The Escort – Chapter 4

Shao Mingwei left work right after he sent Min Yu away.


He came out from the Nights and glanced at his phone.
It was 12:20, a time where the bus and subways take their last trip, but the area where the Nights was situated had just begun the latter half of their nocturnal gatherings.
The neon light signs were brightly shining and were vibrant, but it felt somewhat a little deserted.
Across the streets, the faint sound of the loud music from the different bars and clubs can be heard.
Glancing at the faces of those restless but lonely men and women around the city in the middle of the night, they were completely different from those in the daytime.


But this has nothing to do with Shao Mingwei.
He only thought about it in passing, then slowly walked down the streets.
The distance from where he works and his school was a little farther, and Shao Mingwei is unlikely to call a taxi.
When he returned to school, he estimated it would be dawn.
Usually, he tried his best to catch the last bus back to school.
Although he'd already missed the duration where the gate remains open after he arrives, being the president of the student union, the dormitory aunt couldn't help but give him some privilege.
Many people know about him being a working student.
In addition, his face that was attractive to both sexes made the people want to be close to him.
He would give the dormitory aunt a begging smile, and she would open the door just enough for him to enter.
Within a few days, the dormitory aunt saw that he was indeed working seriously and was busy but she couldn’t bear to open the gate for him every day of late at night, and she mostly went to bed early, so she privately gave him the key to the dormitory's gate, reminding him not to tell others, otherwise, she will lose her job.


Shao Mingwei originally knew that it was unrealistic to always return every day to the guarded entrance of the dormitory, rather than go to the apartment¹ he rented for Shao Rong.
However, he was concerned about disturbing her rest.
What's more, Shao Rong sleeps in the main room, because Shao Mengwei was afraid that something might happen to her at night.
He let Aunt Jiang sleep in the living room that connects to the kitchen, dining room and Shao Rong's room.
The small apartment was already crowded even though the bathroom they had was a public one already.
When Shao Mingwei went into the apartment, he could only sleep on the floor, so Shao Mingwei would only go back to the apartment when it was already so late at night.
He hasn't figured out a better way yet.
He can only thicken his face every day.
It's just that he has a heavy load of schoolwork during the day, and works hard at night, in addition to the lengthy trips he takes.
Even if he knows that the Nights' customers were a lot and the chances of encountering someone you knew were unlikely to happen, it still made him feel occasionally anxious.
And when he arrives at the dormitory at night, he always shows a smiling face.
The spirit was so tense all the time that even Ironman could not bear it, and after a period of time, Shao Mingwei lost some weight.
Unexpectedly, the dormitory aunt took the risk of lending him the key.
He was very moved and naturally promised that he would never say it to anyone.
Within two days, Shao Mingwei brought two boxes of cow's milk and expensive health care products for the auntie who was in charge of the dormitory gates and she accepted them all while grinning from ear to ear.


Shao Mingwei worked late today, so he naturally decided to go back to Shao Rong.
Even though he was a little drunk, he could still walk straight, except for the slight redness of his face and the alcohol in his body that made him tipsy.
Before walking out of the loud street, his appearance and temperament had attracted a couple of men and women to strike up a conversation with him.


When he reached the apartment, Shao Mingwei took out the key to open the door, and suddenly touched the banknotes in his pocket that Min Yu gave him, thinking about the person's gleaming and gentle eyes in the dark, he was in trance for a while then he secretly sighed.
He's head had really turned confused.


When he got in, he bypassed the sofa bed where Aunt Jiang was sleeping and quietly walked into the main room.
Before making his bed on the floor, Shao Mingwei sat lightly beside Shao Rong's bed, looking at her sleeping face in a contemplative manner under the moonlight.
Shao Rong looks somewhat similar to him, but is even more delicate and pretty, carrying a girl's unique gentleness and beauty.
Life had seemed to deprive the girl of the right to be wanton and lively.
She frowned slightly in her sleep.
Today she had one of her twice a week dialysis.
Every time after her dialysis, Shao Rong would throw up and feel uncomfortable for a long time and couldn't eat anything, so Shao Mingwei changed from the original afternoon dialysis and rescheduled her to go to hospital at five o'clock for dialysis.
After four to five hours of dialysis, she can rest directly.
However, this way Shao Mingwei was still working at Nights and could not accompany her, and it made him somewhat anxious.
Fortunately, there was Aunt Jiang, but still, the hospital would not let family members other than the patient enter the dialysis room.
Shao Mingwei then no longer struggled.


Because of discomfort, Shao Rong slept restlessly, with a few strands of hair covering her cheeks.
Shao Mingwei brushed it away carefully, but it still awakened her.


Shao Mingwei said, carrying a hint of regret in his voice, “I woke you up.”


She had originally slept lightly, so she'd been awake for a while.
She was surprised when she saw her brother.
Afraid of waking Aunt Jiang up, she whispered, “Brother, you are here!” Then she quickly realized that it was very late, and she smelled the alcohol on Shao Mingwei's body.
Her pair of good-looking eyebrows met, and she said in distress, “Why work so late…”


Shao Mingwei smiled and immediately comforted her.
“A guest was drunk, so I stayed for a while.
It's just for today, I usually go off work early.”


Shao Rong didn't know that his brother was working as an escort.
What she knew was he was a waiter in an ordinary restaurant, and Shao Mingwei also explained the smell of alcohol on his body was from a drunk guest.
Shao Rong came from the countryside and had a simple nature.
Even if she had some doubt, it was dispelled by the extreme trust she had for her brother.
However, she always felt that she's the reason why her brother worked like a cow and she blamed herself.
“I blame myself for making you work so hard…”


Shao Mingwei didn't want her to blame herself and feel upset.
He glanced at the schoolbag on the desk next to him, and asked her naturally, “Will you go to school tomorrow?”


Shao Rong likes school, since going to school makes her feel that she's a healthy person, so Shao Mingwei had easily diverted her to another subject.
“Go, I have an appointment with Mei Zi for the speech class.”


Shao Mingwei touched her head and warned her.
“Then you pay attention to your body, don't be as crazy as that girl.” Shao Mingwei was afraid that Shao Rong would consume too much energy going to school and just wanted her to recuperate at home, but Shao Rong insisted on it.
After thinking about it, maybe if Shao Rong feels happy, it'll somehow improve her body.
What's more, the high school courses were not too heavy.
During the day, he saved money so he could also hire Aunt Jiang to accompany Shao Rong at school.
The pay was good, so she agreed.


“Brother!” Shao Rong finds his brother's words to be amusing, so she decides to make fun of him.
“If Mei Zi knew what her male god said, she would cry to death.”


After the siblings' night conversation ended, Shao Mingwei tuck Shao Rong to bed first, and then he changed his clothes.
He quietly went to the building's public bathroom and used the cold water for a quick bath.


When he came back, he lay on the floor and slept, which was the end of his busy day.




The next morning, Shao Mingwei and Shao Rong had breakfast at home.
They went downstairs to take the bus to school together.
Shao Mingwei first sent Shao Rong to her school gate before taking the subway back to Q University.


His morning class is ten o'clock, and he plans to go back to the dormitory to get some things first.
As he walked downstairs on the way to the dormitory, he heard an emergent call behind him.


 “Shao Mingwei.”

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