This is the first time Shao Mingwei saw Min Yu’s working appearance.
The way he looked when he was with him was too different.
When at work, he was serious and conscientious, faced with errant subordinates, he wore an unsmiling face.
The aura he exudes was formidable, even a little scary.
The head of the two middle-aged men that looked like managers was dropping, repeatedly nodding as they kept on wiping the cold sweat dripping on their foreheads.

Min Yu methodically asked a few questions.
The two men were questioned to the point where they stuttered as they answered until they turned speechless.
He knit his brows, but he doesn’t want to embarrass the two so much, so he thought for a while instead and quickly gave a solution plan.
The other person standing felt enlightened at first, but afterward his face was full of shame, quickly saying that he would get things done as soon as possible.



Min Yu didn't have the habit of talking too much.
He criticizes in a few words with a cold voice, but even if it were a few words, the person who was criticized didn’t dare speak out, so there was a silence in the office.

Anyone who sees Min Yu like this won’t probably have the energy to pay attention to his soft and beautiful appearance, and would instead not dare to look up due to the invisible pressure.
However, Shao Mingwei wasn’t even a bit frightened at all, because he knew how gentle and lovely this man was inside, how shy and pure he was.
It was only this time that for the first time he had seen so clearly that Min Yu is indeed the leader of the enormous Huaining Group, but he had completely forgotten the huge gap between the two of them because, at the moment, his head and eyes were full of Min Yu.
This version of him was so fascinating and captivating that people can’t take their eyes away. 

He’s so charming, and he belonged to him.
Shao Mingwei thought with joy, his heart beating violently because of Min Yu.


Perhaps sensing Shao Mingwei’s passionate gaze-while the other two were not paying attention-Min Yu glanced at him but was instead captured by his infatuated eyes.
He suddenly felt that the two of them were having a clandestine affair under the nose of the outsiders.
Min Yu’s originally taut face slowly turned crimson.

Shao Mingwei smiled silently at him.
Min Yu turned his head, looking away in a panic, and said quickly to the two subordinates in a steady voice, “Okay, you two can go out first.”

The two thought he was impatient, so they didn’t even dare to lift their heads, and left the office in despair, closing the door softly.


After the sound of the closing door, the office once fell into silence.
This is the first time the two of them have been alone again after they expressed the thoughts in their hearts.
And although the afternoon was closely approaching, Min Yu was still so excited and embarrassed that he didn’t even dare look at Shao Mingwei.
With a flushed face, he lowered his eyes.
He seems to be carefully reading the documents on the table, but in fact, the words on the paper couldn’t even enter his eyes.

He waited for a while but he didn’t hear Shao Mingwei’s movement after a long time, so he couldn’t help but look at him, only to discover that he was looking at him with a smile on his face, just then did he realize that he was teasing him, and he was so annoyed that he wanted to glare at him.
But he didn’t expect that when he looked at Shao Mingwei, he would be enwrapped by the deep yet serene emotions in his eyes, all at once forgetting what he just wanted to do.

Inside the office, across the sofa and a chair, the two of them sat separated by a few meters, looking at each other silently.


The still waters run deep, their thoughts hidden.
But what the two of them had been wanting to say-the words from their thoughts and love-were already spoken in silence. 

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This is also his Min Yu, this soft Min Yu that only he can see, Shao Mingwei thought.

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Shao Mingwei took a deep breath, stood up, and then quickly walked to where Min Yu was seated. 

Min Yu looked up at him blankly.

In front of his eyes, Shao Mingwei bent down, both of his hands were propped up on the armrest of the seat supporting his body, then he kissed Min Yu softly.

After he withdrew, Shao Mingwei stayed in place and looked directly into Min Yu’s eyes.

Min Yu smiled shyly, then hooked his arms around Shao Mingwei’s neck. 

Amidst the silence, the two shared another slow and gentle kiss.

Shao Mingwei took out the food in the insulation bag, arranged it on the table in an orderly manner, and poured a bowl of soup.
He also put the chopsticks and spoon in front of Min Yu thoughtfully and then sat down opposite him.


Seeing the tableware for only one person, Min Yu thought for a moment and asked, “Aren’t you going to eat it?”

Shao Mingwei said, “I already ate at home.
The lunch box is too small for two people.
It’s not enough for us, so I brought more for you, and if you can’t finish eating the rest…” He caressed Min Yu’s face and smiled softly.
“I’ll help you finish it.
Quickly eat ba, it will get cold.” 

Min Yu clipped a vegetable with two chopsticks.
Then he suddenly remembered something, and asked with some concern, “Was I fierce just now?” Before Shao Mingwei could even answer, he wrinkled his brows then explained, “Actually, I’m not usually like this.
I don’t get angry often and I don’t like to criticize people.” He wrinkled his nose, and said with some grievances and dissatisfaction, “It’s just that I have to deal with so many things.
There are always people in the company who love to fish in troubled waters.
If something goes wrong, they won’t report it right away.
They will only let me know if the problem turns too big that they can’t hide it anymore.
This time, the company will cooperate with Chiwei and I attach great importance to it, so I’m strictly supervising everything, and it happens that I caught these two department managers’ faults by chance that’s why…” Min Yu felt that he was talking too much as if he was complaining and shirking responsibility and his voice gradually faded as he glanced at Shao Mingwei’s expression.

Shao Mingwei’s eyes curved, then he said, “You did what you’re supposed to do.
I’m just not used to it, and…”

He deliberately pretended to be mysterious, and intentionally hung his words to arouse Min Yu’s curiosity.

It suddenly dawned on Min Yu that Shao Mingwei was actually a little mischievous young man, but he couldn’t help but take the bait.
“I should be strict, otherwise they would be fearless in front of me.” 

Seeing him explain anxiously and softly, Shao Mingwei pursed his thin lips, then smiled.
After a while, he continued his words, “And it’s very charming that I’m completely fascinated.”

Min Yu immediately blushed and stopped talking.

He couldn’t resist Shao Mingwei’s self-taught love words and flirting.

After the meal, Shao Mingwei tidied up the table. 

Min Yu hesitated for a moment and said, “I still have some work to do.
Can I ask Secretary Ren to take you back to school?”

Shao Mingwei rubbed his head and said with a smile, “I have nothing to do at night, so I’ll wait for you here, ba? Will it disturb you?”

Min Yu was stunned for a moment, then smiled softly.
“It won’t disturb me, but you will get bored.”

“Looking at you will not bore me,” Shao Mingwei blurted out. 

Min Yu gave him a soft look.
He lowered his neck like the blooming Chinese pink peony flower and acquiesced to him.

Once you get to work, time flies by quickly.
Min Yu looked up from the document and glanced at the time.
It was past ten o’clock.

Shao Mingwei has been very quiet for fear of disturbing him.
Min Yu looked at the sofa and found that he had fallen asleep.

He saw his head hanging low, fast asleep, with his back leaning straight on the back of the sofa and his arms folded in front of his chest. 

Min Yu stared at him.
His eyes were soft, brimming with love and dependence on the young lover.
He quietly got up, took out a blanket from the lounge, walked carefully to Shao Mingwei, and gently covered him with it.

As soon as Min Yu covered him, Shao Mingwei woke up and subconsciously grabbed his wrist.


Min Yu was startled.

Discovering that it was him, the young man relaxed and held his hand.
His eyes were still filled with a haze of sleepiness.
He smiled reassuringly, his voice hoarse.
“You’re not busy anymore?” 

“En.” Min Yu took the opportunity to snuggle into his arms, then gently leaned on his shoulder.
“Let’s go back… can we go back to my place?”

He was talking about his place.

Shao Mingwei looked at him for a moment, then replied, “Okay.”

Shao Mingwei didn’t think he was ready yet, but he was willing to give it a try for Min Yu. 

Seeing that he misunderstood, Min Yu blushed then explained, “I didn’t mean… that.
I just don’t want to be separated from you.
I’m not forcing that, you and me…”

The more he explained, the more he blushed.

Shao Mingwei chuckled.
“I’ll listen to you.”

Min Yu also laughed.

Amid their tenderness, the two looked at each other.
They had looked at each other’s faces countless times today.
They were drawn to each other countless times already, and they had also kissed gently with their eyes closed countless times.

The two of them thought at the same time: he may be a temptation that I’m unable to resist.

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