Chapter 43.1

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Shao Mingwei and Min Yu got out of the elevator.
In front of the condominium’s door, Shao Mingwei said, “You wait for me at the door for five minutes, then you can open the door after five minutes.”

Min Yu smiled and said, “Is it a surprise?”



He has been looking forward to this for a long time.

Shao Mingwei’s hand hanging by his side shook nervously, “En.” 

He opened the door and walked in first, leaving the door ajar.


Min Yu unlocked his phone.
His WeChat was full of messages wishing him a happy birthday.
He picked a few messages to reply to and had also replied to work-related emails.
Time had passed by quickly.

He called softly inside, “Mingwei, can I go in?”

Shao Mingwei’s voice came from the gap in the door.
Min Yu could hear a bit of nervousness in it.
“En, come in, ba”


Min Yu pushed the door.
Shao Mingwei was standing in front of the door, holding a bouquet of bright red roses in his arms.

The room was very dark, but the bright yellow light bulbs were like stars twinkling everywhere, and warm halos shrouded Shao Mingwei.
His deep and beautiful eyes stared at Min Yu intently.
He tidied up his hair a little and changed into a blue and black striped suit with a light blue shirt underneath and a striped tie of the same color.
The suit is stiff and fit.
The smooth and charming lines of the boy’s arms, chest, and waist flowed temptingly and were outlined meticulously, which complemented his broad shoulders, slender waist, height, and legs.

Shao Mingwei showed a faint shy smile, stretched out his hand, and handed the red roses to Min Yu.
“Happy birthday.”


Min Yu was a little absent-minded, but managed to quickly sober up, took the bouquet, and held it in his arms with a blushing face.
“Thank you.” 

“Come in, ba”

The two entered the apartment.

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The dining table is covered with a beautiful tablecloth, and the high-backed chairs are covered with cushions with delicate lace on their edge from the same collection.
One side of the tablecloth is decorated with beautiful tower candle holders.
The coarsely crafted candles were quietly burning.
Scattered around the body of the candle holders are a few cute little bowls filled with water and floating candle flowers.
A few flowers were placed in the gap, and the subtle fragrance filled the air. 

In the center of the table is a creamed cake.
Compared with other things on the dining table, it seemed a bit simple.
On the sides of the cake are the steaks and a Western-style platter of appetizers, even embellished with more than one or two hand-carved flowers.
And besides the white china plate stood the goblets filled with red wine.

Shao Mingwei pulled the chair for him.
Min Yu seemed to be still at a loss, as he asked in a daze, “Did you prepare all of these?”

Shao Mingwei touched his nose and said with a chuckle, “Actually, I asked Secretary Ren for guidance.
We also picked the clothes together.”

An emotion flashed in Min Yu’s eyes.
He said in a vague tone, “I didn’t know…” 

Shao Mingwei didn’t notice it.
“I think he should know you very well, and to celebrate your birthday, how could I let you know, if you know, there will be no surprises.”

“The things you prepare are already a surprise.” Min Yu retorted with a smile, then lowered his eyes slightly, and said gently, “Thank you.
I like it very much.”


Shao Mingwei was about to answer when he suddenly remembered something.
He stood up and said, “I also prepared something.”

“?” Min Yu looked up at him. 

He saw Shao Mingwei take a few steps and sit in front of the piano, which was beside the floor-to-ceiling window.
He took a deep breath, turned his head to look into Min Yu’s eyes, and said in a low voice, “Next I’m going to play a song for Mr.
Min Yu… The Moon Represents My Heart.”

The melodious sound of the piano flowed out from Shao Mingwei’s slender fingers.
Outside the windows, the moon hangs and as if it has its consciousness, it shone its light on him, setting off the side of his well-defined face like an immortal.

Truth be told, he’s playing very ordinarily, but you could hear that he was trying to play the music smoothly with emotion.
Unfortunately, people that don’t know anything about musical instruments couldn’t get results overnight.
Min Yu even heard a few sounds of wrong notes leaking due to the boy’s nervousness, but he was still moved into a complete mess.

This is his man, and his man is doing his best, trying every method to make him happy. 

At the end of the song, Shao Mingwei put his hand on his knees, clenching and unclenching them.
He turned to look at Min Yu.

If Min Yu’s eyes were full of stars when he walked into the condominium, his eyes at the moment could be said as filled with the Milky Way, overflowing with tenderness and love.

The tip of his brows and eyes showed love and affection, but in addition to doting on his lover, he also somewhat looked like someone watching his child do something touching.

Shao Mingwei was a little embarrassed and upset.
“I originally wanted to learn, ”A Maiden’s Prayer”, but it was really difficult.
Even the song just now, I didn’t play it well.” 

Min Yu shook his head, the emotion in his eyes softening.
“It sounds good.
I really like it.
I was listening intently that I forgot to take a picture.”

Shao Mingwei knew that he was comforting him and couldn’t help but chuckle.
“Then I’ll play it again after dinner.
Take as many pictures as you want.”

Shao Mingwei lit the candles of the cake on the table with a match, then urged Min Yu to sing a birthday song.

Min Yu stopped him.
“I’m so old now.
I’m not singing it.” 

Shao Mingwei listened to him and quietly waited for him to finish making a wish and blow out the candles with him.
He didn’t need to ask what the other party’s wish was because, just by looking at the bashful emotion in Min Yu’s eyes, he already knew that the wish was related to him.

After cutting the cake, Shao Mingwei only let Min Yu have two bites of it and have a meal first.
The two didn’t communicate much, but from time to time their eyes would meet, and they would stare at each other and smile.

It was silent, yet warmth pervaded.

After eating, Shao Mingwei didn’t rush to clean up, took out a blue velvet box and handed it to Min Yu.
Smiling, he said, “Birthday present.” 

Min Yu was a little surprised, quickly saying gently, “There are a lot of surprises.
I’m tired of saying thank you.”

Shao Mingwei touched his head.
“I didn’t do much.
It’s all very simple things that don’t take much effort.”


Min Yu shook his head.
“I like these beautiful lamps, the meal, flowers, and music.
I’m very happy today.” He took the box from Shao Mingwei’s hand and opened it.
It was a pair of cufflinks.
He smiled and said, “I will wear it well.”

“I…” Shao Mingwei seemed to somewhat hesitate, unable to say a word. 

“What’s wrong?” Min Yu asked.

Unexpectedly, Shao Mingwei abruptly stood up and walked to Min Yu’s side.
In front of Min Yu’s surprised eyes, he took out a simple, small and exquisite silver circle from his pocket and held it in front of him.
The silver circle was engraved with patterns and letters, and it hung into the thin silver chain.
He knelt on one knee.

Shao Mingwei opened his mouth and immediately said, “…This is not a marriage proposal.”

Min Yu was stunned for a moment, then laughed out loud. 

“No…” He became agitated, wrinkling his brows, he said to remedy, “I mean this is not yet a marriage proposal.”

Shao Mingwei slowly calmed down and looked at Min Yu sincerely.
“I know I have nothing now, and I can’t promise anything rashly, and I also don’t want to do that kind of thing.
But I want you to know that I feel very lucky to have met you.
You are so good.
I don’t know how many lifetimes of blessings I have cultivated just to be with you.”

Min Yu slightly opened his deep eyes.

Shao Mingwei held the ring in one hand and Min Yu’s hand in the other and put it on his warm left chest, where the young heart was beating, and said seriously, “It wants me to tell you that it beats uncontrollably every time it sees you.
To this heart, you are irreplaceable.” He licked his lips and continued, “I once believed that I would stay on a hopeless path, but I did not, because you helped me.
But it’s definitely not out of gratitude or anything else that I am with you.
I love you.
I… want to keep you in my heart for a lifetime.” 

That night, the young man cut open his heart and confessed.

Shao Mingwei’s hand holding the ring shook.
He smiled and said, “Um… I made this, this is of little value.
I will change this to a real ring in the future, and then I will propose to you,” He paused, looking at him with deep love that went through Min Yu’s heart.
“Then, Mr.
Min Yu, are you willing to accept Shao Mingwei’s temporary ring at the moment?”

There were glistening tears in Min Yu’s eyes.
Then he repeatedly nodded.
He dared not speak, for fear that the tears would fall uncontrollably as soon as he opened his mouth.

But instead of putting the silver ring on his finger, Shao Mingwei untied the thin silver chain and put it on Min Yu’s neck.
Shao Mingwei explained it in his ears in a low voice.
“This is too shabby.
I will put a ring on your finger when I get the new one.” 

Min Yu’s eyes were slightly red, and he said softly, “You know I don’t care about these things.”

Shao Mingwei kissed his earlobe.
“I care.”

He and Min Yu pressed their foreheads together, then they shared a gentle kiss.
In the dim candlelight, they looked at each other.
The ambiguous and sticky atmosphere enveloped them like candlelight.

All of a sudden, Shao Mingwei hooked Min Yu’s armpit with one hand, fished up his leg with the other, and pulled him up. 

Min Yu cried out in surprise and hurriedly circled his arms around his neck.

At this time, how could he not know what was going to happen next?

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