at home, read books or watch movies.
On rest days, he can spend the whole day in the study or the television hall. 

Min Yu was wearing silky navy blue pajamas.
Shao Mingwei wrapped him in a soft and thick blanket and brought over a hot glass of water for him to drink before he sat on the empty seat Min Yu had reserved for him.

Not long after the movie started, Min Yu suddenly turned his head and asked him, “Mingwei… were you drinking Mr.
Xiao’s… vinegar at noon today?”

He didn’t react at that time, but as he was lying in bed this afternoon and thought about it, the more he felt that the boy was not a person who would make trouble without any reason.
He also remembered that after the two of them met Xiao Luoyuan, Shao Mingwei turned a little odd too, but he was preoccupied with happiness at the time and didn’t think much about it.
Now such an idea seemed to have found its source, although it seemed a bit absurd.

But Min Yu, at the bottom of his heart, was a little happy. 

Shao Mingwei was stunned for a moment.
He didn’t expect him to suddenly mention this, however, he didn’t refute it.
When he met his gaze, it was considered that he had tacitly admitted it.

Min Yu pursed his lips into a smile, tilted his head into his shoulder, and rubbed it gently as he whispered, “Why do you want to drink his vinegar? He and I have no close relationship.
We’re not even friends.
We’ve only met a few times because of the company.”

“Besides, for Xiao Luoyuan I’m already out of the question.
I heard that several people he has dated are very young.
I…” Before he could finish speaking, his meaning was already clear.

Shao Mingwei frowned slightly.
He didn’t want Min Yu to think like this, so he said softly, “You’re not old, you are so good.
I’m always afraid that someone will come and rob you.
We’re together, but I’m lacking in confidence.
That Mr.
Xiao is all good.
But I don’t have anything… I don’t have anything.” 

Shao Mingwei’s words were humble and cunning.
He was indeed afraid and was lacking in confidence, but he only said that he felt threatened because Xiao Luoyuan was too good, but he kept his mouth shut and said nothing of the enthusiasm and love he saw in Xiao Luoyuan’s eyes that belonged to a man.

Min Yu wasn’t aware of his thoughts at all, only laughing softly and rubbing the cool tip of his nose on his neck, then moving smoothly to his chin and rubbing his somewhat dry lips.
“You have me.”


He stretched out his hand from the blanket and grabbed Shao Mingwei’s shoulder, slowly bent his legs and straddled him, then looked at him face to face.
His dark red lips resembled a lily magnolia, then he said again, “You have me…”

Shao Mingwei looked at his soft bright pair of beautiful eyes and the thick and slender eyelashes that seemed to cast a shadow under his eyes.
Straight up looking at it, Shao Mingwei doesn’t understand.
Shao Mingwei doesn’t understand how such a Min Yu who was gentle and pure and at the same time cute and beautiful, from time to time would look at him pitifully like this.
No, he would say this was downright temptation, a seduction.
Doesn’t he know how lethal this is to him? 

Shao Mingwei had doubted it many times that he knew, and even felt like he was in the palm of his hand, being played with.

But he’s willing and enchanted.

Shao Mingwei pecked Min Yu’s chin and the back of his ears densely like a demon.
He became more excited when he heard Min Yu’s suppressed breathing, and his lips slowly went down… 

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