Chapter 44

Translator: Deyonna


Shao Mingwei and Min Yu tossed until midnight, so the bed in the room was a mess.
After they finished, Shao Mingwei carried Min Yu to the bathroom to clean up.
During the washing process, Min Yu’s head rested on Shao Mingwei’s shoulder, feeling drowsy.
He finally fell asleep when Shao Mingwei wiped his body and wrapped him with the bath towel.

Shao Mingwei was also exhausted.
He didn’t have the energy to make the bed in the master’s bedroom again, so he carried Min Yu to the guest room where he slept before.
He covered the two of them with the quilt and fell asleep with his arms around Min Yu.



The two of them are not usually late risers.
Shao Mingwei always gets up at 6:30 and goes downstairs for a jog.
Unexpectedly, they slept together the next day until the sun was already high in the sky.
Fortunately, it was a weekend, otherwise, they would be late for work and class.

The thick curtains were drawn, so the room was dark.
The winter sun came out of the gap and left a bright band of light on the quilt. 

The bulging quilt moved, then Min Yu slowly opened his eyes…


Shao Mingwei was rubbed awake by Min Yu.
Min Yu rubbed his forehead on his shoulder lightly, the soft hair tickling his chin.

After the lovers experience their first sexual entanglement, there will be significant changes in their feelings.
They will naturally become more intimate.
Shao Mingwei was awakened by the slight rustling movement on his body.
His face was tired, squinting his eyes as soon as he woke up.
He kissed Min Yu’s forehead and chuckled.
“What’s the matter? ”

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Min Yu was smiling as he hid, laughing and making trouble with him, but after a while, he reciprocated his kisses.

Shao Mingwei stroked his soft and smooth skin and flesh from his chin down to his back, fondling it with admiration.
Then finally stopped at his buttocks.
His palm can wrap half of his buttocks, kneading hard until white flesh seems to overflow from the gap of his fingers.
Shao Mingwei inserted his middle finger into the warm little hole behind the man that had not yet closed and kneaded it for a while.
He loosened the crease, and it began to shrink little by little.
He sucked Min Yu’s earlobe, and separated the two mounds of fleshy buttocks, sending his already hard cock into the hole which still had the lingering sensation of the last night.
Lying on his side on the bed, he fucked Min Yu sideways.


Min Yu let out a deep moan of relief, realizing that he loved being fucked from behind.
Earlier, when the boy didn’t come in, he felt the swelling pain, but when he sucked the boy’s hard object, an indescribable sensation rushed from his tailbone to the top of his head.
It was unbearable.
He seemed to be powerless to bear such pleasure, his red lips parted slightly, letting out hot and humid moisture of intermittent moans.
The large area covered in red spread from his chest to his cheeks, which was extremely gorgeous. 

In the middle of experiencing such pleasure, Shao Mingwei lowered his head and rubbed Min Yu’s nipple with the tip of his nose.
It was because he played too much last night, and it didn’t shrink back.
The red and swollen nipples were pitifully squeezed out from the nipple gap, and a small tip appeared.
As soon as Shao Mingwei touched it, Min Yu shivered sensitively.

Shao Mingwei was addicted to playing it as he slowly thrust his lower body inward.
His nose was teasing Min Yu’s itchy and sore nipples, moving with the same rhythm of his thrust.

Min Yu suddenly remembered something, while panting and laughing, he said with a blush, “I saw some news on the Internet before.”

“En.” Shao Mingwei began to lick the softness with the tip of his tongue. 

The touch of the tongue was wet and soft, which stimulated Min Yu’s tone to rise for a moment, and said intermittently, “Some men can also produce milk… if they take medicine…”

Shao Mingwei’s breathing stagnated, his pants turned hoarse, then chuckled and said, “Producing milk? For whom to drink? ”

Min Yu also smiled knowingly, following his words into saying nonsensical words, “For… our children to drink ah.
You can also have a little taste when the time comes.

Shao Mingwei stroked Min Yu’s lower abdomen with his hand as if he wanted to feel the outline of himself inside.
His eyes were fixed on his fair belly, and his deep voice contained a strong desire.
“Let me see if I can get you pregnant…” 

Min Yu tenderly smiled and said, “Then you work hard ah…”

His fluttering lashes were like plucked strings, his thin white arms circled the young man’s neck, and his legs also wrapped around his waist.
The unspoken implication was obvious.


Shao Mingwei did not answer when he heard the words.
With deep eyes, he embraced Min Yu’s waist, and turned over on top of him, with the posture of inserting it, he raised his waist close to his crotch and held down the thin waist of the person under him, and rammed hard inside.

Shao Mingwei and Min Yu officially started living together. 

Min Yu’s old house was on fire.
When he would run into Shao Mingwei, it was like he had a skin thirst.
He wanted to stick with the youth all the time and not separate.
And lovers that have their first taste of love are susceptible and passionate.
A little seduction, a single touch, and their lust would be seemingly ignited by fire instantly setting ablaze, engulfing the two of them.

Their first taste of love is not at all temperate.
After two weeks, Min Yu couldn’t take it anymore.
Recently, during the day, he would always feel pain in his waist.
After sitting in a chair for a long time or even standing up, he needed to be careful, and sometimes there would be a brittle “crunching” sound.
He also knew that it was because he was too indulgent in bed with his young lover.
No, not only on the bed but everywhere in the house had traces of their entanglement.
Min Yu would blush just by thinking about it.
He decided that he must not do a full set with Shao Mingwei at night, but that night he couldn’t help but take the initiative to seduce the other party, which perfectly explained what “to reap what one has sown” means.

It was Secretary Ren who made him firm with his decision.

One day, the two returned to the office after eating in the company’s dining hall.
In the elevator, Secretary Ren asked, “Mr.
Min, have you been resting well recently?” 

Min Yu was stunned for a moment.
“No, ah.
What’s the matter?”

Secretary Ren pointed under his eyes.
“I’ve noticed these past two days that the bags under your eyes have turned blue, then thought that you’re not sleeping well.”

“…” Min Yu reacted instantly, the heat on his face immediately rose—how could he be so addicted to making love that his bags turned blue? It doesn’t sound like what a sane adult would do.
He calmly said, “I’m sleeping well, maybe because I’ve been sleeping late recently.”

He can really fool people when he’s serious, but Secretary Ren didn’t notice his guilty conscience, nodded, and said with concern, “You should pay more attention to rest.” 

“En… Okay.” Min Yu returned to the office and immediately got into the bathroom in the lounge, carefully observed his face, and had to admit in frustration.
He really looked like his vitality had been sucked by a little goblin.
His face was full of eroticism and exhaustion, and he seemed to even have one more fine line in the corner of his eyes.

Going back in the evening, Min Yu reasoned adequately with rigorous and forceful wordings to formulate the “rules of intimacy” with Shao Mingwei, putting their bed affairs on Fridays and Saturdays.
It’s best not to do it on weekdays, and occasionally you can make an exception if you’re really in the mood.

He planned as if he was counting money, which was really cute in Shao Mingwei’s eyes.
Recently, he saw that Min Yu would sometimes unconsciously press his waist.
He thought that if he continued at the current frequency, he would be sucked dry.
He was also afraid that Min Yu would not be able to take it.
In the past two days, Shao Mingwei was thinking about how to tell Min Yu, but the other party took the initiative to propose it, and he readily agreed.

Min Yu looked at the handsome boy who was no different from before, even more energetic.
He was secretly depressed in his heart, and decided to increase the number of times he would go to the gym every week. 

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