes were shining.
He subconsciously held Min Yu’s hand and said, somewhat ecstatic, “I thought the vendor wouldn’t be selling it today.” He pointed at the portable stall at a distance.
“Their homemade glutinous rice cake with brown sugar is very popular.
I will buy them for you to try.
You like to eat sweets, so you should like it.”


After saying something, Shao Mingwei let go of Min Yu’s hand and strode over before Min Yu could even stop him.

Min Yu is dressed in formal attire.
Even if he took off his coat and was only wearing a shirt, he still looked inconsistent among the group of students who were coming out for a midnight snack, but he was not the least embarrassed.
His attitude was natural and graceful.
While eating, his eyes filled with excitement followed Shao Mingwei who was buying food for him.
He watched the young man turn his head to look at him from time to time while queuing.
Min Yu would then show him a well-behaved and gentle smile.

At this time, Shao Mingwei wanted to bring all the delicious things that Min Yu liked.


Shao Mingwei came back carrying glutinous rice cakes with brown sugar and a freshly fried stinky tofu its steam wafting on his body.
“Eat while it’s hot.”

He didn’t sit down but instead glanced around, and quickly said to Min Yu, “I’ll go and buy us some drinks.”

He was like a gust of wind.
He had already left before Min Yu could even speak.
Min Yu smiled, feeling a little sweet in his heart.


Soon enough, Shao Mingwei was carrying a cup of milk tea and a cup of sour prune juice, and in his fingers hung a paper box full of fried meatballs. 

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Shao Mingwei touched the back of his head.
“The female students in our class like this kind of taro ball milk tea.
I don’t know if you will like it.” He also pushed the sour plum juice forward.
“Eat these fried foods, then drink some sour plum juice to relieve the greasiness.
You can give it to me if you can’t finish it.
I’ll finish it for you.”

The autumn night was very cool, but Shao Mingwei’s forehead was glistening with sweat.
He looked at Min Yu expectantly, somewhat embarrassed.
“Actually, I seldomly come here to eat.
I don’t know if the food tastes good, if there’s something you don’t like to eat, don’t eat it.”

He seldomly went out for midnight snacks with his classmates.
First of all, he doesn’t have the time.
And although he’s not ashamed of being short of money, he wants to save as much as possible and is conscious about spending.
He would always eat in the cafeteria and this midnight snack, an extra leisure that is not cheap, was not part of Shao Mingwei’s options.
So although the food stalls at the backstreet are in full swing, he is actually not familiar with them.
The snacks he bought were from stalls with a good reputation that had long queues among his classmates.
As for buying so much, he didn’t even have a shred of other thoughts when he paid.
He just wanted to make Min Yu, who hadn’t eaten enough dinner to be satiated.
Even if he foresaw what would happen next, he didn’t feel distressed or regretful and even felt that he could only be wronged by inviting him to eat these. 

Shao Mingwei didn’t notice anything at all.
His mind was presently occupied with Min Yu eating happily.

Min Yu’s heart turned hot and soft.
Smiling gently, he did not rush to eat, but instead took out a lily-white handkerchief and wiped his forehead gently.

His movements were considerate and natural, so it wouldn’t drive people’s minds into the gutter.
Just like an elder brother who loves his younger brother, carefully taking care of the other party.

A faint fragrance of perfume wafted over his face.
Shao Mingwei’s face turned rigid by the soft touch.
His face was hot, then he stuttered, “My face is all sweaty, k-keep your handkerchief.
I will stain it.” 

“It doesn’t matter.” Min Yu put it away.
Looking at the table filled with snacks, he smiled helplessly.
“You bought so much, we won’t be able to finish it all.”

After Shao Mingwei heard what he said, he recovered from his embarrassment.
He smiled with a bit of doting that he didn’t even realize.
“It’s alright, we can taste everything slowly, then finish what we can finish.”


In the end, both of them were full and didn’t finish it all.
Shao Mingwei jokes, “It’s a rare waste.”

The two took a walk for faster digestion.
Min Yu took a deep breath and said, “I used to come here for a midnight snack with my classmates before when I was in the university, but there were a lot of changes that I couldn’t recognize anymore.” He walked slowly as if killing some time and suddenly said with a faint melancholy, “It’s been more than ten years.
I’m so old.” 

Shao Mingwei glanced at him, and quickly said, “You’re not old.”

Min Yu smiled and said nothing.

The two walked quietly for a while.

The place was close to the back entrance of the school.
It was getting late, so no one was passing by, only the sound of insects at night could be heard.
Shao Mingwei and Min Yu were walking close to the brick walls, and the plants sticking out from the other side of the walls blocking the streetlights, and the trace of darkness shrouds the both of them. 

Shao Mingwei’s thoughts lingered on Min Yu’s words, “I’m so old” which was said in a frustrated manner.
He wanted to comfort him, let him know he wasn’t old at all, and tell him that he sincerely thought so, but after he pondered almost every polished and refined word he could think of, he felt that they would sound insincere.
Walking in the shadows, he didn’t know where the impulse and courage came from.
He took Min Yu’s slightly cool hand and held it in his palm.

He discovered that Min Yu had been stunned silly.
The temperature on his face rose significantly, then he murmured, “You don’t look old at all, you look very good.”

The darkness was the best protective cover, and Min Yu, who was as if scalded by Shao Mingwei’s hand, gave a soft “en”.

The two people held hands and turned past the corner of the backstreet.
There were no longer shadows from the trees, and the number of people gradually increased.
Shao Mingwei let go of Min Yu’s hand, but they would still occasionally rub against each other ambiguously and it’s actually more thrilling than holding hands. 

Soon they arrived at the school gate.
Shao Mingwei looked at Min Yu’s obviously reluctant expression, and said, “Why don’t you rest at our dormitory first? There won’t be any outsiders.”

Min Yu’s eyes lit up.
“Can I?”

Seeing his sparkling eyes, Shao Mingwei touched his nose.
“You can, but boy dormitories are quite messy.
I hope you don’t mind.”

Before going, Min Yu bought a pair of two large bags filled with snacks and drinks in the school’s supermarket.
Rushing to pay to satisfy his addiction of pampering, he said to Shao Mingwei, “You can keep these for yourself, and give some to your roommates.” 

Shao Mingwei was a little helpless.
“You don’t need to buy so much…”

Min Yu pretended not to hear and was about to leave with the four plastic bags, but Shao Mingwei hurriedly caught up and took it all from his hand, and said, “You bought it, so I’ll be carrying it.”

Min Yu didn’t grab it from him either and followed him back to the dormitory with a smile.

At this time, all 327 occupants were there.
When Shao Mingwei and Min Yu entered, Liu Yang was crackling and rattling, playing with his games while Feng Ji and Wang Yicong were both studying, wearing headphones. 

Shao Mingwei coughed and drew the attention of the three people.
“This is my brother.” He put the two bags of snacks on the table that were placed in the middle of the dormitory and said with a smile, “This is for you all.
Come and take some.”

Min Yu’s eyes smiled, possessing the correct attitude of an elder brother.
“Hello everyone.”


Liu Yang howled “Oh”, and leaned towards the table, taking out a bag of potato chips.
“Hello, brother! Thank you, brother!”

When Shao Mingwei heard him call intimately, he scolded him while smiling, “Who is your brother? Stop taking advantage of others.

Feng Ji and Wang Yicong also smiled and said hello, then came over to sit at the table.

Shao Mingwei cleared some stuff away and let Min Yu sit on the bed.
He seldomly stays in the dormitory during the day, so the bed is quite tidy.

If Min Yu had the intention of making others happy, he can do it without leaving a trace.
A moment later, he and the 327 occupants, except Shao Mingwei, had a very good chat and started calling him brother one by one.

Shao Mingwei was sitting next to Min Yu and listening to his roommate’s address Min Yu as brother.
He couldn’t say anything to stop them, and felt a little depressed, and started to regret that Min Yu had come over. 

With a straight face, he felt that the hand he placed on his back was suddenly rubbed against.
His heart skipped a beat, and before he could even react, his hand had been gently held.
He turned his head to look at Min Yu.
The other party was listening carefully to what Feng Ji was saying, and even gave some suggestions, then Feng Ji suddenly felt enlightened.

Shao Mingwei: “…”

Min Yu chuckled slyly.

Under the lights, the five people were eating and chatting, and the atmosphere was joyous and harmonious. 

However, in the bed, behind the two people, Min Yu quietly held Shao Mingwei’s hand, ten fingers gradually intertwining with each other.

Shao Mingwei did not try to break away.
And Min Yu felt that the flowers he had planted were about to bloom.

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Real-life and school responsibilities are sweeping me up these days.
Hopefully, by Feb.
16 I’ll find some free time.
I’m so sorry guys.
I’ll make it up to you’ll when I come back.
Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 

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