Chapter 33

Translator: Deyonna

Perhaps the intense desire was finally vented out, or perhaps the two were just reluctant to swallow the whole date without chewing that their kiss this time was exceptionally gentle.
Shao Mingwei sucked Min Yu’s lips and his tongue was entangled by the other party’s tongue, leisurely teasing it.
In the corner of the dark underground parking lot, in an unlit compartment, a pair of lovers were silently expressing their love and happiness to each other through the gentle and intimate entanglement of lips and tongues. 

Unstained with sensuality and eroticism, the ambiguous atmosphere filled with love resembled still waters, spreading and drowning the two of them, thus the world no longer had the bleakness of autumn, but was instead filled with the soft warmth of spring.

Shao Mingwei held his waist with one hand, while he cupped his cheek with the other.
He couldn’t help but caress the back of Min Yu’s ear and cheek with his slender fingers as if he was addicted to it.
However, he had unknowingly touched the warm wetness at the corner of his eye.
He was momentarily stunned, lightly withdrawing from Min Yu’s lips.
His expression was that of a helpless young boy.



Shao Mingwei pursed his lips, not knowing what he did wrong.
“Why are you crying? What I promised is all true.
I will treat you well.
If you’re unwilling…”

“Not unwilling.” Min Yu shook his head vigorously to deny.
He covered his reddish eyes with his hands, but his exposed red ears showed his embarrassment and unsteady mood.
He whispered in frustration, “I don’t know why I’m crying, maybe I’m just too happy…” He pouted unconsciously and said almost angrily, “I really just like you so much.” 

Shao Mingwei was slightly startled, then his eyes curved looking at the childish Min Yu-who tried to cover his eyes, pretending that he wasn’t crying-with deep love in his eyes that he wasn’t even aware of.
He cocked his lips, did not try to pull Min Yu’s hand away, but instead cupped his face, gently kissed Min Yu’s swollen lips, and said while chuckling, “What a coincidence, I also like you so much.
I really like, really like, really really like you.”


Right after, Min Yu couldn’t care less about his discomfort and embarrassment.
He put down his hands in a daze and looked at Shao Mingwei, but tears flowed out directly from his eyes, converging down to his chin, dripping like pearls and wetting Shao Mingwei’s trousers.

Shao Mingwei only felt that those teardrops were stabbing his heart, making him feel soft and distressed.
He pulled Min Yu’s with his arm, bringing him closer to him.
Shao Mingwei raised his chin lightly.
He licked and kissed his wet eyes, pacifying him in a low voice.
“Stop crying.
It hurts me seeing you cry… I’m sincere to you, and I’m also sincere when I say I like you.” He retreated and traced Min Yu’s eyebrow.
“So stop crying, okay?”

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All of a sudden, the two of them inexplicably stopped talking and fell silent for a moment.
The intense emotions caused by the confession retreated and rationality returned.
Shyness, nervousness, and the not so overwhelming embarrassment quickly emerged after the disoriented intimate entanglement brewing in a silent atmosphere.
They looked at each other, their breathing intermingled, both of them laughed at the same time.
They tacitly looked away because of embarrassment, but immediately turned back to look at each other, reluctant to shy away from each other’s faces.

In the end, in the atmosphere that seemed to be entangled with flame, the ambiguity turned into a substance.
Min Yu was the first to surrender.
He buried his thin and delicate red face in Shao Mingwei’s arms.


The two embraced quietly and tenderly. 

But the ringing of the phone broke the silence, bringing them back to reality.

Suddenly, Min Yu remembered that he had planned to return to the company, but now he had completely forgotten.
He thought silently in his heart: Beauty can really make people forget.
He picked up Secretary Ren’s call.
“En, Secretary Ren… right, I was caught up with something.
You can ask everyone to wait for a moment.
I will be there in a while.

Hanging up the phone, Min Yu apologized.
“I need to deal with something in the company.
I should go back immediately.”

“En, you go.” Shao Mingwei held his hand and said, but there was reluctance and dissatisfaction in his eyes.
He leaned closer to him.
“Let’s see each other in the evening?” 

Min Yu smiled shyly.

Shao Mingwei couldn’t help but kiss him again.


Shao Mingwei had no experience in terms of romantic relationships.
He’s a real first love experience, and he never thought that someone would have such a great influence on him.
He has two professional classes from three to five o’clock, but his mind is full of Min Yu, a gentle Min Yu, a blushing Min Yu, a weeping Min Yu, and a smiling Min Yu… All kinds of emotions, all kinds of Min Yu came rushing back and forth before his eyes and couldn’t hear a word.
He couldn’t help but ponder his intersection with Min Yu over and over again.
He was fortunate, but he doesn’t know whether he was fortunate to have met Min Yu or he was fortunate that Min Yu hadn’t given up liking him.
He wrote Min Yu’s name consciously in his notebook up and down. 

His mind was becoming restless.
He wanted time to pass quickly, but just this morning, he wished that time would go a little slower to allow him to sort out his thoughts and calm his mood.
It was like there was a nail on his chair that was agitating him.
Even Liu Yang, who’s beside him, could see it.
He leaned over and asked him in a low voice, “Mingwei, are you okay? Is there something troubling you?”

Shao Mingwei covered the notebook naturally, which was full of Min Yu’s name.
Prevaricating, he said, “No, there’s a problem that I don’t understand.”


After school, he excused himself that he would go to work on his part-time job and didn’t eat with Liu Yang, so he let him go back first, sitting on his seat, he stared at the phone in a daze, its screen turning bright to dark, then dark to bright.

Waiting until most of his classmates were leaving the classroom, Shao Mingwei finally overcame his difficulties.
In fear of disturbing Min Yu with a phone call, he sent a WeChat instead: Are you done with work? 

Who knows, Min Yu seems to be guarding his phone, waiting for his message.
He instantly replied: Not yet. Behind the screen, there’s a cute grumbling expression on his face.

Shao Mingwei smiled, fingers typing with speed: Have you eaten?

Min Yu replied: No yet, I am going to let Secretary Ren order some food.

Shao Mingwei didn’t know what had come up to him when he hurriedly replied: Don’t order takeaways, how about I go and deliver food to you? 

After the message was sent, Min Yu’s caller ID was displayed on the screen.

After Shao Mingwei connected the call, Min Yu pretended to ask, “Is it troublesome?” But the eagerness in his voice couldn’t be concealed.

Shao Mingwei chuckled.
“Not troublesome, as long as it doesn’t bother you.”

Min Yu was silent, and his breathing was not so obvious.
He became shy but then said after a while, “How can you be a bother, then you come over, ba.
Call me when you arrive, and I will ask Xiao Ren to pick you up.

“Okay.” Shao Mingwei chuckled, then hung up the phone.
He quickly packed up his bag and strode out of the classroom.

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