The Escort – Chapter 3

“Is it okay if you sit beside me?” Min Yu didn't speak like a guest to a person who's an escort, but like a kind elder seeking advice from the youth, his tone was full of indulgence with a hint of pampering.


Shao Mingwei paused and couldn't help but criticize silently.
Does he have a choice? And when he returned to his senses, he immediately nodded.
He walked towards Min Yu and sat beside him.
The boys who came in together with him also sat next to the other men.


Seeing a few bosses' oily faces and potbelly, Shao Mingwei felt slightly grateful.
At least, Min Yu's appearance is pleasing to the eye.


A distance away from Min Yu, Ma Jialiang noticed that he was being approachable to an escort, and it reminded him about Min Yu's polite alienation to him, he even rejected three to four invitations until he finally come to this gathering, so he sourly ordered Shao Mengwei, “It's rare for Mr.
Min to regard someone like you, so why don't you hurry up and give Mr.
Min a toast?”


Min Yu was obviously the most important figure in the box, so as soon as Ma Jialiang's words fell, everyone's eyes fell on Shao Mingwei and Min Yu.


Hearing Ma Jialiang's words, Min Yu helplessly shook his head subtly so that the people around didn't even notice it.
He shifted in his seat and slightly leaned his back on the sofa, looking at Shao Mingwei with a smile and waiting for him to toast.


Ma Jialiang's words were unpleasant and there was a group of people who were waiting to watch the excitement.
Shao Mingwei's throat was full of complicated feelings, but the Nights daily wage was high and the people inside the box were rich and should not be offended…


Shao Mingwei pursed his lips and picked up the bottle and filled the two glasses with wine.
He took the other glass and raised it in Min Yu's direction.
Min, I toast you this glass,” he said and raised his chin, draining the wine inside the glass in one gulp.
Then he said, “Mr.
Min, you can drink with me.”


Min Yu gave him a face.
He smiled slightly and held the wine glass, then slowly drank its contents.
He was born beautiful, with a graceful attitude.
His lips were stained by the wine, and the sight made Shao Mingwei in a trance for a while.
It was only when Min Yu showed him the emptied glass that he came back to his senses.


Min Yu turned his head and smiled at Ma Jialiang.
“That's it, now don't make it difficult for the kid.
I already had a glass, you guys should also hurry and drink.”


Ma Jialiang also felt embarrassed, so he hugged the little boy next to him, who was offering drinks to others.


Min Yu was languidly talking to someone, the back of his head tilted towards Shao Mingwei.
Shao Mingwei couldn't help but think that Min Yu's alcohol tolerance was bad.
Even though he only drank a small glass of wine, his ears and neck were already red.


Shao Mingwei considered himself a big, straight man.
He's really opposed to accompanying men to drink.
When he was walking towards Min Yu, it was as if he was walking towards an execution ground, but he did not expect that Min Yu was an amiable person and has a good nature and manner.
Apart from occasionally letting him pour wine, he has no other “strange” requirements.
So Shao Mingwei, who has always been taut like a string, felt relieved and at the same time bewildered.


Contrary to one might expect, inside the box there were people who wanted to make trouble and also wanted to seek a connection with Min Yu and so they kept on persuading him to drink more.
Shao Mingwei, thinking about the other party's red ears, upholding the concept of living up to professional ethics, he silently poured wine for others and skipped Min Yu when he saw some chances.


After three rounds of drinking, the people in the box advised the turns of wine to slow down and instead started talking in twos and threes.
Min Yu was obviously so drunk and his vision was blurred.
Shao Mingwei was also half drunk.
Sitting upright beside Min Yu and looking at his empty glass, he contemplated whether to pour wine when Min Yu suddenly leaned close to him and whispered in his ear, “I remember you.”


He was not as tall as Shao Mingwei, and he's most likely more than half of the size of the boy next to him, because he was intoxicated.
His body turned soft and his face slightly tilted towards Shao Mingwei.
The wine in his mouth mixed with the faint but natural fragrance of his body hovers in front of Shao Mingwei's face under the warm air.
Shao Mingwei's nerves tightened abruptly when he heard the words.
It made him sobered up a little from the alcohol.
He subconsciously looked at Min Yu, then quickly looked away.
He even felt that he's seeing things when he unexpectedly saw the trace of shyness in Min Yu's eyes.


Shao Mingwei's back stayed tense, but he stayed silent since he didn't know how to respond.


A second later, Min Yu said, “Don't worry, I won't tell others.”


Shao Mingwei breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Min Yu again, just in time for his gaze.
Min Yu was so drunk that his eyes turned moist.
The tip of his eyes were red and the looks his eyes gave were gentle and tolerant.
He smiled at him all of a sudden and Shao Mingwei suddenly felt that behind Min Yu's smiles, there were other meanings in it.


Shao Mingwei's Adam's apple bobbed slightly.
Suddenly, he felt that the room was very hot and the collar of his shirt was a little tight.
He unconsciously unbuttoned the first button of his shirt.


Min Yu saw it and asked, “Is it hot?”


Shao Mingwei hummed.


Min Yu immediately beckoned to the waiter in the corner and asked him to turn up the air conditioner.


So far, the two had no physical contact, if there is any, it was only because Min Yu was so drunk that he unknowingly leaned on Shao Mingwei's shoulder, when Min Yu's soft hair brushed against Shao Mingwei's skin, his body turned stiff all the way until they left the box.


It was only almost twelve o'clock that the customers started to leave the bar in groups.
There were even some who wanted to invite others to find another place to sober themselves up.
It was President Ma again, who politely invited Min Yu to go with him, but Min Yu waved his hand to show that he was dead drunk.


It stands to reason that although Min Yu's drinks were doubled than that of others, Shao Mingwei drank half of it for him, and Min Yu himself ingeniously avoided some of it, so he believes he shouldn't be too drunk to walk.
But in reality, it was the opposite.
He was feeble in Shao Mingwei's embrace.
Shao Mingwei once again felt that, as a businessman, Min Yu's tolerance to alcohol was very bad.
The other party probably hires professionals who substitute him when drinking at these gatherings.
He can't say for sure, but the pay must not be low.
Shao Mingwei was amused by the thought of seeing an opportunity to gain profit¹ that it made him chuckle.


Min Yu prop up his body, and tilted his head and asked, “Did Xiao Shao find something amusing?”


“Nothing.” Shao Mingwei shook his head and thought, I didn't expect him to remember my surname.
Then he was distracted by how light Mr.
Min was.


Seeing that he doesn't want to answer, Min Yu wasn't bothered by it.
Then he suddenly thought of something.
“President Ma, he's always been like that.
He easily gets stimulated, please don't take it to heart.”


Shao Mingwei thought of President Ma's contemptuous eyes at the party.
It was somewhat filled with mockery, but he didn't take it to heart.
He said, “I won't.”


He sent Min Yu to the car, with one hand propped on the door, and was about to say goodbye when Min Yu suddenly said, “Xiao Shao.”


Shao Mingwei didn't know what to respond, so he asked, “Mr.


Min Yu fumbled for a while on his leg and fished out a wallet from the pocket of his trousers and took out a few wads of red banknotes, folded it and placed it inside the pocket of Shao Mingwei's trousers.


Shao Mingwei's body turned rigid.
He had the urge to take out the money from his pocket and return it.


Min Yu gently patted his hand on Shao Mingwei's trousers.
There was no light in the car.
It was dark and quiet, but his posture was calm and gentle.
After a long while, he pursed his lips and smiled, and said in an unhurried voice, “Take it, I know you can use it…”


Shao Mingwei thought of Shao Rong, and he couldn't say anything to refute.
His hand that was grasping the car's door unconsciously tightened, the veins in bluish-green color appeared.


Min Yu stretched out his hand and gently patted his arm.
“It's getting late, go back and rest.”


Shao Mingwei lifted his hand off the car's door like a deflated balloon, then bid goodbye to him.
He watched the car leave, knowing that with the strength he exerted with his hand, it would leave a few fingerprints on the expensive car that was usually cleaned.


And even tonight’s traces, it will be wiped clean.

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